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2004 Brevet Results

200km - May 2  |  Flèche - May 8  |  300km - May 15  |  400km - June 12  |  1000km - June 12-14  |   600km - June 26-27
Grand Loop - July 10   |  200km - July 31   |  Denver-Aspen 300k - Aug 7  |   Peak-to-Peak 300k - Aug 21   |  Last Chance 1200k - Sept 13-16   |  200k - Sept 19
Consolidated 2004 Rider Results

2004 Brevet Series in Review
LengthTypeRoute’04 Date 200420032002200120001999
120kmpopulaireEstes Park24-Apr418x---
200kmbrevet 2-May535639241619
24 hrflèche 8-May975---
300kmbrevetBlack Forest15-May335022191216
400kmbrevet 12-Jun28421481017
600kmbrevet 26-Jun2140108521
1000kmbrevet 12-Jun3341--
300kmbrevetGrand Loop10-Jul13863--
125kmpopulaireBarr Lake*18-Jul4-----
200kmbrevetBlack Forest *31-Jul20-----
300kmbrevetPeak-to-Peak *21-Aug12-----
125kmpopulaireCopper Triangle11-Sep9x11---
1200kmrandonnéeLast Chance13-Sep14-134--
200kmbrevet 19-Sep15201213--
125kmpopulaireApple Valley*2-Oct10-----
Totals  305293166804373
“-” = not scheduled  “x” = cancelled  "*" = new for 2004
   Another great turnout in 2004! Thank you for coming on our rides. Hopefully they have been satisfying for you, and that 2005 will offer you further chances for personal accomplishment.

115 cyclists participated in our series of Brevets, Populaires, the Flèche, and the Last Chance 1200k (up from 99 in 2003). Of these, 96 rode brevets (up from 92 in 2003 and 56 in 2002), 7 rode populaires only, and 11 rode the Last Chance only.

Some riders came from Arizona, California, Georgia, Iowa, Tennessee, Washington on the brevets, plus California, British Columbia, Florida, Kansas, Saskatchewan, Texas, and Virginia on the Last Chance. Some highlights from this year:

  • New brevets - The Black Forest 200km (July) and Peak-to-Peak 300k (August).
  • Front Range Flèche – Three teams: Team Falcon joined Teams Prairie Dog and Pika.
  • The Grand Loop became a brevet, and encored as a UMCA John Marino Challenge event.
  • The Last Chance had its largest field, and everyone survived!
  • New populaires – the Airport Loop (July) and Apple Valley (October) populaires.
Special thanks to our volunteers – RMCC president Charlie Henderson, who ran the Denver-Aspen 300k and wrangled the Last Chance; Tom Foss, who handled registration and ran populaires, Val Phelps who ran populaires; Carol Garnand, out secret checkpoint; and Last Chance staff John Hughes and Dave Buzzee.

Consolidated 2004 Rider Results
RiderRUSA No.Total km.Pts.4 Apr 120k11 Apr 120k24 Apr 120k2 May 200k8
May Flèche
15 May 300k12 Jun 400k12 Jun 1000k26 Jun 600k10 Jul Gr Lp18 Jul 120K31 Jul 200k7 Aug 300k21 Aug 300k11 Sep 125k13 Sep 1200K19 Sep 200k2 Oct 120KTown
ARANDA, Jasmine23171620164:508:2012:2617:1532:27Arvada, CO
ARCHAMBAULT, Ilka50058:2913:28Fort Collins, CO
BARANCZYK, Merle4101560168:0923117:2929:12Salida, CO
BAUGH, Sam310315:26Clinton, MO
BENNETT, Kathryne90098:1512:3517:45Fort Collins, CO
BENOIT, Diane64063:354:187:347:20Morrison, CO
BENSON, Gary300315:40Denver, CO
BERG, Bruce134912001286:40Berkeley, CA
BILLINGS, Marland24023:354:18Lakewood, CO
BILLINGSLEY, Ken35640049:108:28Cheyenne, WY
BOBAK, Voytek2497300315:40Littleton, CO
BOETHLING, Fred176260068:3819:16Boulder, CO
BONNER, Ken89412001271:58Victoria, BC, Canada
BOOKMAN, Ron300316:40Evergreen, CO
BOYLE, Tom117464063:455:118:157:20Littleton, CO
BREEDLOVE, Bob168010001019:4533:42Des Moines, IA
BREWER, Mike20026:57Golden, CO
BROWDER, Chris1821400416:34Shasta Lake, CA
BUSCH, Mike20029:40Broomfield, CO
BUTYN, Mike20027:23Denver, CO
BYRNE, Jason12014:15Longmont, CO
CARUSO, Scott62063:3511:006:22Lakewood, CO
CAVNER, Blair20029:40Greenwood Village, CO
CHAFFEE, Carol2245223:304:186:4530812:1715:3512:004:577:073:53Arvada, CO
COHEN, Phil264710001022:1237:30Augusta, GA
CROSSLAND, Ann Bond161810001019:4533:42Snowmass, CO
de ROSSET, William2401600613:2013:37Fort Collins, CO
DICK, Nathan310317:24
DODGE, Tim20026:15Denver, CO
ELLIS, John Lee1533470357:5522412:3461:2732:2014:597:2312:05dnf8:12Louisville, CO
ELMBLAD, John19273604224Denver, CO
ENGLER, Ed248690099:0013:5920:02Rapid City, SD
ERICKSON, Karl32037:104:37Boulder, CO
FARNSWORTH, Rex796610616:3815:15Highlands Ranch, CO
FAVREAU, Robin15761620165:118:0912:1718:4535:10Durango, CO
FLANIGAN, John24341500157:4211:1516:0025:15Denver, CO
FOLEY, Paul14712480253:357:1830812:1716:3430:127:3914:23Golden, CO
FOSS, Tom203256553:558:094:145:59Wheat Ridge, CO
FOURNEY, Robert89050056:4910:45Golden, CO
FROEHLICH, David32033:358:37Superior, CO
GALLO, Felix B.2643700712:1717:04Boulder, CO
GILLESPIE, Michael22072050205:115:599:3813:5219:1332:2717:24Arvada, C
GREALISH, Chris10601020103:356:4513:1017:00dnfBoulder CO
GREGORY, Robin24523:304:13Littleton, CO
GUDIS, Aimee32034:008:09Centennial, CO
GUTH, John78712001273:28Stafford, VA
GUTH, Nancy93312001273:28Stafford, VA
HALL, Floyd00dnfCastle Rock, CO
HALLAM, Eric20027:45Monument, CO
HARRIS, Nick12516:20
HART, John32034:108:05Greenwood Village, CO
HENDERSON, Charlie6625613:398:446:26Littleton, CO
HERZBERGER, Matt12013:30Lakewood, CO
HIEBERT, Doug229850058:1513:49Lakewood, CO
HIGGINS, Kerry10033120315:009:4014:3520:0033:3315:2886:40Lakewood, CO
HORNICK, John12013:12Littleton, CO
HOWE, James23131320137:0010:5016:0011:403:39Lakewood, CO
HUGHES, John461560169:1822420:0033:32dnfBoulder, CO
JACOBSHAGEN, Eric20028:16Sedalia, CO
JAGODA, Jack225112014:50Englewood, CO
JETER, Lukas510511:0116:21Denver, CO
KALCHBRENNER, Todd185212001264:10Olano, TX
KALISCH, Tim1630163:307:0010:5013:336:1511:046:49Denver, CO
KELLAGHER, Bill24524:203:39Boulder, CO
KNOBLAUCH, Tom2430244:059:0013:3717:0534:4015:127:0714:25Aurora, CO
KNUTSON, Ken113112001284:11Tracy, CA
KOSTNER, Barbara20027:18Lakewood, CO
KRAYCHY, Jim2725273:306:4530812:1715:3524:0012:004:576:553:53Lyons, CO
KROONENBERG, Stuart16351510157:0010:1815:266:4912:057:55Highlands Ranch, CO
KROSNOWSKI, Audrey12013:35Larkspur, CO
LEO, Travis300314:23Highlands Ranch, CO
LEWIS, Norman18002480254:168:3823112:4464:1914:578:12Littleton, CO
LIEDTKE, Brian12013:35Golden, CO
LONG, Beth2145200210:50Aurora CO
MACK, Jerry17411100117:3412:3416:308:29Arvada, CO
MANKE, Jason261050057:3512:34Boulder, CO
MARTIN, Leonard661600635:45Oak Ridge, TN
MAYER, John C.266752054:159:108:48Denver, CO
McCAMMAN, Dan12014:31Denver, CO
McDONALD, Sargent62067:0011:203:13dnfArvada, CO
McLEOD, Grant12001285:27Indian Head, SK, Canada
METCALFE, Mark158912001263:41Duncanville, TX
MICHEL, Mark12015:41Littleton, CO
MILLER, Bob32033:357:20Littleton, CO
MYERS, Brent2129200210:50Wheat Ridge, CO
MYERS, Mike41312001283:42Baxter Springs, KS
MYERS, Nancy41412001283:42Baxter Springs, KS
NANSEL, Alan300315:15Aurora, CO
NANSEL, Ian300314:01Aurora, CO
NORIS, Peter114012015:48Denver, CO
OLSON-RANGITSCH, Marta18962100219:5513:5920:02Rapid City, SD
PARELMAN, Joseph300313:00Fairway, KS
PEARCE, James00dnfLittleton, CO
PHELPS, Val22993060303:355:115:458:0912:1718:4535:10dnfAurora CO
PLONSKY, Susan400422:12Casa Grande, AZ
PRENDERGAST, Mike32038:093:15Erie, CO
RANGITSCH, Tim18952100219:5513:5920:02Rapid City, SD
RICE, William Kelly20028:30dnfArvada, CO
ROSENTHAL, Harris32534:206:49Denver, CO
SHANNON, Kelly300311:40Denver, CO
SHER, Jordan20026:57Denver, CO
SIMMONS, Alan1970194:184:236:4512:0015:1313:5012:007:193:52Lyons, CO
SIMMONS, Eric150318601923114:1220:0233:4510:03Colorado Springs, CO
SMITH, Vernon18421620163:357:1812:1716:3430:12Colorado Springs, CO
SNAVERLY, Henry36534:205:004:15Aurora, CO
STRUZESKI, Kevin300316:30Highlands Ranch, CO
STURGILL, Michael1847300312:05Phoenix, AZ
TOWER, J J20028:12Anchorage, AK
TOWER, Janice227520028:12Anchorage, AK
VAN METER, Erika224824102414:0630:5215:51Aspen, CO
WALLACE, Dan155500dnfWinter Park, FL
WERNER, Glen34110001065:19Englewood, CO
WITKES, Marc120012Denver, CO
WOLF, Douglas20029:14Denver, CO
ZEISIG, Theo64064:015:118:158:12Boulder, CO

200km Brevet -- 19 September 2004 -- "Stove Prairie - Poudre Canyon - Horsetooth"
RUSA# Time   Rider
3568:28Billingsley, Ken
6:57Brewer, Mike
7:07Chaffee, Carol
1538:12Ellis, John Lee
7:10Erickson, Karl*
6:49Kalisch, Tim
16357:55Kroonenberg, Stuart
6:55Kraychy, Jim
18008:12Lewis, Norman
6:49Rosenthal, Harris
6:57Sher, Jordan **
7:19Simmons, Alan
22758:12Tower, Janice*
8:12Tower, Jonathan*
8:12Zeisig, Theo
* First Colo. Brevet!
** First Brevet!
First Clockwise Stove Prairie 200k!

Balmy weather welcomed 15 riders on the first-ever clockwise Stove Prairie 200k. A nice tailwind up Buckhorn Canyon only slightly softened the 12% to 15% grades to Stove Prairie - but riders enjoyed fresh, smooth asphalt all the way to Poudre Canyon.

Poudre Canyon wafted a refreshing breeze, and riders had a good welcome at the Columbine Lodge checkpoint in Poudre Park. Alas, after the triple climbs over Lower Horsetooth, stormy winds greeted everyone - sparing neither the faster nor the more sedate - for the final 30 miles.

We were pleased to be joined by Janice Tower and her son J. J. from Anchorage. Janice is one of ten Americans honored by the ACP with special 200km certificates, commemorating their 100,000th 200k rider, and she chose our event as her commemorative 200k.

- John Lee Ellis

Photos clockwise: E243 Ride Start (Theo Zeisig photo); Janice Tower and son JJ at Stove Prairie (John Lee Ellis photo); free range cows and riders in Buckeye Canyon (TZ photo); J and JJ Tower, J Ellis, Norm Lewis on CR 12 (TZ photo).

1200km Randonnée -- 13-16 September -- Colorado "Last Chance"
RUSA# Orig.  Time   Rider
1349CA86:40Berg, Bruce
894BC71:58Bonner, Ken**
153COdnfEllis, John Lee
1060COdnfGrealish, Chris
787VA73:28Guth, John
933VA73:28Guth, Nancy*
1003CO86:40Higgins, Kerry***
1852TX64:10Kalchbrenner, Todd*
1131CA84:11Knutson, Ken
SK85:27McLeod, Grant**
1589TX63:41Metcalfe, Mark*
413KS83:42Myers, Mike
414KS83:42Myers, Nancy
1555FLdnfWallace, Dan
* RAAM Qual. Time!
** 2002 Veteran!
*** First 1200k!
Hottest, coldest, windiest Last Chance yet?

On a summery, moonless night, 14 riders - our largest field yet - headed out from Boulder for an adventure on the vast plains.

Weather was pretty much par for the course: balmy breezes off the Rockies wafting the riders out, then stiff crosswinds on the plains of Colorado and Kansas. Arid conditions during the day; thunderstorms, tumbleweeds, and a tornado threat in the evening. Highs in the 90's under cloudless skies; lows dropping into the 30's the final night in Colorado.

As in years past, riders praised the smooth, quiet roads, and the friendly drivers and inhabitants. This helps to balance out the very challenging nature of this event.

This year saw our first tandem - Mike and Nancy Myers. We also had riders finish in RAAM-qualifying time - Todd Kalchbrenner, Mark Metcalfe, and Nancy Guth.

Big thanks to Dave Buzzee, former Ohio RBA, who came all the way out here to help staff the Byers bagdrop, and John Hughes, former Utah RBA, who came from north Boulder County to manage the ride start and dropbags. And ... as in 2001 and 2002, we especially owe a great deal to Charlie Henderson for the bagdrop setup, the encyclopedia of services, the rancher ambience, and the motivation behind this ride!

- John Lee Ellis

Photos left-to-right, top-to-bottom: (1) Dawn east of Oberlin, (2) Wheat west of Norton, (3) Bird City, (4) Prairie Dog State Park, (5) Idalia, CO (Todd Kalchbrenner, Nancy Guth, Chris Grealish, John Guth), (6) Charlie Henderson at Atwood bagdrop, (7) a shady spot west of Norton.

300km Brevet -- 21 August 2004 -- "Peak-to-Peak"
RUSA# Time   Rider
13:28Archambault, Ilka *
12:00Chaffee, Carol
240113:37deRosset, William
15312:05Ellis, John Lee
dnfHall, Floyd *
100315:28Higgins, Kerry
12:00Kraychy, Jim
163512:05Kroonenberg, Stuart
180014:57Lewis, Norm
dnfPearce, James *
12:00Simmons, Alan
184712:05Sturgill, Mike
* First 300k!
First Time "Peak-to-Peak" 300k!

Coyotes howled - and not that far away, either - as the 12 starting riders climbed the Morgul-Bismark "Wall" in the 5am darkness to kick off the inaugural Peak-to-Peak 300km brevet.

This new route started up Coal Creek Canyon just before dawn, and spent nearly 50 miles on the Peak-to-Peak Highway getting to Estes Park. The previous night's rain glistened on pine needles near Pinecliffe in the morning sun. Reaching the Peak-to-Peak around 8am, riders found it delightfully quiet and not that chilly, either. And despite a boisterous mélange of clouds atop the Divide, the weather remained essentially dry and fine for the day.

RMCC club riders such as Tom Foss and Mike Prendergast were there atop the Devil's Gulch switchbacks to greet the breveteurs, and more RMCC and UMCA luminaries, including Charlie Henderson, John Hughes, Felix Gallo (with his ultra-cycling dad Victor) greeted the randonneurs-of-taste who stopped at the Glen Haven General Store for cinnamon rolls.

Ilka Archambault from Ft. Collins was going after her first 300k, as were Floyd Hall and James Pearce. Carol Chaffee and Jim Kraychy were imbedding this 300k (186.6 miles) in a 400-mile training ride for this autumn's Furnace Creek 508. The brevet drew actually four Furnace Creek veterans: Jim and Carol, plus Mike Sturgill and Stuart Kroonenberg - Stuart eschewing the benefit of drafting as a prep for riding the 508. With this brevet, this makes Alan Simmons the only cyclist to ride all four of this year's 300k's (Black Forest, Denver-Aspen, Grand Loop, and Peak-to-Peak). Mike Sturgill came all the way from Phoenix for his first Colorado event, did great, and gave it high marks.

Mike measured 10,600 ft. total climbing on the ride (almost all of it in the first half), and provided this elevation profile (flags denote checkpoints).

- John Lee Ellis

300km Brevet -- 7 August 2004 -- Joe Lookingbill Memorial Denver-Aspen
RUSA# Time   Rider
15:40Benson, Gary
249715:40Bobak, Voytek
16:40Bookman, Ron
79615:15Farnsworth, Rex
147114:23Foley, Paul
231311:40Howe, James
11:40Kalisch, Tim
14:25Knoblauch, Tom
14:23Leo, Travis
14:01Nansel, Ian *
15:15Nansel, Alan *
13:0Parelman, Joseph
dnfRice, Kelly
dnfSchroeder, Jerome
11:40Shannon, Kelly
13:50Simmons, Alan
16:30Struzeski, Kevin
* 1st Denver-Aspen!
A Grueling Denver-Aspen!

Headwinds and hail made a tough ride even tougher for the 17 riders starting this year's Joe Lookingbill Memorial Denver-Aspen 300k. The headwinds started in Littleton and persisted through Conifer, over Kenosha Pass, and up the Arkansas.

As riders summited Trout Creek Pass, a dark cloud loomed ahead. On the descent, rounding a bend in US-285, many confronted an inches-deep blanket of hail on the roadway, dangerous for cars, much less bikes.

After all this travail, the Woody Creek Tavern's warm welcome provided a comforting finale.

The D-A has settled into an aficionado event with an enthusiastic core ridership, plus some new faces, such as father and son Alan and (18-year-old) Ian Nansel.

Thanks to Charlie Henderson for leading this ride - Charlie will be providing a commentary with more juicy details.

- John Lee Ellis

200km Brevet -- 31 July 2004 -- Black Forest
RUSA# Time   Rider
8:29Archambault, Ilka *
7:20Benoit, Diane
7:20Boyle, Tom
7:23Butyn, Mike
6:22Caruso, Scott
6:15Dodge, Tim
1537:23Ellis, John Lee
14717:39Foley, Paul
8:37Froehlich, David
68:44Henderson, Charlie
8:16Jacobshagen, Eric *
6:15Kalisch, Tim
7:07Knoblauch, Tom
16356:49Kroonenberg, Stuart
17418:29Mack, Jerry
dnfMcDonald, Sargent
26678:48Mayer, John C.
7:20Miller, Bob
150310:03Simmons, Eric
9:14Wolf, Douglas *
* First 200k!
First Ever July 200k!

For the 20 riders heading out on our first ever midsummer 200k, the heat and the climbing started right away. The climb from Castle Rock took in scenic Lake Gulch Road then Hwy. 83 before joining the spring 300k course to Elbert and Black Forest.

Afternoon shower-bearing clouds provided some welcome shade, and the Larkspur Renaissance Festival gave a change of pace from the route's general tranquility. More than one rider got time out for a break at the level crossing before Palmer Lake, as long coal trains inched their way up the Palmer Divide. And despite the heat, the lush greenery suggested spring rather than summer.

- John Lee Ellis

West Plum Creek Valley near Larkspur

310km Brevet -- 10 July 2004 -- The Grand Loop
RUSA# Time    Rider
15:26Baugh, Sam *
17:24Dick, Nathan *
15314:59Ellis, John Lee
79616:38Farnsworth, Rex
220717:24Gillespie, Michael *
46dnf **Hughes, John *
16:21Jeter, Lucas *
13:33Kalisch, Tim
15:12Knoblauch, Tom
163515:26Kroonenberg, Stuart
2299dnf **Phelps, Val *
15:13Simmons, Alan *
224815:51Van Meter, Erika *
* First Grand Loop!
** "Grand Crescent"
Best Counterclockwise Weather Ever!

From atop Lookout Mountain, ominous flashes of lightning greeted 13 riders as they left Golden at 3am. What kind of day lay in store??

The weather turned out to be the best ever for a counterclockwise Grand Loop. The lead riders encountered light rain at the top of Trail Ridge. All other riders had fantastic temperatures, no rain, and a fair amount of tailwind (except of course on the 5,000-foot climb up Trail Ridge road ).

Descending highway 36 into Estes Park, Rex Farnsworth nearly bagged a four point buck with his Litespeed. After losing a lot of rubber braking from 45 mph, Rex stopped less than a wheel length from the deer as it changed its mind and re-crossed the road!

More wildlife greeted the riders in Estes Park where a herd of elk lined both sides of highway 34 near the Stanley Inn (like Tour de France fans cheering us on). The good news is the elk were not interested in crossing the road.

In true randonneur spirit, Furnace Creek veteran Stuart Kroonenburg accompanied our guest, Sam Baugh, through Clear Creek Canyon's mining-town frontage roads and backwoods bikepaths.

A final observation on this excellent brevet. Thanks to CDOT, construction on the eastern side of Berthoud is nearly complete. One can enjoy this wonderful descent riding smooth asphalt shoulders completely out of the traffic. The last half mile is still under construction, but was not a problem.

Once again this year, the Grand Loop is a UMCA John Marino Competition event. JMC participants included Sam Baugh from Missouri, and locals John Lee Ellis, John Hughes, Luke Jeter, and Stuart Kroonenburg.

For the first time, it is also a RUSA domestic brevet. The Grand Loop was already a brevet-format event, so the actual event hasn't changed, but riders can now get RUSA credit.

Thanks to Wojiech, support vehicle driver, for his fine support, and Rex Farnsworth and Charlie Henderson for the event arrangements!

- John Lee Ellis and Rex Farnsworth       Grand Loop article on the UMCA website

Wojiech (Fall River Pass)
De Rosa (Fall River Pass)
Sam Baugh and Stuart Kroonenberg

 600km Brevet -- 26-27 June 2004 -- St. Vrain Canyon - Devil's Gulch - Kersey

RUSA# Time    Rider
2317 32:27 Aranda, Jasmine **
410 29:12 Baranczyk, Merle
dnf Bennett, Kathryne
1680 33:42 Breedlove, Bob
2647 37:30 Cohen, Phil **
1618 33:42 Crossland, Ann
153 32:20 Ellis, John Lee
1576 35:10 Favreau, Robin **
2434 25:15 Flanigan, John **
1471 30:12 Foley, Paul
2207 32:27 Gillespie, Michael **
2643 dnf Gallo, Felix
1003 33:33 Higgins, Kerry **
46 33:32 Hughes, John
34:40 Knoblauch, Tom **
24:00 Kraychy, Jim
661 35:45 Martin, Leonard *
2299 35:10 Phelps, Val **
1503 35:45 Simmons, Eric
1842 30:12 Smith, Vernon
2248 30:52 Van Meter, Erika
* New to brevet series!
** First 600k!
Coolest 600k Yet!

The 21 starters got another dose of the 400k's cool, showery weather. On the plus side, they enjoyed a refreshing, moist tailwind up St. Vrain Canyon all the way to Meeker Park.

Glen Haven boasted a double treat - a secret checkpoint, graciously staffed once again by Carol Garnand, in addition to the highly esteemed cinnamon rolls at the Glen Haven Store!

Riders - some fortified by homemade breakfast burritos in Kersey - praised the now-quieter, countrified second loop, featuring Kersey Road to Hudson, then rural county roads west to Erie.

From out of state, we welcome Leonard Martin from Tennessee, plus 400k veterans Bob Breedlove from Iowa and Phil Cohen from Augusta. Phil showed great persistence once again, journeying from his flat, sultry Georgia climate to finish this chilly, showery, and in places mountainous brevet!

- John Lee Ellis

1000km Brevet -- 12-14 June 2004 -- Lefthand Canyon - Ft. Morgan - Devil's Gulch

RUSA# Time    Rider
153 61:27 Ellis, John Lee
1800 64:19 Lewis, Norman *
341 65:19 Werner, Glen *
* First 1000k!
Another Tornado-Free 1000k!

A pause in the recent pattern of thunderstorms, golfball-sized hail, and tornadoes on the Eastern Plains made for a great excursion for these 3 riders. They had plenty of company on the 400k loop (shared with the 400k brevet), a "tranquil" second day to Fort Morgan, the foot-high wheat offering greenery but not much wind protection, and a cool, refreshing climb up Big Thompson Canyon, followed by cinnamon rolls at Glen Haven, to make sure these were up to snuff for the 600k riders in a couple of weeks.

With the 1000k and Paris-Brest-Paris 2003 in their pocket, Norm Lewis and Glen Werner are now poised for their Randonneur 5000 award!

- John Lee Ellis

 400km Brevet -- 12 June 2004 -- Lefthand Canyon - Carter Lake - Horsetooth

RUSA# Time    Rider
2317 17:15 Aranda, Jasmine
410 17:29 Baranczyk, Merle
17:45 Bennett, Kathryne
1762 19:16 Boethling, Fred
1680 19:45 Breedlove, Bob
1821 16:34 Browder, Chris
15:35 Chaffee, Carol
2647 22:12 Cohen, Phil
1618 19:45 Crossland, Ann
2401 23:00 deRosset, William **
2486 20:02 Engler, Ed
1576 18:45 Favreau, Robin
2434 16:00 Flanigan, John
1471 16:34 Foley, Paul
2643 17:04 Gallo, Felix
2207 19:13 Gillespie, Michael
1060 17:00 Grealish, Chris
1003 20:00 Higgins, Kerry
2313 16:00 Howe, James
46 20:00 Hughes, John
17:05 Knoblauch, Tom
15:35 Kraychy, Jim
1741 16:30 Mack, Jerry
2299 18:45 Phelps, Val
991 22:12 Plonsky, Susan
1895 20:02 Rangitsch, Tim
1896 20:02 Olson-Rangitsch, Marta
1503 20:02 Simmons, Eric
1842 16:34 Smith, Vernon
* New to brevet series!
** First 400k
Chilliest Front-Range 400k Yet!

A healthy turnout of 28 riders made for an enjoyable 400k. Weather was mild - in the 70's - punctuated by a few showers, perhaps the coolest temps on a 400k since the North Park 400's.

Out-of-state riders included RAAM/UMCA luminary Bob Breedlove from Iowa, new Arizona RBA Susan Plonsky from Casa Grande, and BMB-aspirant Phil Cohen from Augusta (and of course Tim and Marta Rangitsch and Ed Engler from Rapid City SD).

Bob Fourney showed up on the 400k route in his faired HPV. He wasn't riding the entire brevet because he was "tapering" for racing on an HPV team in RAAM a week hence.

We especially thank Carol Garnand for staffing a secret checkpoint on the Peak-to-Peak Highway (jct. routes 7 and 72) - the snacks were a real hit with the riders, plus a chance to catch your breath for a moment.

(Photos to follow!)

- John Lee Ellis

300km Brevet -- 15 May 2004 -- Chatfield - Black Forest

RUSA# Time    Rider
2317 12:26 Aranda, Jasmine
12:35 Bennett, Kathryne
11:00 Caruso, Scott *
12:17 Chaffee, Carol
2401 13:20 deRosset, William *
153 12:34 Ellis, John Lee
2486 13:59 Engler, Ed
1576 12:17 Favreau, Robin
2434 11:15 Flanigan, John
1471 12:17 Foley, Paul
890 10:45 Fourney, Bob
2643 12:17 Gallo, Felix
2207 13:52 Gillespie, Michael
1060 13:10 Grealish, Chris
6 13:39 Henderson, Charlie
2298 13:49 Hiebert, Doug
1003 14:35 Higgins, Kerry
2313 10:50 Howe, James
dnf Jeter, Lukas
10:50 Kalisch, Tim
13:37 Knoblauch, Tom
12:17 Kraychy, Jim
1635 10:18 Kroonenberg, Stuart
1800 12:44 Lewis, Norman
1741 12:34 Mack, Jerry
2610 12:34 Manke, Jason
11:20 McDonald, Sargent
2299 12:17 Phelps, Val
1895 13:59 Rangitsch, Tim
1896 13:59 Olson-Rangitsch, Marta
12:00 Simmons, Alan
1503 14:12 Simmons, Eric
1842 12:17 Smith, Vernon
2248 14:06 Van Meter, Erika
* New to brevet series!
Chilliest 300k Yet?

A couple days after a spring snow, 33 riders started on this year’s 300km. As day dawned somewhere close to Sedalia, the frost on cars and fenceposts was a sign that temps were still on the cool side. It made for a “refreshing” ride.

Winds came up and skies darkened mid-ride, in the Black Forest area. Snowcovered Pike's Peak shown a baleful light across the landscape, but aside from a sprinkle of rain and sleet, riders, though wind-buffeted, stayed dry, and enjoyed a talewind most of the way back from Palmer Lake.

- John Lee Ellis

Pikes Peak outbound ...

Pikes Peak return.

Flèche -- 8 May 2004 -- Colorado Front Range Flèche

Team Prairie Dog - 224 Miles
1927  Elmblad, John *
153 Ellis, John Lee (captain)
46 Hughes, John

Team Pika - 308 Miles

Chaffee, Carol *
1471  Foley, Paul (captain)
Kraychy, Jim *

Team Falcon - 231 Miles

410 Baranczyk, Merle *
1800  Lewis, Norman *
1503 Simmons, Eric (captain) *

* First flèche!
Biggest Flèche Yet!

Under fine, mild weather conditions, 3 flèche teams took to the field, one more than in 2003 and two more than in 2002.

The teams' routes were quite distinct in character. Team Prairie Dog used a variant of past years' foothills-hugging routes. Team Pika did some altitude work, up Lefthand Canyon to the Peak-to-Peak Highway, then forayed far out onto the Plains - they get the awards both for max altitude and max distance! Team Falcon started near Falcon (east of Colorado Springs), and rode an almost exclusively deep Plains route through Limon, Last Chance, and Fort Morgan - they get the award for fewest trees.

The Pikas and Prairie Dogs crossed paths at Glen Haven, and while glad to see each other, were disappointed to miss the cinnamon rolls that had drawn them - as the Glen Haven Store was not yet open for the season. The Falcons and Prairie Dogs shared a common destination and finishing time (8am at Superior) and so enjoyed a celebratory breakfast together.

The Pikas and Prairie Dogs had shared a concern that the falcon is a raptor, but in the end, all riders finished unscathed - prey and predator alike!

- John Lee Ellis  

Prairie Dogs

200km Brevet -- 2 May 2004 -- Horsetooth - Poudre Canyon - Stove Prairie

RUSA# Time  Rider
2317 8:20 Aranda, Jasmine
410 8:09 Baranczyk, Merle
8:15 Bennett, Kathryne
7:34 Benoit, Diane *
356 9:10 Billingsley, Ken
1762 8:38 Boethling, Fred
8:15 Boyle, Tom
9:40 Busch, Mike *
9:40 Cavner, Blair *
6:45 Chaffee, Carol
153 7:55 Ellis, John Lee
2486 9:00 Engler, Ed
1576 8:09 Favreau, Robin
2434 7:42 Flanigan, John
1471 7:18 Foley, Paul
2032 8:09 Foss, Tom
890 6:49 Fourney, Bob
2643 dnf Gallo, Felix
2207 9:38 Gillespie, Mike
1060 6:45 Grealish, Chris
8:09 Gudis, Aimee *
7:45 Hallam, Eric *
8:05 Hart, John *
2298 8:15 Hiebert, Doug
1003 9:40 Higgins, Kerry
2313 7:00 Howe, James
46 9:18 Hughes, John
11:01 Jeter, Lukas
7:00 Kalisch, Tim
9:00 Knoblauch, Tom
7:18 Kostner, Barbara *
6:45 Kraychy, Jim
1635 7:00 Kroonenberg, Stuart
1800 8:38 Lewis, Norman
2145 10:50 Long, Beth
1741 7:34 Mack, Jerry
2610 7:35 Manke, Jason *
9:10 Mayer, John C. *
7:00 McDonald, Sargent
2129 10:50 Myers, Brent
2299 8:09 Phelps, Val
8:09 Prendergast, Mike
1895 9:55 Rangitsch, Tim
1896 9:55 Olson-Rangitsch, Marta
8:30 Rice, Kelly
6:45 Simmons, Alan
1842 7:18 Smith, Vernon
8:15 Zeisig, Theo *
* New to brevet series!
Toughest 200k Yet?

Under sunny skies, a lush, green landscape and mild temps welcomed 53 riders on the first brevet of the season. This was comparable to last year’s high ridership, and most everyone had a great time. John Hughes praised the scenic value and rural quietude of 122 miles of the course, the balance (three miles) consisting of the 12%-15% grade to Stove Prairie, which got everyone’s attention. So did the over-6,000-ft. elevation gain.

This is the first time in a couple of years that we could use the Stove Prairie Road and the first time to throw in the Horsetooth Centennial Road to boot. After the stiff climb, riders especially enjoyed the 10 miles of new, smooth asphalt on the descent to Masonville.

Two tandems and one HPV were in the rider mix, including tandem team Tim and Marta Rangitsch for their second brevet season from Rapid City SD (along with their friend Ed Engler), and Bob Fourney in his faired recumbent, for which he said this hilly course was not optimal, but which did not keep him from posting his usual fast time.

How much does finishing time tell? Luke Jeter came in at 11h1m … but that included an "intermission" to bike over to a time trial in Hygiene, race that, then bike back to the brevet route and finish the brevet!

RMCC president Charlie Henderson graced the ride start in jeans, as he’d gotten back the night before from race training in Mallorca, and was kind enough to see come see us off.

- John Lee Ellis

Robin Favreau, Val Phelps, Mike Prendergast, and John Hart at the summit

Before the dive into Masonville ...

Populaire Results

Colorado Brevet Series -- Populaire Results

 October 2 -- 125km -- Apple Valley
RUSA# Time Rider
3:53Chaffee, Carol
4:37Erickson, Karl
20325:00Foss, Tom
23133:39Howe, James*
3:39Kellagher, Bill*
3:53Kraychy, Jim
4:31McCamman, Dan
11405:48Noris, Peter
3:52Simmons, Alan
4:15Snavely, Henry

It was a fine, clean, crisp fall day after the usual weekly torrential rains, at least for 2004, for the club’s first ever October populaire. The smell of sage on US 36 and the fall colors of Apple Valley made for a pleasant ride.

Peter Noris, retiring Central/South Florida brevet administrator and a new rider to the club, missed the Mead checkpoint and the turn to CR13 and continued straight towards Kansas. When he discovered his error, he was so diligent that he retraced the route to get his brevet card signed in Mead.

- Tom Foss

* James Howe reached the finish line in 3h31m, Bill Kellagher in 3h29m, and are credited with the minimum allowable finishing time. (Note: the brevet cards incorrectly listed the minimum finishing time.)    - JLE

 September 11 -- 125km -- Copper Triangle
RUSA# Time Rider
4:57Chaffee, Carol
5:59Foss, Tom
4:13Gregory, Robin
6:20Harris, Nick
66:26Henderson, Charlie
4:20Kellagher, Bill
4:57Kraychy, Jim
4:20Rosenthal, Harris
5:00Snavely, Henry

A brilliant start to the fall foliage on a brilliantly sunny day in the mountains!

 July 18 -- 108km -- Airport Loop
RUSA# Time Rider
20324:14Foss, Tom
3:12Hornick, John
3:13McDonald, Sargent
3:15Prendergast, Mike

First time running this ride as a populaire. Thanks to Tom Foss for leading it!

 April 24 -- 120km -- Lyons - Ward - Estes Park
RUSA# Time Rider
22075:59Gillespie, Mike
5:41Michel, Mark
22995:45Phelps, Val
4:23Simmons, Alan

The day after a foot or more of snow blanketed the Front Range, hardy riders enjoyed a sunny ride but a cold one above 9,000 ft., which this Populaire reached twice (at Ward and Wind River Pass, near Estes Park).

 April 11 -- 120km -- Exit 255 - Horsetooth - Fort Collins - Windsor loop
RUSA# Time Rider
4:18 Benoit, Diane
4:18 Billings, Marland
5:11 Boyle, Tom
4:18 Chaffee, Carol
1576 5:11 Favreau, Robin
2207 5:11 Gillespie, Mike
4:18 Kraychy, Jim
5:11 Myers, Brent
22995:11 Phelps, Val
4:18 Simmons, Alan
5:11 Zeisig, Theo

A crisp but sunny outing for the eleven finishers, the day after half a foot of new snow!

 April 4 -- 120km -- Northglenn - Keenesburg and back
RUSA# Time Rider
23174:50 Aranda, Jasmine
3:35 Benoit, Diane
3:35 Billings, Marland
3:45 Boyle, Tom
4:15 Byrne, Jason
3:35 Caruso, Scott
3:30 Chaffee, Carol
14713:35 Foley, Paul
20323:55 Foss, Tom
3:35 Froelich, David
10603:35 Grealish, Chris
3:30 Gregory, Robin
4:00 Gudis, Aimee
4:10 Hart, John
3:30 Herzberger, Matt
10035:00 Higgins, Kerry
22514:50 Jagoda, Jack
3:30 Kalisch, Tim
4:05 Knoblauch, Tim
3:35 Krosnowski , Audrey
3:30 Kraychy, Jim
18004:16 Lewis, Norm
3:35 Liedtke, Brian
4:15 Mayer, John
3:35 Miller, Bob
22993:35 Phelps, Val
18423:35 Smith, Vernon
4:20 Snavely, Henry
4:01 Zeisig, Theo

Big turnout on a nice spring day for our first Populaire, with 29 finishers, many of them riding together at quite a brisk pace (18 finishing the 72 miles in under four hours).  Thanks to Val Phelps for leading this Populaire.