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2012 Results


Results Certification
For events sanctioned by Audax Club Parisien (all brevets except as noted below) our results postings are technically preliminary until certified by the ACP.
Consult the RUSA Result Processing Status for ACP certification and other processing status.
You can find your certification numbers at RUSA Results Search.

200km -- 6 October 2012 - James Canyon Jaunt
RUSA# Time   Rider
7:29Benoit, Diane
63796:50Edwards, Billy
1538:44Ellis, John Lee
14718:00Foley, Paul
56926:58Jones, Lloyd
54719:25Nakamura, Tammie
568712:06Klever, John
14689:09Rapp, Brian
6:58Rudolph, Steve
18428:00Smith, Vernon
35519:45Snavely, Henry
7:29Stanton, Mark *
* First Brevet!

Wettest, Blusteriest JJ 200k Yet!

On October 13, 14 starters enjoyed a dry but glowering start to this final brevet of the season, with temps climbing from the 40's into the 50's. But "occasional spotty showers in the afternoon" turned into broad bands of windblown rain, perfect weather for randonneurs to show their grit and determination (and warm up with some hot food at Sandy's). There were some peak fall colors to enjoy, however.

This brevet was postponed from October 6, when the weather was even more inimical, drizzle in the 30's all day, and the potential for overnight freezing in the canyons.

- John Lee Ellis

Brian Rapp, Henry Snavely, and Tammie Nakamura attest the sun did come out at the finish!

200km -- 22 September 2012 - Stove Prairie Clockwise
RUSA# Time   Rider
7:10Benoit, Diane
62876:16Franz, Ryan
314710:54Foss, Ronaele
56926:46Jones, Lloyd
568710:55Klever, John
56327:45LeBlanc, Todd
60266:35Lowe, Mark
16797:17Mangin, L. John
552510:21Niedermier, Mark
8047 10:03Perry, L. J.
80468:36Placette, Sam *
79808:02Purul, Lisa
9:13Rosenthal, Harris
6:20Rudolph, Steve
6:46Shannon, Kelly
* First Brevet!

Most Challenge-Filled Stove Prairie Yet?

John Klever reports: "The brevet was a lot fun. The weather was great: high 70s after a nippy start of 48; tailwind uphill, headwind downhill, or no wind; dry; and sunny. We started with 19, with 16 finishers. I would say this was the brevet with most challenging road conditions. At mile 7 the frontage road was closed because a bridge was being rebuilt. So for about an eighth of mile we got to revive or acquire our mountain biking skills as we rode over the dirt into and out of a dry creek.

"Just short of the top of Stove Prairie we were warned of recently applied and slippery oil. As I rode onto it, I tested my brakes, and my tires seemed grippy enough, so I pressed on. When I saw this sign I expected tar as in black, sticky, and gooey, but it was more like diesel fuel and aromatic. I lingered a bit to take in the vapors. Just off the top we had another 100 yards or so of the oil.

"Finally, we got to ride through Fort Collins on CSU game day, so our ride on Overland Trail, which is next to the stadium, was detoured prematurely to Taft Hill Road. All in all, it was a great day to ride even if the road conditions were a bit challenging."

Thanks so much to John K. for leading this brevet!

- John Lee Ellis

Already some peak foliage on the first day of autumn!

200km -- 18 August 2012 - Black Forest
RUSA# Time   Rider
6764 7:29 Bachman, Greg
8:19 Brannon, Paul **
5897 7:30 Cramer, Cathy
6322 9:40 Dean, Robert
10:01 Herndon, Virginia *
8:34 Imes, Kathy *
5687 10:01 Klever, John
2145 7:58 Long, Beth
10:01 Melick, Richard
2129 7:58 Myers, Brent
5525 11:13 Niedermier, Mark
Pend. 10:01 Perry, L.J. *
7980 8:19 Purul, Lisa
7:28 Rosenthal, Harris
3108 7:29 Shenk, Catherine
* First Brevet!
** First Colo. Brevet!

Refreshingist Black Forest Yet!

Bob Dean reports: "Cool southerly breezes produced fall like conditions for the start of the Black Forest 200 km ride. Riders benefited from the favorable winds down to Elbert Road. After a bit of workout to get up to Elbert, riders enjoyed more favorable winds, in sections, down to Black Forest. Moderating winds, warmer temperatures, clear and somewhat less smoky skies produced the most pleasant and most refreshing conditions encountered in the Black Forest region, with no threat of afternoon storms.

"Rider Paul Brannon was visiting from Panama City, FL and riders L.J. Perry and Virginia Herndon completed their first brevet."

Thanks so much to Bob for doing a great job leading this brevet!

- John Lee Ellis

300km -- 4 August 2012 - Peak-to-Peak
RUSA# Time   Rider
589712:45Cramer, Cathy
632217:40Dean, Robert
15313:14Ellis, John Lee
574213:14Gazmararian, Julie
775113:03Griffith, Scott
323013:00Hoff, Peter
602610:20Lowe, Mark ®
167913:03Mangin, L John
798013:03Purul, Lisa
146813:16Rapp, Brian
311212:26Rupel, Ray
665513:12Stuckey, Travis
® Pre-Ride

Mildest Peak-to-Peak Yet!

12 starters enjoyed a chilly, overcast, low-ceilinged start up Coal Creek Canyon, which they only broke out of north of Nederland, into plenty of sun and blue skies. The cool front that brought these conditions overnight really paid off on the Plains, where it was not sweltering, and there was that nice, upslope tailwind from Platteville.

On top of that, as you can tell by the times, riders stayed at least halfway bunched up and sociable throughout the ride!

- John Lee Ellis

Scott Griffith, John Mangin, Travis Stuckey, and Lisa Purul at the sunny finish!

200km -- 21 July 2012 - Glen Haven Gallivant
RUSA# Time   Rider
77609:07Baker, Chris
58977:41Cramer, Cathy
632211:15Dean, Robert
32308:55Hoff, Peter
16797:52Mangin, L John
552511:07Niedermier, Mark
79809:55Purul, Lisa
29938:18Wiss, Dick

Hottest Glen Haven Gallivant Yet!

8 finishers enjoyed a respite from the heat on the Peak-to-Peak Highway and possibly a stop for a cinnamon roll in Glen Haven before plunging to triple-digit temps ont the plains. Kudos to the riders for persevering.

Thanks to Dick Wiss for leading this ride!

- John Lee Ellis

600km/400k -- 23 June 2012 -- St. Vrain Canyon
— 600km —
RUSA# 400k   Time   Rider
775120:2031:00Griffith, Scott
323019:0628:11Hoff, Peter
20:2031:00Purul, Lisa

— 400km —
RUSA# Time   Rider
17:45Stamm, Ken *
* First Brevet!

Hottest Colorado Brevets Ever?!

7 starters and 4 finishers braved record heat, Texas-sized high temps above the century mark. Two of the 600k riders succeeded at the 400k first loop but were too fried to continue. Seems like a distant memory, thinking back to the "early-bird" 600k/400k brevets a month earlier, where riders fought off hypothermia descending St. Vrain Canyon in rain in the 40's.

And yes, a 1000k was on the schedule as well, but sanity clearly prevailed on that option.

Many thanks to Paul Foley for leading these brevets!

- John Lee Ellis

200km -- 9 June 2012 -- Golden Gate Gadabout
RUSA# Time   Rider
447811:20Freeman, Gary
9:10Jensen, Keith
547111:30Nakamura, Tammie
9:58Park, Sheeyun *
* First Brevet!

First June 200k!

4 riders enjoyed dry, sunny weather - a good day to be up on the Peak-to-Peak Highway.

Thanks to Tammie Nakamura for leading the brevet!

- John Lee Ellis

400km -- 9 June 2012 -- South Park
RUSA# Time   Rider
243420:02Flanigan, John
628717:45Franz, Ryan
22:54Purul, Lisa *
184220:02Smith, Vernon
* First Colo. Brevet!

A Toastiest South Park 400k Yet!

5 starters enjoyed dry, sunny weather - a big change from the blustery winds last year, and not quite as much dirt and broken pavement as last year on Tarryall Road.

Ryan Franz complimented his first South Park 400k, while terming it the hardest 400k he's ever done. Everyone thought the scenery was superb.

Thanks to Vernon Smith for designing this route and leading the brevet!

- John Lee Ellis

400km -- 2 June 2012 -- Lefthand Canyon
RUSA# Time   Rider
596717:18Cook, Brett
632221:15Dean, Bob ®
15316:46Ellis, John Lee
481915:22Feldman, Tim Foon
147116:37Foley, Paul
541718:04Grainger, Michelle ®
660519:25Hartwell, John
358524:13Herget, Scott
355516:15Knoblauch, Tom
541818:04Le Goff, Steve ®
214519:50Long, Beth
602613:49Lowe, Mark
167916:37Mangin, L. John
706617:20McDonald, Dan
212919:50Myers, Brent
310816:46Shenk, Catherine
789819:25Warren, Corinne
® Pre-Ride

A Toasty Day Tempered by Blustery Storms!

14 event-day starters enjoyed a mild start and not a bad climb up Lefthand Canyon, but things had turned toasty by the Carter Lake switchbacks. Fortunately, Bob Dean was waiting in the shade with lots of food and drinks, and by Masonville, most riders were facing blustery sprinkles and dodging downpowers. By Wellington, temps were in the low 70's. Not all the action was over, however, with some late-day gushers blowing through.

Thanks to Bob for the welcome oasis at Carter Lake!

- John Lee Ellis

Bob Dean staffs the Carter Lake control, replete with treats!

600km/400km -- 19 May 2012 -- Jamestown - Raymond
— 600km —
RUSA# 400k   Time   Rider
632221:0037:05Dean, Robert
15317:2032:22Ellis, John Lee
481916:3032:22Feldman, Tim Foon
541716:5035:30Grainger, Michelle ®
358524:0037:57Herget, Scott
541816:5035:30Le Goff, Steve ®
214521:1536:27Long, Beth
602613:5423:24Lowe, Mark ®
212921:1536:27Myers, Brent
547124:0035:13Nakamura, Tammie
355119:3538:28Snavely, Henry
® Pre-Ride

— 400km —
RUSA# Time   Rider
589718:45Cramer, Cathy
323018:08Hoff, Peter

Bracingest Jamestown-Raymond Yet?

14 starters persevered through early chilling showers in St. Vrain Canyon to gradually brightening weather for cool and in the end sunny brevets. As on the Black Forest 300k, the cool temps - 40's to 50's - made it easier to manage hydration.

- John Lee Ellis

Peter Hoff poses by the info control at the Jamestown Mercantile.

Sun peeks through later Saturday afternoon!

300km -- 19 May 2012 -- Cripple Creek - Pine Junction
RUSA# Time   Rider
243418:21Flanigan, John
628713:20Franz, Ryan
765716:50Seiler, Joe
184214:00Smith, Vernon ®
Pend.18:21Warren, Corinne *
® Pre-Ride
* First Brevet!
Coldest, Wettest Cripple Creek 300k Yet!

4 starters braved cold, wet conditions most of the day on this second Cripple Creek - Pine Junction 300k - so different from last year's inaugural, where brilliant sunshine but toasty temps in the 80's were the governing factors. A big thanks to Ryan Franz for leading this one. -jle

Ryan's account:

"We had four starters: Joe Seiler, Corinne Warren, John Flanigan and myself. For Corinne this was a first brevet and longest ride ever, and for Joe this was the longest brevet/ride ever. Good on them for attempting a difficult 300k for such a milestone, with a sketchy weather forecast!

"We rode together to Manitou Springs; shortly thereafter, a steady rain developed and lasted until Woodland Park. This made the descents between Woodland Park and Cripple Creek very cold--35degF with wet clothing! I believe the others stopped in Woodland Park to dry out, probably a wise choice.

"For me, the only blue skies of the day made the Cripple Creek loop gorgeous, with fresh snow on Pikes Peak above treeline. After the second stop in Woodland Park, the clouds rolled in and covered the mountains in mist. I had steady, cold rain from Deckers to Pine Junction with temperatures in the thirties and forties. A hot drink in Pine Junction, followed by threatening but restrained weather, helped the return trip to Woodland Park. I ran into the three other riders around 15 miles south of Pine Junction, they seemed to be making steady progress.

"The skies unleashed again on the last climb to the finish, with lightning and soft hail.

"So all in all a cold and soggy outing but this made for a nice contrast from last year, where hot temps were the rule."

- Ryan Franz

300km -- 12 May 2012 -- Black Forest
RUSA# Time   Rider
12:05Benoit, Diane
632214:06Dean, Robert
481911:50Feldman, Tim Foon
147111:50Foley, Paul
314717:00Foss, Ronaele
541713:15Grainger, Michelle ®
660515:23Hartwell, Jon
358515:51Herget, Scott
355512:34Knoblauch, Tom
541813:15Le Goff, Steve ®
214514:29Long, Beth
167912:45Mangin, L. John
212914:29Myers, Brent
547115:06Nakamura, Tammie
355114:20Snavely, Henry
® Pre-Ride
Most Sun-Free Black Forest 300k Yet?

14 starters enjoyed an at-times moist and foggy but largely wind-free Black Forest 300k. The cool temps - 40's to 50's - made it easier to manage hydration, and sunscreen was not the issue it sometimes is. Congrats to the riders!

- John Lee Ellis

Foon, Tom, and Paul breeze down Deer Creek Canyon Road at first light.

Paul Foley and Foon Feldman climb out of the fog to the summit before Larkspur.

200km -- 28 April 2012 -- Stove Prairie
RUSA# Time   Rider
77607:42Baker, Chris
7:48Benoit, Diane
63229:30Dean, Robert
24017:49deRosset, Will
9:04Dorosz, Lauren
732011:28Droege, David *
1539:11Ellis, John Lee ®
48196:50Feldman, Tim Foon
14717:49Foley, Paul
447810:31Freeman, Gary
54179:11Grainger, Michelle ®
9:09Grealish, Chris
58939:09Haskins, Josh
442511:00Heck, Ken
358510:41Herget, Scott
32308:08Hoff, Peter
54367:53Horwood, Joshua
56926:50Jones, Lloyd
568711:28Klever, John
35559:24Knoblauch, Tom
54189:11Le Goff, Steve ®
21459:25Long, Beth
16797:49Mangin, L. John
11:28Melick, Rick
21299:25Myers, Brent
9:50Newton, Gerry
8:22Nourse, Patrick
11:28Parry, Diana
70457:20Pfeil, Mark
14687:49Rapp, Brian
6:50Rudolph, Steve
7:52Shafer, Tim
7:43Shannon, Kelly
31089:11Shenk, Catherine ®
7:42Stewart, Cary
9:09Wilhelms, Tony *
® Pre-Ride
* First Brevet!
Most Headwind Ever?

37 starters had a cool, breezy but largely sunny day, with winds that veered seemingly with every turn ... to face the riders, of course.

- John Lee Ellis

Brilliant sun at the start, but also a hefty westerly wind!

... and happy faces despite battling an easterly wind to finish
from John Mangin, Will deRosset, Paul Foley, and Brian Rapp.

200km -- 21 April 2012 -- Falcon-Limon-Kiowa
RUSA# Time   Rider
48196:51Feldman, Tim Foon
24348:20Flanigan, John
14718:34Foley, Paul ®
62876:51Franz, Ryan
9:07Gallo, Felix
9:07Grealish, Chris
66059:05Hartwell, Jon
442510:49Heck, Ken
358510:02Herget, Scott
35111:06Miller, Craig
8:25Nourse, Patrick
14688:05Rapp, Brian
150312:00Simmons, Eric
18427:47Smith, Vernon
76577:13Seiler, Joe
8:05Traditi, Frank
® Pre-Ride
Least Snow Flurries Yet!

16 starters enjoyed a brilliant spring day for the second annual Falcon-Limon-Kiowa 200k. A big increase over last year's turnout in the face of wind and snow flurries.

Tim "Foon" Feldman writes, "It's a lovely route. The Hwy 86 rollers were fantastic, literally where the deer and the antelope play. Kiowa is a beautiful little town and had welcoming chairs for us outside the control. We had a nice group to brave the initial headwinds out to Limon, and a wonderful tailwind to send us to the top of the Elbert Road climb. Temperatures were perfect. I doubt we will ever have better weather. Never was heard a discouraging word!"

A big thanks to route designer and ride leader Vernon Smith!

- John Lee Ellis

200km -- 14 April 2012 -- Drake Doubleback
RUSA# Time   Rider
6:57Benoit, Diane
70197:58Boyce, Bert
59678:15Cook, Brett
63228:53Dean, Robert
1537:40Ellis, John Lee
48196:20Feldman, Tim Foon
62876:24Franz, Ryan
447810:20Freeman, Gary
35859:30Herget, Scott
77808:30Hillis, Jeff **
32307:40Hoff, Peter
56328:30LeBlanc, Todd
21459:00Long, Beth
60265:59Lowe, Mark
16797:40Mangin, L. John
70667:40McDonald, Dan
35110:20Miller, Craig *
21299:00Myers, Brent
552510:02Niedermier, Mark
8:11Nourse, Patrick
70456:56Pfeil, Mark
6:20Rudolph, Steve
6:57Shafer, T
35518:30Snavely, Henry
9:56Stone, Jim **
8:11Towne, Bradford **
* First Colo. Brevet!
** First Brevet!
Nicest "Bad Weather" DD Yet!

28 riders enjoyed a nicer-than-forecast day for the season's first brevet. Folks were motivated to ride expeditiously in the face of predicted afternoon showers.

The first half of the day was in fact brilliantly sunny. Riders enjoyed a tailwind push up Big Thompson Canyon facing into clouds forming above the Divide.

After Platteville, stiff northerly winds picked up and clouds glowered, but only a few sprinkles late.

- John Lee Ellis

Brilliant sun descending the Big Thompson Canyon Narrows ...

... but an ominous cloudbank rising from the northwest.

Populaire Results

104km -- 14 October 2012 -- Apple Valley
RUSA# Time   Rider
1535:00Ellis, John Lee
28664:58Jeter, Luke
56924:28Jones, Lloyd
60263:48Lowe, Mark
55255:48Niedermier, Mark
14684:28Rapp, Brian
68955:44Peterson, Mark *
5:45Shepard, Rob
35515:18Snavely, Henry
* Visitor!
Nicest Apple Valley Populaire Yet?

Ten riders and nine finishers enjoyed a brilliant sunny day with foliage at near-peak colors and temps in the 70's - a fitting fairwell to the main randonneuring season.

For three of the riders - Lloyd Jones, Brian Rapp, and myself, this was a kind of "dessert" after riding the previous day's blustery James Canyon Jaunt 200k. And we welcome visiting SIR rider Mark Peterson from Washington state.

- John Lee Ellis

Nice fall colors on Isabelle Road

104km -- 1 April 2012 -- Carter Lake
RUSA# Time   Rider
3:44Baker, Chris
6:15Barber, Lee
3:40Christensen, Bracken
59676:57Cook, Brett
63224:32Dean, Robert
4:35Ditzel, Martin
48193:18Feldman, Tim Foon
31474:34Foss, Ronaele
4:03Giauque, Brian
44254:40Heck, Ken
3:57Hillis, Jeff
56923:18Jones, Lloyd
69926:15LeVan, Guy
76844:18McClenahan, Michelle
3:44McDonald, Dan
5:38Miller, Bryan
54714:56Nakamura, Tammie
4:13Newton, Gerry
55255:10Niedermier, Mark
5:40Nourse, Patrick
70453:17Pfeil, Mark
14683:44Rapp, Brian
3:18Rudolph, Steve
5:40Sheng, Ron
3:18Stoddard, Daniel
5:06Tankovich, Bill
Hottest Populaire Ever?

26 riders enjoyed summerlike conditions and record high temps to usher in April. And ... no wind to speak of!

Thanks again to rando veteran and super volunteer Tammie Nakamura, whom one rider termed a godsend!

- John Lee Ellis

103km -- 18 March 2012 -- Lyons - Berthoud
RUSA# Time   Rider
3:54Baker, Chris
59675:06Cook, Brett
63224:50Dean, Robert
14715:17Foley, Paul
5:17Foley, Will
54175:00Grainger, Michelle
(1060)4:22Grealish, Chris
44255:38Heck, Ken
32304:21Hoff, Peter
56923:36Jones, Lloyd
54185:00Le Goff, Steve
60263:17Lowe, Mark
76844:37McClenahan, Michelle
4:39Miller, Bryan
55255:10Niedermier, Mark
70453:31Pfeil, Mark
4:40Reissner, Marc
14684:37Rapp, Brian
4:02Seiler, Joe
Windiest Populaire Ever?

25 starters and 22 finishers enjoyed springlike conditions and shorts-riding weather for the first event of the season. With that, though, came strong winds, dust, and the occasional errant tumbleweed.

Steve Le Goff and Michelle Grainger provided an added treat by staffing the new Berthoud info control as a "secret control" - replete with nutritional treats, hydrations, and encouraging words - thanks Steve and Michelle!

Many thanks to Last Chance veteran Tammie Nakamura, just back from pre-riding and volunteering at the Arizona 400k, who did an excellent job leading this event!

- John Lee Ellis

Tammie Nakamura bracing against the breeze at the start.

Michelle Grainger and Steve Le Goff staffing the "Secret Control."