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2009 Brevet Series Results

Stove Prairie 200km - Apr 18   |   Kersey Kick 200km - May 2   |   Flèche - May 7   |   Black Forest 300km - May 16   |  
400km - June 6   |   600km - June 20   |   1000km - June 20
400km - July 25   |   600km - July 25   |   1000km - July 25    |   Peak-to-Peak 300k - Aug 8   |  Black Forest 200km - Aug 15
Last Chance 1200k - Sept 9-12   |  Stove Prairie 200k - Sept 19

Results Certification
For events sanctioned by Audax Club Parisien (noted below) our results postings are technically preliminary -
indicated by "§" below - pending certification from the ACP.
Consult the RUSA Result Processing Status for ACP certification and other processing status.
You can find your certification numbers at RUSA Results Search.


2009 Brevet Series in Review
Thank you for riding the brevets and populaires with us! We hope they've been satisfying for you, and that the 2010 Brevets will offer you further chances for personal accomplishment and comaraderie with others. This table shows the Brevet Series over time - rider detail at Consolidated 2009 Rider Results .
Length Type Route '09 Date 2009 2008 2007 2006 2005 2004 2003 2002 2001 2000 1999
103km populaire Lyons - Berthoud * 22‑Mar 50 - - - - - - - - - -
106km populaire Carter Lake 5‑Apr x 16 - - - - - - - - -
116km populaire Keenesburg 6‑Apr - 26 x 43 28 29 x 17 - - -
120km populaire Horsetooth 19‑Apr 19 28 44 28 x 11 28 13 - - -
200km brevet Kersey - Hudson 2‑May 23 39 24 - - - - - - - -
200km brevet Arizona-NM 20‑Apr - 7 - 10 10 - - - - - -
120km populaire Estes Park 26‑Apr - 6 28 28 21 4 18 x - - -
200km brevet Stove Prairie 18‑Apr 21 41 50 58 52 53 56 39 24 16 19
24 hr flèche Front Range 7‑May 8 19 12 4 9 9 7 5 - - -
300km brevet Black Forest 16‑May 30 21 41 48 35 33 50 22 19 12 16
300km brevet Peak-to-Peak *** 26‑May - - 13 - - - - - - - -
400km brevet Lefthand 6‑Jun 25 15 31 35 29 28 42 14 8 10 17
600km brevet Lefthand - Kersey 6‑Jun 0 2 1 - - - - - - - -
1000km brevet Lefthand - Ft. Morgan 6‑Jun 0 1 - - - - - - - - -
400km brevet Devil's Gulch 20‑Jun 0 2 5 - - - - - - - -
600km brevet Devil's Gulch - Kersey 20‑Jun 18 10 24 24 14 21 40 10 8 5 21
1000km brevet Devil's Gulch - Ft. Morgan 20‑Jun 1 0 1 1 3 3 4 1 - - -
300km brevet Grand Loop 12‑Jul - 11² 22 17 13 8 6 3 - -
125km populaire Barr Lake Jul - - - - - 4 - - - - -
1000km brevet Lefthand-Ft. Morgan 25‑Jul 4 - - x 1 - - - - - -
600km brevet Lefthand - Kersey * 25‑Jul 4 - - - - - - - - - -
400km brevet Lefthand * 25‑Jul 6 - - - - - - - - - -
300km brevet Denver-Aspen 28‑Jun - 9 11¹ 18 22 17 21 - - - -
300km brevet Coffee Cup Classic * 19‑Jul - 4 - - - - - - - - -
200km brevet Durango 12‑Aug - - - 14 - - - - - - -
300km brevet Peak-to-Peak 8‑Aug 13 10 10 11 10 12 - - - - -
200km brevet Black Forest 15‑Aug 5 6 19 8 21 20 - - - - -
1200km gr. randonnée Last Chance 9‑Sep 36 39 - 34 32 14 - 13 4 - -
125km populaire Copper Triangle 16‑Sep - - - x 17 9 x 11 - - -
200km brevet Stove Prairie 19‑Sep 16 16 21 19 15 15 20 12 13 - -
125km populaire Apple Valley 2‑Oct x 15 7 5 14 10 - - - - -
Totals   279 319 353 376 351 305 293 166 80 43 73
Distinct Riders   114 121 110 147 134 115 92        
“-” = not scheduled this year “x” = cancelled  * = new this year  *** Offered for PBP.
¹ Black Forest substituted (construction)
² Peak-to-Peak substituted (construction)
³ Woodland Park 272km substituted (construction)

Some highlights from this year:

  • Super-Randonneurs - 23 riders earned Super-Randonneur status (a first for eight of these riders), a record by a long shot for a non-PBP year.
  • New Event - The new March Lyons-Berthoud Populaire was added and proved, well, popular!
  • 400k and 600k rides were added to the July 1000k to make for great 400k / 600k / 1000k weekend.
  • Grand Loop and Denver-Aspen moved to the RMCC Triple Crown.
  • Colorado Last Chance 1200k – Excellent support, good ridership and finishing rate, and possibly the best weather ever!
A Special Thanks to our Volunteers
  • RMCC Secretary Tom Foss, registration;
  • RMCC Treasurer John Klever, membership and finance;
  • Last Chance staff: RMCC President Charlie Henderson (Trail Boss), Jim Kraychy, Eric Simmons, Bobbi Foliart, Tim Feldman, Patricia Heller, and Dan Shields;
  • Eric Simmons - Black Forest brevets;
  • Dan Shields, Tim Feldman and Catherine Shenk who ran the populaires;
  • Catherine as well as Michelle Grainger who spoke at our REI seminars.

Bonne route and see you next year!

200km -- September 19 -- Stove Prairie Clockwise  § ACP
RUSA# Time   Rider
7:59Dulapa, Mark *
1537:48Ellis, John Lee
54366:35Horwood, Joshua
38988:53Hunley, Fred
pend.7:48Jones, Lloyd
54719:20Nakamura, Tammie
9:20Newton, Gerry
7:40Pflug, Sandy
14688:53Rapp, Brian
6:25Rudolph, Steve
45728:53Sutton, Leslie
8:53Takahashi, Irene
7:48Yant, Jane *
35907:59Whitley, Robert
29936:56Wiss, Dick
* first brevet!
Mildest Stove Prairie Yet?

16 starters and 15 finishers had great conditions - mild, unwindy weather, a fitting contrast to the first brevet of the year, Stove Prairie Counterclockwise, graced by a low cloud ceiling and freezing fog!

Brian Rapp and Fred Hunley finished up their 2009 Super Randonneur series by this ride. Fred, from Midland, Texas, rode brevets from all over to complete his SR series - we're glad he joined us for the wrap-up!

- John Lee Ellis

Fred Hunley, Leslie Sutton, Irene Takahashi, and Brian Rapp at the finish!

Jane Yant and Rob Whitley all smiles atop Stove Prairie!

1200km -- September 9 -- Colorado Last Chance  § RM, ACP
RUSA# Time   Rider
Nicest Last Chance Weather Yet!

36 starters and 32 finishers had great conditions - mild temps, mild winds (except at the very front)! Dense fog on day 2 (a new phenomenon for the Last Chance) was the only trying note, weather-wise, for most folks.

I will expand this reportage, but for now you can find rider times and results on the Last Chance Rider Progress page.

- John Lee Ellis

Leaving Kansas - on to Idalia!

Welcome to Colorful Colorado!

200km -- August 15 -- Black Forest
RUSA# Time   Rider
81810:27Barday, Robert
7:32Jones, Lloyd
150310:27Simmons, Eric
14687:30Rapp, Brian
18427:30Smith, Vernon
Driest Black Forest 200k Since 2007!

5 starters and 5 finishers had great conditions - mild, unwindy weather, a big switch from the 10th Anniversary 200k a year ago, which was a sogfest start to finish. 20% of the riders (Bob Barday and Eric Simmons) were on tandem, so statistically a tandem-friendly course!

A big thanks to Eric Simmons for leading this one!

- John Lee Ellis

300km -- August 8 -- Peak-to-Peak  § ACP
RUSA# Time   Rider
14:19Caldwell, Christie *
15314:25Ellis, John Lee
15:05Haskins, Josh
458512:54Koenig, Andrea
14:00Osborne, Maria *
146814:19Rapp, Brian
12:37Rudolph, Steve
310814:25Shenk, Catherine
355115:40Snavely, Henry
513916:15Takahashi, Irene
14:19Tapp, Anne *
356314:24Whiteman, Stephen
* first brevet!
Greenest Peak-to-Peak Yet!

13 starters and 12 finishers had great conditions for this year's Peak-to-Peak - sunny, mild, temps in the 80's. While these were not bad finishing times, they included 40+ minutes waiting for a train to unblock the road at Pinecliffe on the Coal Creek Canyon road. It was small comfort that this enforced leisure was graced by tranquil mountain scenery.

Congratulations to all the finishers and a special welcome to Title IX cyclists Christie Caldwell, Maria Osborne, and Anne Tap! They and Josh Haskins were riding their first 300k brevet.

- John Lee Ellis

Meeker Peak from the Peak-to-Peak Highway -- Stephen Whiteman photo

400k (600k (1000km)) -- July 25 -- St. Vrain Canyon - (Kersey - (Ft. Morgan - Devil's Gulch)) § ACP
RUSA# Time   Rider (400k)
81823:46Barday, Robert
243416:00Flanigan, John
90823:46Fox, Mike
150323:46Simmons, Eric
513918:46Takahashi, Irene **
356318:46Whiteman, Stephen **
** First 400k!

RUSA# 400k Time   Rider (600k)
581718:2032:51Grainger, Michelle **
581818:2032:51Le Goff, Steve **
146816:0035:05Rapp, Brian
457218:4635:36Sutton, Leslie **
** First 600k!

RUSA# 400k 727k Time   Rider (1000k)
236218:4642:0063:09Barnell, Brenda
15316:2338:3560:40Ellis, John Lee
157618:4642:0063:09Phelps, Robin

Most Complexion-Friendly 400k/600k/1000k Yet!

Above-average humidity, coupled with refreshing sheets of rain on Day 1 and Day 3, plus the caresses of dense fog on Day 2, made for a dermatalogically nourishing experience for the baker's dozen randonneurs who headed out on these events!

At these distances, everyone qualifies as an accomplished randonneur. A few notes:

  • Michelle Grainger, Steve Le Goff, and Leslie Sutton completed their first 600k and thus their first Super-Randonneur series and are also now qualified for the Last Chance 1200k!
  • By completing the 400k, Stephen Whiteman is also now a Super-Randonneur and Last Chance qualified.
  • Irene Takahashi rode her longest brevet to date. All the more an accomplishment as it followed a recovery from ortho surgery earlier in the year.
  • Robin Phelps and Brenda Barnell of the Lone Star Randonneurs graced us with their visit after warming up on the Houston-Bandera 1000k earlier this year. When she lived in Durango, Robin took time out from her ultra running events to ride brevets with us.
  • Curt Marwitz rode 400k of the 1000k option - his longest ride to date. Curt rode well but mechanical difficulties sidelined this effort - still showing randonneur spirit!

    And in that spirit, a hearty congratulations to all of you! These events were as intended, a challenge to be met, and you have done so!

    - John Lee Ellis

400k, 600k, and 1000k riders share a moment out of the rain. L-R: Irene Takahashi, Leslie Sutton, Robin Phelps, Brenda Barnell. Stephen Whiteman photo. 

1000km -- June 20 -- St. Vrain Canyon Canyon - Ft. Morgan - Devil's Gulch § ACP
RUSA# 400k 727k Time   Rider
146816:5740:2462:50Rapp, Brian
Greenest 1000k, Too!

Sole starter Brian Rapp enjoyed fairly comfortable conditions - avoiding the sweltering and/or stormy conditions that can dog the 1000k some years.

This is not Brian's first 1000k. But thanks to riding last year's flèche and PBP'07, this 1000k qualified him for the prestigious ACP Randonneur 5000 award - congratulations, Brian!

- John Lee Ellis

Brian is congratulated by Buster at the finish.  

600km -- June 20 -- St. Vrain Canyon Canyon  § ACP
RUSA# 400k Time   Rider
440519:5434:45Banks, Debra
290017:4736:20Dick, Nathan
15317:5033:20Ellis, John Lee
481916:1533:20Feldman, Tim
243417:4233:00Flanigan, John
323017:4635:00Hoff, Peter
513320:5836:20Isham, Rick *
458517:4935:00Koenig, Andrea *
563219:5434:40LeBlanc, Todd *
214517:5434:45Myers, Beth
212919:5434:45Myers, Brent
17:4633:36Pogorelz, Robert
184215:4728:03Smith, Vernon
355117:1032:57Snavely, Henry
356317:5036:04Whiteman, Stephen *
299315:4730:38Wiss, Dick
* First 600k!
Greenest 600k Yet!

18 starters and 16 finishers experienced the transition from spring to summer in the course of this solstice 600k. Thanks to record spring wetness, it was the greenest 600k yet. Saturday started out overcast and showery, a continuation of our spring. But morning fog on Sunday burnt off to reveal summer-strength sun and breezes (headwinds, of course!).

Congratulations to all the finishers but especially to first-timers Rick Isham, Andrea Koenig, Todd LeBlanc, and Stephen Whiteman!

- John Lee Ellis

Lush foothills viewed from the second loop.  Michelle Grainger photo

400km -- June 6 -- Lefthand Canyon  § ACP
RUSA# Time   Rider
16:15Bachman, Greg **
440520:14Banks, Debra
81823:23Barday, Robert
290018:41Dick, Nathan
15318:29Ellis, John Lee
481915:16Feldman, Tim
541717:50Grainger, Michelle **
323017:41Hoff, Peter
513321:04Isham, Rick **
458517:41Koenig, Andrea
563218:48LeBlanc, Todd **
541817:50LeGoff, Steve **
266420:14Milton, Tom *
17:50Pogorelz, Robert
146816:15Rapp, Brian
310818:29Shenk, Catherine
184216:14Smith, Vernon
355119:21Snavely, Henry
457222:45Sutton, Leslie **
299315:16Wiss, Dick
* First Colo. Brevet!
** First 400k!
Mildest 400k Yet?

25 starters and 20 finishers enjoyed a continuation of this spring's mild weather. But for once it was actually dry! Deb Banks brought along a guest from the Bay Area, Tom Milton - thanks for joining us, Tom.

We would especially like to congratulate first-time 400k finishers Greg Bachman, Michelle Grainger, Rick Isham, Andrea Koenig, Todd LeBlanc, Steve Le Goff, and Leslie Sutton!

- John Lee Ellis

Paul Foley descends to Peaceful Valley under the snowy Indian Peaks.

300km -- May 16 -- Black Forest  § ACP
RUSA# Time   Rider
368915:26Adler, Audrey *
12:38Bachman, Greg **
290015:26Dick, Nathan
15313:00Ellis, John Lee
481912:38Feldman, Tim "Foon"
243413:15Flanigan, John
541713:00Grainger, Michelle
557213:28Henderson, Michael *  **
323012:59Hoff, Peter
548915:45Holton, Leslie
513315:26Isham, Rick
458512:59Koenig, Andrea
563214:10LeBlanc, Todd
541813:00LeGoff, Steve
167912:38Mangin, John
547116:40Nakamura, Tammie **
15:15Pogorelz, Robert
146812:38Rapp, Brian
310813:00Shenk, Catherine
150316:07Simmons, Eric
184213:15Smith, Vernon
355115:37Snavely, Henry
299312:59Wiss, Dick
* First Colo. Brevet!
** First 300k!
Most Wind - Period - on a Black Forest 300k!

Finally, some dry, sunny weather ... but at a price! A good turnout of 30 riders started out - including visitor Audrey Adler from Los Angeles - who'd already finished her 600k in San Diego in April and completed last year's toasty Cascade 1200.

What riders had to contend with was the WIND roaring down off the Palmer Divide. It's nice when this builds up later in the day, making for a tailwind, but a punishing single-digit mph slog for hours when it arrives in the morning as it did this year. Congratulations to everyone who took this breezy challenge!

And a special note of thanks to Eric Simmons, who led this ride in his typical deluxe-support fashion! Reminiscent of Eric's support on last year's Last Chance, riders have written in with tales of how this trying brevet was enhanced by Eric's attitude and motivating words of wisdom. Thank you, Eric.

- John Lee Ellis

Eric Simmons, gracious ride leader, sharing a moment with Buster the Dog, upon finishing his 1000k last year.

Flèche -- 7-10 May 2009 -- Colorado Front Range Flèche  § ACP   
Team Deer with Headlights - 227.8 Miles
3108  Shenk, Catherine (captain) (3)
153   Ellis, John Lee (7)
5417   Grainger, Michelle (2)
5418   Le Goff, Steve (2)
3358  Courtney, Greg *

Team Sage Grouse ** - DNF
4585  Koenig, Andrea (exec. captain) *
4819  Feldman, Tim "Foon" *
  Shafer, Josh *

* First flèche!
(x) xth flèche!
** New flèche team!
Wettest, Dirtiest Flèche Yet!

Team Deer with Headlights was back for their second year with three of the original five members, plus our guest Greg Courtney from Iowa (who finished our 400k and Last Chance 1200k last year), and erstwhile Team Prairie Dog captain John Lee Ellis. After a bracing climb of Stove Prairie, it was pretty smooth sailing out onto the Plains under cool but sunny skies, the rain only moving in towards nightfall.

Team Sage Grouse was instituted and bequeathed a route by spiritual captain Will deRosset who in the end could not ride because of family commitments. He missed watching his team toil over his mainly-dirt "Red Dirt Randonnée" 200k permanent route before calling it a day because of a rider's knee problems. Mile for mile, the dirtiest and highest "quality" route of any flèche team yet!

- John Lee Ellis  

Team Deer with Headlights at the sunny start and the rainy finish!  M. Grainger photos

200km -- May 2 -- Kersey Kick  § ACP
RUSA# Time   Rider
44059:35Banks, Debra
81810:30Barday, Robert
7:28Berger, Carola
451910:25Cochenour, John
452710:15Cochenour, Will
24019:00deRosset, William
29008:52Dick, Nathan
1537:49Ellis, John Lee
48197:28Feldman, Tim "Foon"
14717:49Foley, Paul
50259:28Groat, David
54178:48Grainger, Michelle
32307:29Hoff, Peter
51338:52Isham, Rick
28669:28Jeter, Lukas
45857:28Koenig, Andrea
54188:48LeGoff, Steve
54718:52Nakamura, Tammie
7:39Pogorelz, Robert
31087:49Shenk, Catherine
150310:30Simmons, Eric
18427:49Smith, Vernon
35518:57Snavely, Henry
35638:28Whiteman, Stephen
35908:07Whitley, Robert
Most Tailwind from Kersey Yet ... and Mainly Dry!

Another weekend, another return of the rainclouds. But a good turnout of 23 riders - including visitor Carola Berger from Boston - seemed ready for what the day had to offer.

With temps mainly in the 40's, hydration wasn't a problem. On a novel note, northeasterly winds made for an uncharacteristically nice return from Kersey (that plus one of their homemade burritos lending a great attitude adjustment). And in fact despite the threatening skies, riders didn't hit rain until the final half hour into the finish in Louisville.

Thanks to everyone for coming out, and hopefully we can break out the sunscreen pretty soon!

- John Lee Ellis

Andrea Koenig, Tim "Foon" Feldman, and Peter Hoff at the finish!.

More photos to come ...

200km -- April 18 (rescheduled for April 25) -- Stove Prairie
RUSA# Time   Rider
8:55Dean, Steven
1538:55Ellis, John Lee
48197:25Feldman, Tim "Foon"
24348:24Flanigan, John
314710:31Foss, Ronaele
54178:48Grainger, Michelle
442510:45Heck, Ken
32308:55Hoff, Peter
548910:28Holton, Leslie
54367:30Horwood, Joshua
7:25Kalisch, Tim
-85310:11Kestner, Marcia
56329:34LeBlanc, Todd
54188:48LeGoff, Steven
7:25Lowe, Mark
21459:50Myers, Beth
21299:50Myers, Brent
18428:24Smith, Vernon
35639:08Whiteman, Stephen
Most Brisk and Bracing Stove Prairie 200k Yet!

The forecast wasn't great - some drizzle and a shower or two, highs in the 50's. But that was overly optimistic! Instead, riders got temps in the 30's-40's, blowing fog and drizzle, and ice-coated pine needles at the high point. 21 riders started, a third of the normal turnout, and 19 finished.

Poudre Canyon was serene and almost traffic-free, dry and with a big tailwind. The final mile of the climb up to Stove Prairie was in a dense fog with a fierce headwind. One had to envision the sweeping curve of that section by memory - you could only see a few feet ahead. Our gracious volunteer Paul Brown informed us it was 33º - thanks, Paul!

Everyone can be proud of a good effort and pleased with the extra-credit challenge (above and beyond the stiff climbs) this edition of the Stove Prairie offered us!

- John Lee Ellis

The climb past Horsetooth dam #1 just disappears into the cloudbank ...

More photos to come ...

Populaire Results

121km -- 19 April -- Horsetooth
RUSA# Time   Rider
4:05Benoit, Diane
48194:06Feldman, Tim "Foon"
31476:50Foss, Ronaele
44255:17Heck, Ken
51335:32Isham, Rick
4:28Jensen, Keith
4:06Lowe, Mark
6:50Martin, Dan
4:05Marwitz, Curtis
4:05Nading, Jeffrey
4:33Pogorelz, Robert
14684:11Rapp, Brian
4:40Solman, Brent
35634:40Whiteman, Stephen
A Sunny Aftermath to Spring Snowfest!

A bright, sunny day and dry roads greeted the 19 starters and 14 finishers for this surprising weather turnaround! The previous couple of days had seen more than one foot to multiple feet of snow in the Denver metro area and foothills. But by Sunday morning, the plains roads in Larimer County were dry, allowing riders great conditions for viewing the big dump of snow reflecting the sun off the nearby foothills and Indian Peaks!

Thanks to Tim "Foon" Feldman for leading this Populaire - a nugget of spring in a very snowy April!

- John Lee Ellis

103km -- 22 March 2009 -- Lyons - Berthoud
RUSA# Time   Rider
4:15Althen, Eric
4:20Baker, Chris
4:05Boyle, Tom
3:50Butyn, Mike
4:08Carbon, Neal
3:25Christopher, Scott
45194:22Cochenour, John
45274:22Cochenour, Will
5:19Demirel, Belmo
5:27Dodge, Stephanie
1534:05Ellis, John Lee
48194:03Feldman, Tim "Foon"
4:08Fields, Wendy
4:08Fields, Ric
31474:32Foss, Ronaele
20324:09Foss, Tom
4:22Fox, Mike
4:03Gertler, Eric
4:43Gillespie, Doug
54174:05Grainger, Michelle
44254:32Heck, Ken
32303:59Hoff, Peter
4:22Holton, Andrew
4:22Holton, Leslie
51334:30Isham, Rick
3:24Kalisch, Tim
5:08Krimmel, Max
4:12Ledbetter, Scott
3:29Lowe, Mark
54184:05Le Goff, Steve
4:32Martin, Dan
3:26McDonald, Sargent
4:08Miller, Bryan
4:06Munson, Rolf
54715:00Nakamura, Tammie
4:09Palazzo, Dominic
4:15Pogorelz, Robert
54415:19Prudhom, Jon
54724:43Ross, Chip
3:24Rudolph, Steve
31084:05Shenk, Catherine
4:30Smith, Leroy
35514:34Snavely, Henry
45724:06Sutton, Leslie
51394:28Takahashi, Irene
4:19Ursich, Eric
35634:17Whiteman, Stephen
35914:55Whitley, Elizabeth
35904:55Whitley, Rob
4:08Wyatt, Jake
54794:05Yant, Jane
A Summery Start to the Populaires!

This populaire is new this year, and the earliest populaire or brevet ever (by one day). Thanks to Catherine Shenk for leading it!

Bright, warm, breezy weather graced this ride, and a record turnout of around 50 riders, 20 of them new! It's been a windy season, but fortunately the wind shifted with the riders, providing only the occasional headwind, and sunscreen was high on the list of essential supplies! Great to see so many new riders, and so many faces from previous seasons.

- John Lee Ellis