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2015 Results


Results Certification
For events sanctioned by Audax Club Parisien (all brevets except as noted below) our results postings are technically preliminary until certified by the ACP.
Consult the RUSA Result Processing Status for ACP certification and other processing status.
You can find your certification numbers at RUSA Results Search.

200km -- 3 October 2015 -- James Canyon
RUSA# Time   Rider
67648:00Bachman, Greg
77606:34Baker, Chris
7:39Benoit, Diane
1055211:17Chang, Marc *
632210:54Dean, Robert
14718:55Foley, Paul
90948:58Ledru, Pascal
56927:36Jones, Lloyd
6:34Olsen, Kale
28128:43Peterson, Eric **
6:34Ploransky, Jonathan
6:34Rudolph, Steve
56919:48Szmurlo, Len
35518:58Snavely, Henry
101738:58Turek, Michael
* First Brevet!
** First Colo. Randonnée!
First James Canyon Brevet After Flood!

Under glowering clouds, 16 starters and 14 finishers joined us for the first James Canyon 200k since the September, 2013 floods! (Yes, same situation as September's Stove Prairie route.) Repairs to James Canyon Drive from Lefthand Canyon to Jamestown this spring opened the road full time to non-residents. Our local randos gave Eric Peterson, visiting from Illinois, a warm welcome.

Thanks once again to Paul Foley for collecting riders' brevet cards at the finish!

- John Lee Ellis

PBP'15 veterans Mike Turek, Pascal Ledru, and Paul Foley at Sandy's.
Paul Foley photo

Pascal and Mike enjoy sun and a bite at The Cidery in Erie.
Paul Foley photo

200km -- 19 September 2015 -- Stove Prairie
RUSA# Time   Rider
7:25Benoit, Diane
14719:05Foley, Paul
99629:05Haugen, Timo
905310:03Hilligoss, David
6:29Horwood, Joshua
56926:45Jones, Lloyd
60266:17Lowe, Mark
6:43Rudolph, Steve
31129:05Rupel, Ray
35519:34Snavely, Henry
101739:05Turek, Michael
29939:05Wiss, Dick
First Stove Prairie Brevet After Flood!

Under brilliant sun, 13 starters and 12 finishers joined us for the first Stove Prairie 200k since the September, 2013 floods! Repairs to the narrow canyon part of Buckhorn Road were completed late spring, making it possible to cycle that stretch and thus reopen the Stove Prairie route.

Thanks to Paul Foley for collecting riders' brevet cards at the finish!

- John Lee Ellis

Up the stiff climbs above Horsetooth Reservoir.
Paul Foley photo

Ray Rupel, Timo Haugen, Dick Wiss, and Mike Turek at Stove Prairie.
Paul Foley photo

300km -- 1 August 2015 -- Peak-to-Peak
RUSA# Time   Rider
589714:40Cramer, Cathy
15314:23Ellis, John Lee ®
147114:40Foley, Paul
960315:17Fraser, Malcolm
905317:15Hilligoss, David
959213:15Hulett, Jeffrey
1058113:13Johnson, Kieran
569117:15Smurlo, Len
® Pre-Ride
First Peak-to-Peak Turnaround in Allenspark!

9 starters and 8 finishers joined us for this year's Peak-to-Peak 300k under brilliant sun, mild temps on the Peak-to-Peak Highway, toasty temps back down on the Plains! This year we were able to ride more of the Peak-to-Peak Highway and descend St. Vrain Canyon, now in good shape after the 2013 flood.

- John Lee Ellis

Still green at the mouth of Coal Creek, unusual at this time of year!

Still some spots of snow on Meeker Peak, unusual in a normal season!

400k/600k/1000k -- 20-June 2015 -- Poudre Canyon
— 400km —
RUSA# Time   Rider
740918:15Albershardt, Andy
56016:34Bernasky, Ed ♦
15317:39Ellis, John Lee
1017317:41Turek, Michael
17:41Turner, Jason *
789817:56Warren, Corinne
* First 400k!
Visitor from another region!

— 600km —
RUSA# 400km   Time   Rider
776015:0824:50Baker, Chris
243415:2031:33Flanigan, John
147117:3735:23Foley, Paul ®
775116:0936:41Griffith, Scott ®
996217:4137:40Haugen, Timo
1061017:4735:20Nelson, David
311215:0824:50Rupel, Ray
627618:1737:30Shlachter, Jeremy
184215:2031:33Smith, Vernon
823:3337:43Springsteen, Lois ♦
856420:1538:40Stanton, Laurie ®
* First 600k!
Visitor from another region!
® Pre-Ride

— 1000km —
RUSA# 400km   720km   Time   Rider
167917:4741:1563:25Mangin, L. John *
930721:2344:4970:40Maytorena, Hector *♦
* First 1000k!
Visitor from another region!

Toastiest Poudre Canyon Brevets Yet!

22 starters and 19 finishers enjoyed a brilliantly sunny but at times toasty triad of solstice brevets. It certainly seemed scorchingly hot at times, as the heat sapped moisture and strength. Fortunately the scenery was pretty good, with lots of lush green left over from our wet spring!

A number of riders have now achieved their Super Randonneur status with this ride, and qualified for Paris-Brest-Paris.

For John Mangin and Hector Maytorena, while they're both 1200k veterans (including the Colorado High Country), this was their first 1000k, putting them in line for the coveted RUSA Cup award.

We were especially honored to have RUSA members #8 and #7, Lois Springsteen and her husband Bill Bryant, as Lois finished up her PBP qualification. Bill and Lois rode the first 600k I organized, to qualify for PBP'99.

An extra thanks to Dave and Caroline Hilligoss, who volunteered with refreshments at Masonville, just in time for the big climbs, and Beth and Brent Myers who did the same as night fell on the 400k loop in Johnstown. With heartfelt appreciation!

- John Lee Ellis

Santa Cruz Randonneuse Lois Springsteen
with honorary SCR rider JLE at start.

Corinne Warren, David Nelson, Mike Turek, John Mangin, Timo Haugen, and Jason Turner

Dave and Caroline Hilligoss at Masonville

Beth and Brent Myers at Johnstown

Andy Albershardt and Jeremy Shlachter in Poudre Canyon

400km -- 6 June 2015 -- St. Vrain - Lefthand
RUSA# Time   Rider
776015:58Baker, Chris
589718:44Cramer, Cathy
15318:30Ellis, John Lee
243416:20Flanigan, John
147117:37Foley, Paul
116717:59Gooch, Terri
541718:30Grainger, Michelle
775126:03Griffith, Scott
959215:58Hulett, Jeffrey
541818:30Le Goff, Steve
909419:07Ledru, Pascal *
214521:01Long, Beth
602614:35Lowe, Mark
212921:01Myers, Brent
167917:37Mangin, L. John
547121:18Nakamura, Tammie
17:37Nelson, David *
15:58Olson, Kale *
311215:58Rupel, Ray
184217:37Smith, Vernon
856426:03Stanton, Laurie
1017319:15Turek, Michael
17:20Turner, Jason
* First 400k!
First St. Vrain - Lefthand Loop!

24 starters enjoyed a better-than-forecast pretty nice ride among rain-greened verdant hills and plains with only spotty showers. Riders said they liked the climb up St. Vrain Canyon and descent of Lefthand, as well as the rest of the route, even perhaps the visit to Gilcrest!

A very special thanks to the energetic and dedicated volunteers who made this brevet possible: Terri Gooch who started off the riders after producing ride materials; Michelle Grainger who spearheaded last-minute organization; Corinne Warren who provided welcome support at 9,200 ft. on the Peak-to-Peak Highway; and Brent Myers and Beth Long with support, sustenance, and good cheer in Masonville! I'm sure every rider was appreciative, and I know I was.

- John Lee Ellis

A foggy start after a rainy spring - Mike Turek photo

Mike Turek and Pascal Ledru in Masonville - Brent Myers photo

Impromptu ride leader Terri Gooch, as Brent and puppy look on - Beth Long photo

300km/400k/600k -- 16 May 2015 -- Poudre Canyon
— 300km —
RUSA# Time   Rider
12:18Benoit, Diane
905315:15Hilligoss, David, *
775112:59Griffith, Scott
360012:28Koenig, Gary
1061013:24Nelson, David *
869412:56Sendor, John
310813:24Shenk, Catherine
355116:06Snavely, Henry
856415:28Stanton, Laurie
230711:24Walsh, Bryce
12:18White, Andy
12:18White, Kami
* First 300k!
— 400km —
RUSA# Time   Rider
972021:19Aldrich, Brian
155718:49Brining, Doug *
960318:17Fraser, Macolm
996218:49Haugen, Timo
16:01Nelsen, Eric, * ♦
987821:19Stiasny, Eric *
17:41Turner, Jason *
201517:49Wong, Felix
* First 400k!
♦ Visitor from another region!

— 600km —
RUSA# 400k   Time   Rider
740921:2235:32Albershardt, Andy
589718:2434:28Cramer, Cathy
15323:4433:57Ellis, John Lee
116718:1733:57Gooch, Terri
541718:1733:57Grainger, Michelle
959214:0931:49Hulett, Jeffrey
541818:1733:57Le Goff, Steve
909418:1734:14Ledru, Pascal *
214519:4435:32Long, Beth
602615:5435:19Lowe, Mark
212919:4435:32Myers, Brent
167917:4931:24Mangin, L. John
311216:5433:57Rupel, Ray
789818:1731:46Warren, Corinne
* First 600k!

Driest Poudre Canyon Weekend ... Compared to the Forecast!

35 starters and 12 finishers (300k), 8 finishers (400k), and 14 finishers (600k) enjoyed better-than-forecast weather for this triumvirate of distances for the "early bird" longer brevet weekend.

As you can see, the popular distances were 300k and 600k. This is a new 300k offering, mainly as backup for PBP aspirants. It turned out to be especially useful given the previous weekend's snow, hail, and general moisture indignities on the Black Forest 300k.

Despite cloudy, rainy forecasts for Saturday - after a week of soaking rains - Saturday morning was preternaturally sunny, although afternoon showers dogged some of the riders. Given recent weather, we'll take that. And again, a big commendation to all of you who braved the conditions and the distances!

- John Lee Ellis

Terri Gooch, Catherine Shenk, Malcolm Fraser, Michelle Grainger, and Steve Le Goff at the Masonville info control, flanked by the apparition of blue sky.

PBP aspirant Pascal Ledru, finishes his first 600k!

At Vern's in LaPorte

Ray Rupel helps Pascal Ledru fix a puncture on Kersey Road

300km -- 9 May 2015 -- Black Forest
RUSA# Time   Rider
155715:10Brining, Doug *
240115:10deRosset, Will
15313:55Ellis, John Lee
481911:31Feldman, Foon
147111:31Foley, Paul
960315:00Fraser, Malcolm *
116713:55Gooch, Terri
541713:55Grainger, Michelle
996211:31Haugen, Timo
959211:31Hulett, Jeffrey
541813:55LeGoff, Steve
909414:25Ledru, Pascal
602614:30Lowe, Mark
167914:20Mangin, L. John
547119:49Nakamura, Tammie
311211:31Rupel, Ray
184211:31Smith, Vernon
789814:55Warren, Corinne
* First 300k!
Wintriest Weather Yet on the Black Forest!

28 starters and 20 finishers joined us for this year's BF 300k. Event day bode a continuation of heavy, cold showers of the previous days, plus hailstorms, and - starting mid-afternoon in the Black Forest - heavy, wet snow.

Commendations to the riders, and a special thanks to Tammie Nakamura for leading this ride, and to Corinne Warren, with the help of her husband Mark, Foon Feldman and Ray Rupel for looking for and rescuing riders!

- John Lee Ellis

A snowy and spectral Pikes Peak looming over the course.

Corinne Warren, who pre-rode, then rescued riders on event day.

360km+ -- 2 May 2015 -- Front Range Flèche
Team: Les Lanternes Rouges
Distance: 369km
RUSA# Rider
7898WARREN, Corinne D *
9094LEDRU, Pascal *
1679MANGIN, L John *
10610NELSON, David Lawrence *
10173TUREK, Michael Gerald *
* First Flèche!
Southernmost Flèche Start!

The 5 all-flèche-rookie members of team "Les Lanternes Rouges" enjoyed reasonable conditions, and quite a bit of hospitality on their ride, which spanned Canon City to Lyons!

Corinne and her team did a great job of putting together a team and a route. The flèche is both a planning and execution challenge, and tougher, I think, than a 400k. You can see Corinne's report for more photos and details!

- John Lee Ellis

Artwork in Cheyenne Canyon near Colorado Springs

Balanced Rock in Garden of the Gods

200km -- 25 April 2015 -- Rawhide Ramble
RUSA# Time   Rider
67648:32Bachman, Greg
77607:03Baker, Chris **
7:09Benoit, Diane **
8:01Bogdanovic, Damjan *
15579:21Brining, Doug **
59678:40Cook, Brett **
1056610:46Cox, Jennifer *
632210:19Dean, Bob **
24347:26Flanigan, John
9:36Hilligoss, David
1056510:46Hislop, Eric *
7:09Horwood, Josh
95927:03Hulett, Jeffrey **
8:03LeBlanc, Todd
90948:09Ledru, Pascal **
21459:20Long, Beth
16797:03Mangin, L. John **
21299:20Myers, Brent
54719:04Nakamura, Tammie
6:28Nelson, Eric *
9:21Olson, Kale *
14687:50Rapp, Brian
7:35Rosenthal, Harris **
89458:43Schabacker, Noah **
6:28Schaefer, Tim **
86947:09Sendor, Jon **
31089:20Shenk, Catherine
18427:03Smith, Vernon **
35519:40Snavely, Henry **
85649:33Stanton, Laurie **
101737:59Turek, Michael **
7:21Turner, Jason
7:52White, Andy **
7:52White, Kami **
20157:49Wong, Felix
92236:28Zitz, Walter **
* First brevet!
** Rode both spring 200k's!
Biggest Turnout Yet - Just Barely - on the Rawhide Ramble!

38 riders enjoyed mild temps - upper 40's into the 60's - and dry despite forecasts of afternoon showers. We were actually even luckier, with gushing rains in the 40's the next day, and a "wintry mix" the weekend before. A fair number of rider (19) completed both spring 200k's, and we give a hearty welcome to folks new to randonneuring!

Special thanks to Tammie Nakamura for collecting the cards at the finish and looking after the riders.

- John Lee Ellis

Horsetooth Reservoir, between the warm-up climbs ... and the others

200km -- 11 April 2015 -- Kersey Kick
RUSA# Time   Rider
77605:55Baker, Chris
6:40Beeman, Donald
6:42Benoit, Diane
7:08Bevan, Richard
6:39Bodeux, Reynald
15576:40Brining, Doug
59677:43Cook, Brett
58978:04Cramer, Cathy
63229:21Dean, Bob
29009:15Dick, Nathan
29498:32Dumitrescu, Bogie
63795:55Edwards, Billy
1537:25Ellis, John Lee
48195:55Feldman, Foon
14716:41Foley, Paul
96037:20Fraser, Malcolm
7:20Frazee, Carolyn *
11677:20Gooch, Terri
54177:20Grainger, Michelle
77517:37Griffith, Scott
99626:20Haugen, Timo
6:40Holland, Greg
6:41Hornick, John
6:30Howell, Craig
95926:40Hulett, Jeffrey
35557:18Knoblauch, Tom
90946:44Ledru, Pascal
54187:20Le Goff, Steve
60265:55Lowe, Mark
16796:40Mangin, L. John
6:53Nelson, David
6:48Rosenthal, Harris
5:55Rudolph, Steve
31126:41Rupel, Ray
89458:05Schabacker, Noah
5:55Schaefer, Tim
86947:03Sendor, Jon
18426:41Smith, Vernon
35517:47Snavely, Henry
85648:40Stanton, Laurie
98787:56Stiasny, Eric
86017:20Thomas, George **
101736:35Turek, Michael
78986:40Warren, Corinne
7:00White, Andy
7:00White, Kami
92235:55Zitz, Walter
* First Colorado brevet!
** First 200k Randonnée!
Fastest Average Speed Kersey Kick Ever?

47 riders enjoyed mild temps - upper 40's into the low 70's - with a fair amount of tailwind, under mixed overcast and sun. This is a great course for riding together if you wish, and making good time if the winds cooperate - a nice first 200k for the season. Thanks to everyone who came out, and the camaraderie that was shown.

- John Lee Ellis

Michelle Grainger and Carolyn Frazee with dessert choices after a Kersey burrito.

Terri Gooch and George Thomas beam at the finish.

Corinne Warren with a personal best time, training for the flèche + PBP.

Bogie Dumitrescu one step closer to PBP!

Populaire Results

129km -- 11 October 2015 -- Apple Valley
RUSA# Time   Rider
5:18dePicciotto, Sol
54175:08Grainger, Michelle
90535:35Hilligoss, David
5:45Hughes, Michael
31854:59Ide, Larry
4:10Johnson, Chris
105814:40Johnson, Kierin
56924:05Jones, Lloyd
5:16Khublal, Jaime
90946:55Ledru, Pascal
6:55Ledru, Sukhi
54185:08Le Goff, Steve
6:26Nielsen, Jay
4:05Rudolph, Steve
4:05Ploransky, Jonathan
5:18Segrest, Wendy
5:01Sigmond, Bennett
35515:0Snavely, Henry
85645:08Stanton, Laurie
5:19Tamaric, Arlene
5:45Turek, Michael
4:50Walsh, Bryce
86605:16Ward, Donald
4:30Wells, Jennifer


A Balmy Season Finale!

27 starters and 24 finishers enjoyed a sunny, balmy October day - perfect for enjoying a few fall colors and plenty of green foliage still around after a mild start to autumn.

Thanks to everyone who joined us, wrapping up another season of challenge and fun!

- John Lee Ellis

A sunny, balmy start, and good turnout!

122km -- 5 April 2015 -- Horsetooth Hop
RUSA# Time   Rider
77604:22Baker, Chris
6:24Barnes, Suzanne
4:22Beeman, Donald
59675:20Cook, Brett
29005:45Dick, Nathan
4:57DiPardo, Mike
29496:37Dumitrescu, Bogie
48194:28Feldman, Foon
14714:28Foley, Paul
11675:55Gooch, Terri ®
54175:55Grainger, Michelle ®
44255:07Heck, Ken
90536:05Hilligoss, David
4:25Howell, Craig
95924:28Hulett, Jeffrey
54185:55Legoff, Steve ®
16794:22Mangin, L. John
70666:24McDonald, Dan
73235:28Nielsen, Jay
5:29Porter, Greg
14684:57Rapp, Brian
96925:42Rick, David
4:25Rosenthal, Harris
86944:56Sendor, Jon
35516:37Snavely, Henry
85645:50Stanton, Laurie
5:02Sullivan, Dan
® Pre-Ride


A Sparkling Easter Sunday Horsetooth Hop!

29 starters and 27 finishers enjoyed a sunny, balmy April day - a good turnout despite its being Easter Sunday. As you can see by Dan's photo, the "hop" part is a section that catches your attention.

Many thanks to our friend Paul Foley for collecting the cards at the finish, and providing a gracious welcome for his fellow finishers!

- John Lee Ellis

A good turnout eagerly awaits the scenic climbs to follow!

Suzanne Barnes, Henry Snavely (obscured), Bogie Dumitrescu climb Horsetooth - Dan McDonald photo

103km -- 15 March 2015 -- Carter Lake
RUSA# Time   Rider
77603:35Baker, Chris
96054:16Barnes, Graham
15574:59Brining, Doug
6:01Brown, Karen
pend.6:50Chang, Marc *
59674:25Cook, Brett
63225:56Dean, Robert
29005:30Dick, Nathan
48194:30Feldman, Foon
T117824:45Fuller, Charles *
4:24Gaikowsky, Jason *
99623:43Haugen, Timo
3:49Hornick, John
3:49Howell, Craig
95924:15Hulett, Jeffrey
6:01Iwanaga, Ritsuko *
56923:35Jones, Lloyd
56875:55Klever, John
90944:10Ledru, Pascal
89044:24Legan, Nick
54184:20LeGoff, Steve
3:49Morrison, Elise *
54715:20Nakamura, Tammie
73235:17Nielsen, Jay *
4:42Porter, Greg *
14684:45Rapp, Brian
96924:55Rick, David
3:51Rosenthal, Harris
3:43Rudolph, Steve
62764:20Shlachter, Jeremy
35514:49Snavely, Henry
85645:47Stanton, Laurie
6:01Stedeford, John *
56916:01Szmurlo, Len *
101734:15Turek, Michael
[144]4:55Vander Linden, Merry **
23073:43Walsh, Bryce
86605:18Ward, Donald *
5:19Ward, Jimmy
4:34Wells, Jennifer *
* First Randonnée!
** First Colo. Randonnée!
Record High, Record Turnout for Carter Lake Populaire!

46 starters and 40 finishers enjoyed a sunny, balmy March day, in fact a record high for this date (82° I believe)! Once again it shows you what wonderful riding days we can get during "our snowiest month" - while only two weeks before, it was waves of snowfall and icy roads.

It's wonderful to see so many first-time riders - thank you for trying us out, and I hope you were encouraged to try more events with us! That, and friends we haven't seen for a while, including Nate Dick, Bob Dean, and someone I last rode with on Boston-Montreal-Boston 2006. Welcome, all, and let's hope spring treats us this well!

Many thanks to our friend Tammie Nakamura, reprising her role as enthusiastic ride leader!

- John Lee Ellis

A populous start! - Laurie Stanton photo

The bright, snowy Indian Peaks loom!