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2007 Brevet Series Results

200km - May 5   |   200km - May 12   |   Flèche - May 12   |   300km - May 19   |   300km - May 26   
400km - June 2   |   600km - June 2   |   1000km - June 2   |   600km - June 16   |   400km - June 16   |   1000km - June 16
Peak-to-Peak 300k (was Grand Loop) - July 7   |   200km - July 28   |  Black Forest (was Denver-Aspen) 300k - Aug 4   |  200k - Sept 22

Results Certification
For ACP-sanctioned events (all of our brevets, plus the Flèche and Last Chance) our results postings are technically preliminary -
indicated by "§" below - pending certification from the ACP.
Consult the RUSA Result Processing Status for ACP certification and other processing status.
You can find your certification numbers at RUSA Results Search.


2007 Brevet Series in Review

110 cyclists participated in one or more brevets or populaires, down from 147 the prior year (half of this decrease due to no Last Chance 1200k this year). The table below shows the rides and their ridership:
LengthTypeRoute’07 Date 200720062005200420032002200120001999
116kmpopulaireKeenesburg8-Aprx4328 29x17---
120kmpopulaireHorsetooth15-Apr4428x 112813---
120kmpopulaireEstes Park28-Apr282821 418x---
200kmbrevetStove Prairie5-May505852 535639241619
200kmbrevetKersey - Hudson*12-May24--------
24 hrflècheFront Range12-May1249 975---
300kmbrevetBlack Forest19-May414835335022191216
400kmbrevetDevil's Gulch*16-Jun5--------
600kmbrevetDevil's Gulch16-Jun242414 2140108521
1000kmbrevetLefthand - Ft. Morgan16-Jun11 3341---
300kmbrevetGrand Loop**7-Jul112217 13863--
125kmpopulaireBarr LakeJul--- 4-----
1000kmbrevetLefthand-Ft. Morgan15-Jul-x1------
200kmbrevetBlack Forest 28-Jul19821 20-----
300kmbrevetDenver-Aspen***4-Aug111822 1721----
200kmbrevetDurango*12-Aug-14- ------
1200kmrandonnéeLast Chance13-Sep-3432 14-134--
125kmpopulaireCopper Triangle16-Sep-x179x11---
200kmbrevetStove Prairie22-Sep211915 15201213--
125kmpopulaireApple Valley7-Oct7514 10-----
Totals  353376351 305293166804373
Distinct Riders   110147 134 115 92     
“-” = not scheduled  “x” = cancelled  * = new for 2007
** Peak-to-Peak substituted (construction),  *** Black Forest substituted (construction)
   Thank you for riding with us. We hope they've been satisfying for you, and that 2008 will offer you further chances for personal accomplishment and comaraderie with others.

Some highlights from this year:

  • Colorado Front Range Flèche – Resurgence of participation: three teams, four riders apiece.
  • PBP Qualifying Brevets – Added second 200k (Kersey-Hudson), second 300k (Black Forest), 600k option to 400k date and vice versa. No Peak-to-Peak 300k in August because of PBP.
  • Paris-Brest-Paris – Reasonably-sized cadre, 22 starters (but down from 28 in 2003) and a finishing rate on par with US finishing rate (and better for rookies).
A Special Thanks to our Volunteers – RMCC President Charlie Henderson, who ran the summer Black Forest 200k and 300k; RMCC secretary Tom Foss, who handled registration for the entire series; and Jim Kraychy who ran some of the populaires.

200km -- 22 September 2007 -- Stove Prairie - Poudre Canyon - Horsetooth §
RUSA# Time   Rider
8:06Aleda, Kathryn *
7:05Bartow, Don *
6:46Benoit, Diane
45199:19Cochenour, John
1537:21Ellis, John Lee
8:10Guastella, Keith *
31479:47Foss, Ronaele
32307:56Hoff, Peter
7:21Howe, James
6:15Kalisch, Tim
24446:56Knoblauch, Tom
45857:52Koenig, Andrea *
28566:15Kraychy, Jim
9:53Levine, Anna *
24428:36Nawrocki, Dave
14687:24Rapp, Brian **
6:15Rudolph, Steve
45288:30Shields, Dan
35517:55Snavely, Henry
7:52Struzeski, Kevin
45729:53Sutton, Leslie *
* First 200k!
** First Colo. Brevet!
Fastest (and Sunniest?) 200k Yet!

A record 21 starters basked in brilliant sun ... as they proceeded to scorch the course. The fastest riders broke the previous course record (6:22 in 2005), and most everyone had quite a good day.

Gold-flecked foliage just beginning to turn at lower elevations punctuated the course, and the crystal clear air made everything seem clean and bright. Once again Ronaele Foss's husband Paul graciously provided assistance, in the form of chilled water at Stove Prairie, all the more welcome after baking up the strenuous 14-mile climb.

Quite a contrast to the chill, showery, windy, and sleet-prone conditions of last May's Stove Prairie 200k.

A big welcome to the six riders doing their first brevet ever, and to veteran endurance cyclist Brian Rapp, who just moved here from California. We were also joined by three Paris-Brest-Paris '07 finishers (Brian, Tom Knoblauch, and JLE), who precisely a month before were zeroing in on the finish line at St. Quentins-en-Yvelines!

A final congratulations to everyone riding the 2007 brevets on what we hope was a successful, fun, and rewarding season.

- John Lee Ellis

Brian Rapp, Paul Foss, and Andrea Koenig
at Stove Prairie

Jim Howe, John Lee Ellis, Diane Benoit, Don Bartow, Brian Rapp,
Tom Knoblauch, and Jim Kraychy at finish

300km -- 4 August 2007 -- Black Forest §
RUSA# Time   Rider
193614:38Abernathy, Stacy
440513:20Banks, Debra
425713:20Cooper, Lara
314715:40Foss, Ronaele
90814:39Fox, Mike
47112:16Fulton, Mike
106012:16Grealish, Chris
443313:20Loflin, Sandra
355510:22Knoblauch, Tom
358912:25Nansel, Alan
293614:38Tankovich, Bill
* First 200k!
Latest Black Forest 300k Yet!

For several of the 11 starters, this was their last tune-up before Paris-Brest-Paris. The Black Forest route is the closest we have to PBP's, much more similar than the Denver-Aspen 300k it substituted for this year (because of construction on US-285).

Tom Knoblauch continued his fine form and brisk pace, while Mike Fulton and Chris Grealish rode in together in a show of camaraderie typical of PBP.

- John Lee Ellis

200km -- 28 July 2007 -- Black Forest §
RUSA# Time   Rider
28446:17Dodge, Tim
31479:40Foss, Ronaele
20329:15Foss, Tom
9089:35Fox, Mike
6:17Kalisch, Tim
35556:48Knoblauch, Tom
28546:17Kraychy, Jim
21458:08Long, Beth
21298:08Myers, Brent
9:11Newton, Gerry
9:11Parry, Diana
8:58Pflug, Sandy
7:02Rosenthal, Harris
11:01Saranson, Jay *
456311:01Steenburg, Pat *
7:02Shannon, Kelly
9:14Stanford, David *
29937:58Wiss, Dick
* First 200k!
Mildest Black Forest 200k Yet!

Of 19 starters, 18 finished the only exception occasioned by a mechanical problem. Despite at times very ominous looking dark areas of sky, riders stayed dry rather than drenched and temps were moderate for late July. Thanks go to Paul Brown, the husband of rider Ronaele Foss, who provided ice and cold water to everyone at the checkpoints, while supporting his wife.

Special thanks to Tom Foss for leading this one.

- John Lee Ellis

300km -- 7 July 2007 -- Peak-to-Peak §
RUSA# Time   Rider
15313:56Ellis, John Lee
90816:42Fox, Mike *
12:13Gordon, Sean *
355512:13Knoblauch, Tom *
244216:00Nawrocki, Dave *
* First Peak-to-Peak 300k!
Hottest, Most Rider-Winnowing Peak-to-Peak 300k Yet!

Of 11 starters, only 5 finished this extended jaunt at altitude - a 55% dropout rate unprecedented for this or any brevet. May 26th's Peak-to-Peak had offered about the best weather we've had for the Peak-to-Peak 300k, which is usually held in August, where the big challenge is to get to Estes Park ahead of the monsoon, and then get through the baking Plains.

The July edition provided very mild, breezy conditions at altitude on the Peak-to-Peak Highway, even up to the two 9,100-foot summittings, and later on some fairly broiling temps beyond Platteville. From that Platteville vantage point, more than one rider was eyeing the storms a-brewing in the foothills and envying the shade they provided ... which did reach them, albeit at the price of wind, squalls, and generally tumultuous weather. (The image of whitecaps on Baseline Lake in Boulder stands out.)

Special thanks to Sean Gordon from Phoenix and John Dilsaver from SW Missouri for joining us. To all appearances, Sean had a great time, finishing first with Tom Knoblauch, while John praised the challenging but scenic mountainous segments, and put in a worthy effort.

- John Lee Ellis

P.S. This Peak-to-Peak was substituted for the Grand Loop because of repaving on Trail Ridge Road. Contrary to expectations, it proved to be at least as tough!

1000km -- 16 June 2007 -- St. Vrain Canyon - Devil's Gulch - Ft. Morgan - Big Thompson §
RUSA# Time   Rider
Windiest 1000k Too! (See 600k.)

Of the 1 rider who started this 1000k, one deserves special mention: Tom Reeder ventured from Alexandria VA and fresh from a successful, PBP-qualifying SR series there to tune up for PBP. Tom enjoyed the St. Vrain Canyon climb and the sublime views above Estes Park despite oxygen challenges, and enjoyed the prairie, too. (Do we see a possible Last Chance 1200k candidate?) Tom rode a full 600k, to Wiggins, before declaring his full quotient of fun, so a big commendation to Tom, and we hope to see him in future!

- John Lee Ellis

400km -- 16 June 2007 -- St. Vrain Canyon - Devil's Gulch §
RUSA# Time   Rider
20:05Pogorelz, Robert
311217:56Rupel, Ray
361520:32Sauve, Robert
16:35Shannon, Kelly *
17:03Young, David *
* First 400k!
Windiest 400k Too! (See 600k.)

Of the 5 riders on this 400k, they naturally shared the collective experience of those on the first loop of the 600k (below). But riders like Kelly Shannon, upping the distance ante from his Denver-Aspen Classic and Peak-to-Peak 300k experience, seemed remarkably to have enough steam left to battle the big winds in for the home stretch.

- John Lee Ellis

600km -- 16 June 2007 -- St. Vrain Canyon - Devil's Gulch §
RUSA# 400k Time   Rider
193620:5035:25Abernathy, Stacy
41017:3131:13Baranczyk, Merle
81822:0434:30Barday, Robert
425716:2531:22Cooper, Lara *
161816:2531:00Crossland, Ann
15316:2531:22Ellis, John Lee
79619:3933:50Farnsworth, Rex
147118:5035:11Foley, Paul
90822:5538:37Fox, Mike
47115:4024:48Fulton, Mike
619:4034:15Henderson, Charlie
323017:3131:02Hoff, Peter
443017:3431:22Jilka, Mark *
355515:2826:13Knoblauch, Tom
360018:4430:25Koenig, Gary
270820:3639:26Leinhart, Larry *
167917:3131:13Mangin, John *
20:3639:32McLaughlin, Bill *
184218:4535:11Smith, Vernon
355117:4633:55Snavely, Henry
293620:5035:25Tankovich, Bill
34119:1830:55Werner, Glen
299319:5128:20Wiss, Dick
201519:0334:14Wong, Felix
* First 600k!
Windiest 600k Yet!

Of the 24 riders on this 600k, some were wondering: What was that nice wind wafting us up St. Vrain Canyon, and not turning to a headwind in the face of Longs Peak and Meeker? Smart riders opted for Glen Haven's tasty cinnamon rolls before facing what turned out to be at times a wall of wind heading south from Windsor to Louisville on the first loop. The second loop had less wind but more heat, 100 degrees in Greeley and a record 97 at DIA. Speedsters like Mike Fulton followed by Tom Knoblauch missed that treat, as they finished before dawn..

A special thank-you to Ray Rupel who rode the 400k event (having already ridden the 600k on June 2), and then drove back up to Kersey to help out riders through the night. That's the randonneur spirit!

- John Lee Ellis

1000km -- 16 June 2007 -- Lefthand Canyon - Ft. Morgan - Big Thompson §
RUSA# Time   Rider

No registrants for this one.

600km -- 2 June 2007 -- Lefthand Canyon §
RUSA# Time   Rider
311226:59Rupel, Ray
Most Thunderstorm-Free 600k Yet?

Stay tuned for details!.

- John Lee Ellis

400km -- 2 June 2007 -- Lefthand Canyon §
RUSA# Time   Rider
193620:28Abernathy, Stacy
41018:05Baranczyk, Merle
81822:15Barday, Bob
425715:49Cooper, Lara *
15315:49Ellis, John Lee
79619:49Farnsworth, Rex
147116:27Foley, Paul
203218:14Foss, Tom
90822:25Fox, Mike
47114:02Fulton, Michael
16:27Hallam, Eric
619:52Henderson, Charlie
323016:36Hoff, Peter
355514:02Knoblauch, Tom
360015:19Koenig, Gary
270817:23Leinhart, Larry
452516:27Liekdke, Brian
167916:40Mangin, John *
21:55McLaughlin, Bill
358917:19Nansel, Alan
18:04Pogorelz, Robert
361520:25Sauvé, Robert
184216:27Smith, Vernon
355117:44Snavely, Henry
293620:28Tankovich, Bill
17:17Valdez, Michael *
34118:05Werner, Glen
299315:19Wiss, Dick
19:11Wong, Felix *
* First 400k!
Most Thunderstorm-Free 400k Yet!

31 starters headed out on this green, mild 400k. There was a bit of ground fog to start but great weather at altitude. The afternoon brought a widespread smattering of showers (not forecast), but no big thunder.

- John Lee Ellis

300km -- 26 May 2007 -- Peak-to-Peak §
RUSA# Time   Rider
440617:05Busch, Mike *
240112:45deRosset, William
15312:30Ellis, John Lee
360012:14Koenig, Gary *
14:05Marwitz, Curtis *
17:05McLaughlin, Bill *
14:09Nading, Jeffrey *
361514:12Sauvé, Robert *
12:59Shannon, Kelly *
355714:15Snavely, Henry
447513:36Wimmer, Steve *
13:35Young, David *
* First Peak-to-Peak 300k!
Mildest, Driest Peak-to-Peak 300k Yet!

Of 13 starters, 12 finished this extended jaunt at altitude. It was about the best weather we've had for the Peak-to-Peak 300k, which is usually held in August, where the big challenge is to get to Estes Park ahead of the monsoon, and then get through the baking Plains. The price to pay was some early-morning chill climbing Coal Creek Canyon.

For most riders, it was their first Peak-to-Peak 300k, and some opined this was a nice time of year to run it.

- John Lee Ellis

300km -- 19 May 2007 -- Black Forest §
RUSA# Time   Rider
193614:35Abernathy, Stacy
41012:29Baranczyk, Merle
81815:35Barday, Bob
425711:41Cooper, Lara *
9:27Edwards, Billy *
15311:59Ellis, John Lee
79613:13Farnsworth, Rex
9:27Feldman, Tim
147111:18Foley, Paul
203213:39Foss, Tom
90815:35Fox, Mike
4719:27Fulton, Michael
11:18Hallam, Eric
613:19Henderson, Charlie
323012:50Hoff, Peter
231310:28Howe, James
443015:20Jilka, Mark *
10:18Kalisch, Tim
35559:37Knoblauch, Tom
360011:41Koenig, Gary
14:20Kone, Michael *
163510:28Kroonenberg, Stuart
270811:30Leinhart, Larry
167912:14Mangin, John *
15:25McLaughlin, Bill *
10:40Miller, Tim
214515:00Myers, Beth
212915:00Myers, Brent
358912:29Nansel, Alan
244215:20Nawrocki, Dave *
311211:30Rupel, Ray
361512:19Sauvé, Robert
452814:05Shields, Dan *
184211:18Smith, Vernon
355112:23Snavely, Henry
30915:50Staggs, Ben
293614:35Tankovich, Bill *
11:30Valdez, Michael
34113:13Werner, Glen
299311:41Wiss, Dick
14:07Wong, Felix *
* First 300k Brevet!
Greenest Black Forest 300k Yet!

All41 starters finished admirably. It was some of the best weather we've had for the Black Forest 300k: sunny, dry, mild, with a tailwind outbound yet limited headwind on the way back. There were some gusts, sprinkles, and showers at the very finish for some riders, a bit of spice for an otherwise spotless event. It also offered some of the lushest landscapes, after a showery spring and snowpacked winter.

As you see from the results, there were a fair number of first-timers at this distance: congratulations to you all! For a few of you, it was a warm-up for the Peak-to-Peak 300k the next weekend (stay tuned!).

- John Lee Ellis

Flèche -- 12 May 2007 -- Colorado Front Range Flèche  §
Team Prairie Dog - 228.1 Miles
818  Barday, Bob (3)
153 Ellis, John Lee (captain) (6)
796 Farnsworth, Rex (5)
6 Henderson, Charlie (5)

Team Falcon - 241.1 Miles
2866  Jeter, Lukas *
4433 Loflin, Sandra *
3108 Shenk, Catherine *
1503 Simmons, Eric (captain) (3)

Team Antelope - 238 Miles
471  Fulton, Mike *
3555 Knoblauch, Tom (captain) *
Pogorelz, Robert *
3551 Snavely, Henry *

* First flèche!
(x) xth flèche!
Widest-Ranging Flèche Yet!

Three four-rider teams started and completed this year's flèche, up from one the year before. And seven of the twelve riders were flèche rookies! In fact, one whole team, Team Antelope, was composed entirely of rookies! Reasonable to very good weather graced this year's flèche, a good thing considering how ride-ranging the routes were: from Falcon outside of Colorado Springs to Rawlins, Wyoming.

Team Antelope's plans to cross the Snowy Range were stymied because the road was still closed for the winter, so they had to settle for an arc around the range, through Laramie, and with a final hump over Horsetooth Reservoir. True to their name, they were accosted by an antelope leaping up to join them and, fortunately, veering off at the last minute.

Team Falcon chose its traditional low-tree-count route, starting in Falcon, and passing through Limon, Last Chance, and Brush.

Team Prairie Dog also followed it's traditional Front Range route, and also as usual, was disappointed to find the Glen Haven store was not opening until the following Saturday - another flèche sans cinnamon rolls!

- John Lee Ellis  

200km -- 12 May 2007 -- "Kersey Kick" §
RUSA# Time   Rider
19368:55Abernathy, Stacy
44069:10Busch, Mike
9:16Cochenour, William
9:55Cochenour, John
24016:50deRosset, William
29008:34Dick, Nathan
14716:50Foley, Paul
20328:34Foss, Tom
9089:17Fox, Mike
26437:55Gallo, Felix
10606:50Grealish, Chris
32307:5Hoff, Peter
36007:4Koenig, Gary
44048:11Kone, Michael *
42489:17Liden, John
9:30McLaughlin, Bill *
31998:50Odorizzi, Greg
9:55Rohling, Jeromy *
36158:11Sauvé, Robert
29368:55Tankovich, Bill
3418:50Werner, Glen
29937:4Wiss, Dick
* First Brevet!
Straight to Summer - Fast, Flat, and Windy!

Out of 24 starters, there were 22 official finishers. In marked contrast to the cool and threatening (shower, sleet, and hail) conditions of the previous Saturday's 200k, this one was sunny, toasty, windy, and far less "grade-challenged." No cattle guards, either, but more feedlots.

Early riders posted really good times, including Will deRosset, the compleat randonneur, in company of Chris Grealish, on the march back from triumphs at BMB'02 (first finisher), PBP'03 (second American rider to cross the finish line), Ride Around Oregon (placing third), and the brutal XX Alps ultra-event ... plus the unflappable Paul Foley who simply rides strongly and manages to finish as far near the front as he pleases.

Most of the field had great conditions the first half, but battled fierce Plains headwinds, abetted by storm cells, after Kersey and Hudson.

Some riders apparently couldn't get enough of the 200k experience, having also ridden the hilly, showery 200k the week before: Gary Koenig, Dick Wiss, and Larry Leinhart.

As 200k rides were soaking up the sun, I wonder if they reflected on the Fleche riders starting from Wyoming, Colorado Springs, and the local area, on their on, quite different mission that weekend, and finishing Sunday morning. (See their report here!)

This is the first time running this route as a 200k brevet: it is based on the second loop of our 600k, and has more recently been offered as a Permanent Brevet, the "Kersey Kick."

A big thanks goes to RMCC Secretary and Brevet Series registration tsar Tom Foss who managed this 200k, and provided the registered riders with rider/address/RUSA# labels as were available on some of last year's brevets.

- John Lee Ellis

200km -- 5 May 2007 -- Horsetooth - Poudre - Stove Prairie §
RUSA# Time   Rider
19369:21Abernathy, Stacy
1568:55Augenstein, Larry
44058:57Banks, Debra *
4109:20Baranczyk, Merle
81810:27Barday, Bob
7:39Benoit, Diane
8:57Bodeux, Reynald
440610:37Busch, Mike
42578:13Cooper, Lara *
24017:45deRossett, William
28446:43Dodge, Tim
1538:25Ellis, John Lee
7969:13Farnsworth, Rex
7:15Feldman, Tim *
24347:58Flanigan, John
14717:58Foley, Paul
90811:35Fox, Mike
4716:33Fulton, Michael
7:57Hallam, Eric
8:38Haskins, Josh *
69:20Henderson, Charlie
358511:37Herget, Scott
28669:21Jeter, Lukas
6:33Kalisch, Tim
35558:27Knoblauch, Tom
36008:10Koenig, Gary
28566:33Kraychy, Jim
16357:15Kroonenberg, Stuart
27087:42Leinhart, Larry
44338:13Loflin, Sandra *
16798:25Mangin, John *
8:38Marwitz, Curtis *
41928:0Michel, Mark
21458:57Myers, Beth
21298:57Myers, Brent
8:38Nading, Jeffrey *
35898:57Nansel, Alan
24429:37Nawrocki, Dave *
8:27Pogorelz, Robert
31128:50Rupel, Ray
36159:15Sauvé, Robert
18427:57Smith, Vernon
35518:58Snavely, Henry
30910:27Staggs, Ben
29369:21Tankovich, Bill
7:42Valdez, Michael
44758:8Wimmer, Steve *
29938:10Wiss, Dick
7:58Young, David *
* First Brevet!
Broodingest 200k Ever!

Out of 50 starters, there were 49 official finishers. This strong turnout seemed itself remarkable, given the dour weather forecast, threatening skies, and a number of riders awakening to showers where they live. As riders climbed the spine of the Horsetooth hogback, they could gaze across at a dark purple cloudmass glowering back at them. Fortunately, our normal, foothills route took us in the other direction.

Most riders descended Stove Prairie through an assortment of rain, sleet, and hail, but for many, that was about it in terms of precip. A few less lucky got really soaked later on. But the weather only enhanced the lush green canyons and hillsides, our wet spring and snowy summer making for an almost Scottish Highlands landscape.

Welcome new riders Debra Banks, Lara Cooper, Tim Feldman, Josh Haskins, Sandra Loflin, Jeff Nading, John Mangin, Curtis Marwitz, Dave Nawrocki, Steve Wimmer, and David Young.

Thanks to all who came out for this overheating-free climbfest ... and a special thanks to Will deRossett who pre-rode the route and then acted as the LaPorte checkpoint on event day, looking convincingly official.

- John Lee Ellis

Populaire Results

116km - April 8   |   122km - April 15   |   121km - April 28   |   129km - October 8

129km -- 8 October 2007 -- Apple Valley
RUSA# Time   Rider
3:50Groves, Tom
3:50Kalisch, Tim
35553:56Knoblauch, Tom
28563:50Kraychy, Jim
5:27McGuire, Mike
21454:30Myers, Beth
21294:30Myers, Brent
A Crisp but Colorful Farewell!

7 riders, including two first-timers to randonnées, had a nice, colorful ride up Apple Valley - numbers trimmed by a chilly forecast, but those who came out got quite a treat!

Thanks to Jim Kraychy for leading this one!

- John Lee Ellis

121km -- 28 April 2007 -- Lefthand - Estes Park - Big Thompson
RUSA# Time   Rider
19367:03Abernathy, Stacy
5:12Benoit, Diane
5:00Caruso, Scott
5:35Cohen, Brian
6:14Griffin, Greg
35554:40Knoblauch, Tom
16795:47Mangin, John
6:37Newton, Gerry
31994:31Odorizzi, Greg
6:44Parry, Diana
5:49Pogorelz, Robert
4:40Rudolph, Steve
5:03Sietsma, Mary
35515:50Snavely, Henry
29367:03Tankovich, Bill
6:28Ursich, Eric
44755:30Wimmer, Steve
A Further Big Climb into Spring!

Out of 28 starters, there were 17 official finishers. A tough, scenic ride, as you can see from Jim Kraychy's 2006 photo on the home page. Fortunately the weather cooperated on this blockbuster populaire, and riders could test themselves to their hearts' content.

Thanks to Scott Caruso for stepping in at the last minute and leading this one!

- John Lee Ellis

122km -- 15 April 2007 -- Horsetooth - Ft. Collins - Windsor
RUSA# Time   Rider
19365:43Abernathy, Stacy
5:00Adams, John
6:46Avritt, Bob
44066:46Busch, Mike
44055:30Banks, Debra
42355:43Brown, Timothy
5:33Cochenour, John
5:30Cochenour, William
29005:09Dick, Nathan
28443:58Dodge, Tim
3:58Ellis, Randy
4713:58Fulton, Michael
44255:43Heck, Ken
3:58Kalisch, Tim
4:00Katz, Sy
35554:25Knoblauch, Tom
28563:58Kraychy, Jim
44335:10Loflin, Sandra
5:16Newton, Gerry
31994:10Odorizzi, Greg
5:19Parry, Diana
5:37Rohling, Jeromy
3:58Rudolph, Steve
35425:15Russon, Rick
5:44Sharp, Darrin
5:20Shields, Daniel
35515:38Snavely, Henry
3095:32Staggs, Ben
29365:43Tankovich, Bill
5:23Ursich, Eric
5:32Weber, Carl
5:10Whiteman, Steve
Big Bounce Back into Spring!

Balmier weather welcomed 44 riders (32 finishers) on the scenic, hilly, but not too punishing Horsetooth populaire! This is a big jump in ridership from last year, accentuated perhaps by the snow-out of the previous weekend.

A waftingly favorable wind outbound - which everyone enjoyed - bulked up to a stiff headwind on the Plains return segment. For anyone who thought Horsetooth's Centennial Drive hadn't built enough character, the homebound wind was there to fill the gap.

We especially welcome newcomers to the populaires and those of you who've just joined Randonneurs USA - you can see your name listed in the next issue of American Randonneur, the RUSA newsletter.

Thanks to Dan Shields for leading this one in fine fashion. Let's hope the good weather and good ridership continue!

- John Lee Ellis

116km -- 8 April 2007 -- Ft. Lupton - Keenesburg - Brighton
RUSA# Time   Rider
--- Cancelled ---
A Wintry Start to the Populaires!

Freezing rain, freezing fog, icy roads, and snow flurries nixed our first populaire of the season. This meteorological reception was right in line with a wintrier than average Front Range winter.

Thanks to Tom Foss for preparing for and standing ready to lead this populaire!

- John Lee Ellis