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2013 Results


Results Certification
For events sanctioned by Audax Club Parisien (all brevets except as noted below) our results postings are technically preliminary until certified by the ACP.
Consult the RUSA Result Processing Status for ACP certification and other processing status.
You can find your certification numbers at RUSA Results Search.

200km -- 5 October 2013 - Roggen Roundabout
RUSA# Time   Rider
1538:40Ellis, John Lee
7:19Guala, John
16798:42Mangin, John
552511:45Niedermier, Mark
31129:00Rupel, Ray
First Roggen Roundabout Brevet!

A cheerful ... but chilly! ... band of 5 starters and finishers started out in temps just below freezing for the inaugural Roggen Roundabout 200k brevet. It turned into quite a mild, sunny (but breezy!) day out on the plains.

This course comes from the Roggen Roundabout 205km RUSA Permanent, which has been in service since 2006 but never used for a brevet. It replaced the James Canyon Jaunt route originally scheduled. (Thanks to the flood, Lefthand Canyon much less Jamestown, are still impassable.) It is our easternmost 200k route.

- John Lee Ellis

Ray Rupel crosses I-76 at the Roggen checkpoint.

John Mangin looking cheerful at the Louisville finish.

200km -- 29 September 2013 -- Rawhide Ramble
RUSA# Time   Rider
7:20Guala, John
7:20Howell, Craig
56927:20Jones, Lloyd
56328:15LeBlanc, Todd
8:07Ledru, Pascal
60267:20Lowe, Mark
16798:06Mangin, John
10:28Sigmond, Bennett
First Rawhide Visit in Years!

A cheerful band of 9 starters and 8 finishers enjoyed a wonderfully mild, sunny day, with some windy sections on the way back from Rawhide.

This new course featured the first four climbs of Horsetooth Reservoir, a descent past the CSU stadium (new to the brevets), and a visit to windswept Rawhide Powerplant on Weld Co. Rd. 82, eleven miles from Wyoming. Years ago, some spring 200k's visited Rawhide, but this is our first visit in a decade!

This replaces the Stove Prairie (Clockwise), was scheduled for a week earlier, September 21. But the flood closed some roads on our route (most notably the Stove Prairie road). We spent that weekend putting together a new course and test-driving it (which made for more changes to dodge yet more county road closures). As we rode this new route, even a week later, we could see barricades on the original SP route.

- John Lee Ellis

Pascal LeDuc, John Mangin, and Todd LeBlanc as John patches a tube along the Devil's Backbone on Wild Lane.

Craig Howell, Mark Lowe, and Lloyd Jones at Rawhide plant overlook - John Guala photo.

200km -- 17 August 2013 -- Glen Haven Gallivant
RUSA# Time   Rider
1538:49Ellis, John Lee
14717:44Foley, Paul ®
31479:17Foss, Ronaele
6:42Guala, John
8:50Harris, Richard *
56927:57Jones, Lloyd
8:50King, Joshua *
35558:57Knoblauch, Tom
8:49Ledru, Pascal *
60266:36Lowe, Mark
9:12Medina, Marty
547111:53Nakamura, Tammie
552511:32Niedermeier, Mark
8:50O'Brien, Brendan *
13:00Patki, Satish **
8:49Pomares, Martha
146810:00Rapp, Brian
10:14Sigmond, Bennett
355110:00Snavely, Henry
9:57Stanton, Laurie
® Pre-Ride
* First Brevet!
** First Colorado Brevet!
Biggest Glen Haven Gallivant Turnout Yet!

A great turnout of 22 starters and 20 finishers enjoyed a dry, sunny day ... only a bit toasty on the final stretch. Of course there were also Glen Haven General Store cinnamon rolls to enjoy, which many riders apparently did, as the post-noon hour saw nearly half the ridership congregating together!

Note: Originally the Black Forest 200k was scheduled for this day, but we changed route to avoid potential runoff problems from the burn area.

A big thanks to Tammie Nakamura for collecting finishers' cards!

Tammie brought her friend Satish Patki to his first Colorado brevet. Satish organizes the brevets in India and is keen to see how we do things here. We also enjoyed meeting a number of other first-time riders, and hope they join us again!

- John Lee Ellis

Part of the big turnout at the start - Satish is 4th from left.

Mark Lowe on the Peak-to-Peak - John Guala photo.

200km -- 3 August 2013 -- Peak-to-Peak
RUSA# Time   Rider
632216:05Dean, Robert ®
15314:12Ellis, John Lee
890414:03Legan, Nicholas *
311212:30Rupel, Ray
® Pre-Ride
* First Brevet!
Stormiest Peak-to-Peak 300k Yet!

With 7 starters and 4 finishers, a rough day for sure! Riders enjoyed a nice ride up Coal Creek Canyon and up the Peak-to-Peak Highway to Glen Haven, but then the promised panoply of afternoon weather materialized - everything from dust- and sand-storms scouring riders into Platteville, 30-mph tailwinds heading west, and drenching rains graced by tornado warnings for the final stretch.

- John Lee Ellis

Storm clouds and dust on Rd. 20 in Weld County.

New randonneur Nick Legan warming up and drying off at the finish.

200km -- 27 July 2013 -- Vail Pass Volley
RUSA# Time   Rider
63229:53Dean, Robert
24347:50Flanigan, John
14717:50Foley, Paul
Highest 200k Brevet Yet!

A mere 3 riders enjoyed a fine day in the mountains on this inaugural Vail Pass Volley.

Thanks to Paul Foley for leading this ride. Have a look at his excellent pictorial ride report.

- John Lee Ellis

John Flanigan, Paul Foley, Bob Dean at the start.

John Flanigan heading back up to Vail Pass. Paul Foley photo

200km -- 13 July 2013 -- Golden Gate Gadabout
RUSA# Time   Rider
632212:05Dean, Robert
60267:01Lowe, Mark
10:13Parry, Robynne **
10:13Parry, Shawn **
9:06Rosenthal, Harris
7:20Rudolph, Steve
31128:42Rupel, Ray
** First Colo. Brevet!
Not very stormy GGG!

7 riders enjoyed a pretty nice day, despite the threat for afternoon storms, which didn't .

Welcome especially to Robynne and Shawn Parry, visiting from the Houston area. They were looking for an especially challenging ride in preparation for a triathlon they'll be doing in Canada. They loved the scenery and found the climbing useful.

- John Lee Ellis

Steve Rudolph, Mark Lowe, Harris Rosenthal, Robynne and Shawn Parry, Ray Rupel, Bob Dean.

Our visitors Robynne and Shawn Parry.

400km/600km -- 22 June 2013 -- St. Vrain Canyon
— 400km —
RUSA# Time   Rider
589719:11Cramer, Cathy

— 600km —
RUSA# 400k   Time   Rider
243418:1532:05Flanigan, John ®
147117:4232:56Foley, Paul
311217:3627:52Rupel, Ray
184217:4232:56Smith, Vernon
856422:1338:30Stanton, Laurie *
856516:2338:30Stanton, Mark *
* First 600k Brevet!
® Pre-Ride
Cosiest Solstice 400k/600k in Some Time!

11 starters and 6 finishers enjoyed quite reasonable weather for our high season 400k and 600k. It was mainly equipment problems that kept some from finishing, but kudos to everyone to showing up for this mileage-fest.

Special congratulations go to Laurie Stanton who's now earned her Super Randonneur status in her first season of randonneuring. And a special commendation to her husband Mark Stanton who stayed by her on the second loop ... on his first 600k. Both have been welcome additions to our rando family!

Many thanks to Brent and Beth Myers for leading this ride (and then falling prey to equipment problems!).

- John Lee Ellis

P.S. The 1000k had no registrants this year.

A nice day on the Peak-to-Peak.

A pleasant stop at the Meeker Park Lodge store, pine dust blowing in the background.

400km -- 8 June 2013 -- Lefthand Canyon
RUSA# Time   Rider
632221:00Dean, Robert
15317:46Ellis, John Lee
147117:46Foley, Paul
775118:14Griffith, Scott
442521:25Heck, Ken
206017:46Huber, Kerin **
355516:34Knoblauch, Tom
167916:34Mangin, L. John
547121:41Nakamura, Tammie
311216:34Rupel, Ray
627618:34Shlachter, Jeremy
856420:06Stanton, Laurie *
856516:34Stanton, Mark
* First 400k Brevet finish!
** First Colo. Brevet!
Mildest, Greenest Lefthand 400k in Some Time!

16 starters and 13 finishers enjoyed an overall splendid spring day, mild from start to finish and verdant with our spring rains.

We would especially like to congratulate Laurie Stanton on her first 400k. We also had the pleasure of a visit from Kerin Huber, who organizes a number of brevets for the PCH Randonneurs (Los Angeles region), and is a veteran of many a distance cycling event including multiple 1200k's.

- John Lee Ellis

Jeremy Shlachter, Laurie Stanton, John Manging, Kerin Huber, Tom Knoblauch, Mark Stanton, Paul Foley and Vernon Smith at Niwot.

Jeremy Shlachter and Kerin Huber climbing Lefthand Canyon.

300km -- 18 May 2013 -- Cripple Creek - Pine Junction
RUSA# Time   Rider
147116:01Foley, Paul
627618:36Shlachter, Jeremy
310816:01Shenk, Catherine
184216:01Smith, Vernon
Cheeriest Cripple Creek 300k Yet?

Many thanks to Vernon Smith for designing, leading and riding this third CC 300k!

Some remarks from Vernon:

"The weather was just about perfect. Knee warmers, arm warmers and vest to the top of Ute Pass (9,165 feet) worked well for me. Then add gloves for the typically very cold Twin Rocks Road/CR 1 section to Cripple Creek. Then might as well keep them on for the descent from top of the Cripple Creek hill (over 10,000 feet) to Divide. Then you can shed some clothes for the section down to Deckers (5,600 feet) and then the two significant climbs out of Deckers to Pine Junction. More climbs and descents back to Deckers and Woodland Park. We left Woodland Park (8,200 feet) around 6:30 PM so I put jacket, vest, gloves and skull cap on to stay warm until the lowlands of Colorado Springs (6,400 feet).

"I know more riders could complete the brevet if they were willing to drive from Denver and spend a longer than usual time in the saddle for a 300km brevet. But on a day like we had, it is well worth it."

- Vernon Smith

Vernon Smith sporting his Colorado High Country jersey and Catherine Shenk near Cripple Creek.

Vernon Smith and Paul Foley on the Deckers road in front of Pikes Peak.

400km/600km -- 18 May 2013 -- Jamestown - Raymond

— 400km —
RUSA# Time   Rider
335017:30Courtney, Greg
243417:30Flanigan, John
15:45Howell, Craig *
563218:13LeBlanc, Todd
602613:10Lowe, Mark
856515:27Stanton, Mark *
* First 400k Brevet!

— 600km —
RUSA# 400k   Time   Rider
589717:5029:10Cramer, Cathy
15317:4232:23Ellis, John Lee
314719:3635:15Foss, Ronaele
355516:1527:40Knoblauch, Tom
167917:4528:56Mangin, L John
547120:4735:46Nakamura, Tammie
355118:4535:53Snavely, Henry
Most Temperate Jamestown-Raymond 400k/600k Yet!

After a mild start, near 60°, temps stayed mild all day, with a front passage to cool things off. A few snowbanks left in Raymond. We welcome our friend Greg Courtney, Iowa RBA and veteran of our Lefthand 400k and the Flèche.

Many thanks to Tammie Nakamura for collecting the control cards at the finish!

- John Lee Ellis

John Flanigan, Greg Courtney, and Todd LeBlanc in their 1200k jerseys.

A few snowbanks still left near Raymond.

300km -- 11 May 2013 -- Jamestown - Raymond
RUSA# Time   Rider
11:13Benoit, Diane
11:13Bodeux, Reynald
589713:05Cramer, Cathy
632215:35Dean, Robert
15312:37Ellis, John Lee
243412:04Flanigan, John
385613:09Handy, Leslie
442516:00Heck, Kenneth
872913:09Hueckman, Jill *
355513:40Knoblauch, Tom ®
563213:00LeBlanc, Todd
60269:19Lowe, Mark
167911:52Mangin, L John
547116:01Nakamura, Tammie
842411:13Sarten, Mike
355114:04Snavely, Henry
856415:26Stanton, Laurie *
856511:13Stanton, Mark *
230712:45Walsh, Bryce **
12:45White, Andy *
12:45White, Kami *
® Pre-Ride
* First 300k Randonnée!
** First Colo. Randonnée!
First Jamestown-Raymond 300k Ever!

22 starters and 21 finishers had a fine, fresh day to ride, the lush green of the fields against the backdrop of ice cream white mountains, sporting new fresh layers from the week. This new course substituted for the traditional Black Forest route, as road construction had made it impassable, with no feasible re-route.

Temps were mild all day, with a few sprinkles in St. Vrain Canyon and a few passing showers towards Loveland and Hygiene. Only a few snowbanks left in Raymond. For a number of riders, their first 300k, and we welcome veteran rando Bryce Walsh who's moved here from Chicago.

Many thanks to Tammie Nakamura for collecting the control cards at the finish!

- John Lee Ellis

Snowy Longs and Meeker above green meadows.

The Raymond Store with snowmobile under wraps.

Flèche -- 3-4 May 2011 -- Colorado Front Range Flèche  § ACP   
Team Deer with Headlights - 232 Mi.
3108  Shenk, Catherine (6) - Captain
6764   Bachman, Greg *
5417   Grainger, Michelle (3)
5418   Le Goff, Steve (3)

Team Limousin ** - 233.5 Miles
2129  Myers, Brent (3) - Captain
2145   Long, Beth (3) - Captain
6322   Dean, Robert *
7751   Griffith, Scott *

* First flèche!
(x) xth flèche!
** New flèche team!

Driest Flèche in Years?

Another 100% finishing rate! Chilly weather this year, but after a snowy, rainy, and generally wet spring, a dry flèche.

  • Team Deer with Headlights rode a variant of their foothills route topping out at Stove Prairie.
  • Team Limousin rode a big arc loop east of Denver and out on the plains.
Both teams were all smiles at the finish - congratulations!

- John Lee Ellis  

Scott Griffith, Beth Long, Brent Myers, Bob Dean, Catherine Shenk, Michelle Grainger, Greg Bachman, Steve Le Goff.

200km -- 27 April 2013 -- Stove Prairie
RUSA# Time   Rider
67647:47Bachman, Greg
7:16Benoit, Diane
7:24Bodeux, Reynald
785111:10Brackbill, Matt **
632210:00Dean, Robert
732011:25Droege, David
63796:08Edwards, Billy
1539:12Ellis, John Lee
14717:47Foley, Paul
86959:40Freeman, Jay
38567:47Handy, Leslie **
442510:30Heck, Kenneth
7:30Horwood, Josh
87297:47Hueckman, Jill *
56329:19LeBlanc, Todd
214510:48Long, Beth
16797:12Mangin, L John
212910:48Myers, Brent
547111:20Nakamura, Tammie
552510:20Niedermier, Mark
7:47Nourse, Patrick
14689:19Rapp, Brian
6:42Rudolph, Steve
84247:47Sarten, Mike
7:16Schaefer, Tim
62769:51Shlachter, Jeremy **
86948:20Sendor, Jon
8:20Shannon, Kelly
31087:47Shenk, Catherine
18427:47Smith, Vernon
35519:52Snavely, Henry
85649:29Stanton, Laurie
85657:24Stanton, Mark
7:15Stingley, Seth *
* First 200k Randonnée!
** First Colo. Randonnée!
Most Brilliantly Sunny Stove Prairie in Years!

34 starters and finishers had a glorious day to ride, six days after another April snow dump. As a result, sun and temps into the 70's put everyone in shorts and shirtsleeves, Poudre Canyon and Stove Prairie put snowy remnants on display in the northfacing shadows. And the trickling runoff aside the Stove Prairie north face were a fresh, calming note to those toiling up the grade. Plenty of signs, alas, of last summer's fire.

Many thanks to Tammie Nakamura for collecting the control cards at the finish ... and to Brent Myers for the giant writing implement.

- John Lee Ellis

Jeremy Shlachter surmounts another stiff climb into a stiff headwind above Horsetooth Reservoir.

200km -- 20 April 2013 -- Falcon-Limon-Kiowa
RUSA# Time   Rider
63229:52Dean, Robert
84248:14Sarten, Mike
18427:52Smith, Vernon
85657:34Stanton, Mark
62349:02Warm, Ted
Most Fortunate FLK 200k Yet?

6 starters and 5 finishers enjoyed an as-always-challenging but this time snow-flurry-free Falcon-Limon-Kiowa 200k. This after a foot of heavy spring snow only five days before!

Many thanks to route designer and dependably cheery Vernon Smith for putting together and leading this event.

- John Lee Ellis

200km -- 13 April 2013 -- Drake Doubleback
RUSA# Time   Rider
6:43Benoit, Diane
8:11Bodeux, Reynald
58978:34Cramer, Cathy
63229:52Dean, Robert
1538:36Ellis, John Lee ®
14717:36Foley, Paul
314710:39Foss, Ronaele
86957:36Freeman, Jay *
54178:12Grainger, Michelle
6:39Groves, Tom *
44259:55Heck, Ken
32309:00Hoff, Peter
6:42Howell, Craig *
8:11Jensen, Keith
35558:20Knoblauch, Tom
54188:12Le Goff, Steve
84988:13Lien, John *
60266:15Lowe, Mark
16797:36Mangin, L John
547110:53Nakamura, Tammie
552510:25Niedermier, Mark
[7873]8:12Nourse, Patrick
86748:12Peacey, Kendrew *
70456:56Pfeil, Mark
6:39Rudolph, Steve
84249:21Sarten, Mike *
6:43Schaefer, Tim
11:15Sirmond, Bennett *
35518:51Snavely, Henry
85656:42Stanton, Mark
8:06White, Andy *
8:06White, Kami *
® Pre-Ride
* First 200k Randonnée!
Mildest and Most Pleasant Drake Doubleback Yet?

32 starters and 31 finishers enjoyed a sunny, breezy, and sprinkle-free day for the first of season 200k brevet! Lots of first timers, as you can see by the asterisks to the left, so let's encourage them to come out for more.

Many thanks to the incontrovertible Tammie Nakamura, who got plaudits for her verve and style leading this event. Thank you so much, Tammie, as riders started their ride energized right out of the chute!

- John Lee Ellis

Steve Le Goff, Reynald Bodeux, Patrick Nourse, Michelle Grainger, Keith Jensen, and Kendrew Peaceay showing happy faces at the finish!

Populaire Results

125km -- 13 October 2013 -- Platteville Pirouette
RUSA# Time   Rider
4:18Barnes, Graham *
1535:35Ellis, John Lee
4:08Guala, John
5:35Hilligoss, David *
4:08Hulett, Jeffrey *
4:08Jones, Lloyd
4:08Ploransky, Jonathan *
4:08Reynolds, Troy *
5:35Sigmond, Bennett
85645:51Stanton, Laurie
4:08Zipler, Brian *
4:08Zitz, Walter *
* First Randonnée!
Beautiful Day for Inaugural Platteville Pirouette!

12 starters finishers enjoyed a mild, sunny, breezy day full of fall colors and carpets of green - thanks to our recent floods. This new course aimed to avoid post-flood problems in the western part of the county - where Lyons and Apple Valley are still closed to non-residents, nixing the traditional Apple Valley Populaire. All the same, riders still had to contend with two road blockages in Weld County. Fortunately, it didn't dent the enthusiasm!

Thanks to John Guala for introducing these events to more of his developing riders, who seemed to be enjoying this jaunt.

- John Lee Ellis

Approaching Platteville - John Guala photo

Laurie Stanton, Ben Sigmond, and Dave Hilligoss consulting the cue sheet in Platteville.

103km -- 7 April 2013 -- Carter Lake
RUSA# Time   Rider
77604:35Baker, Chris
63225:35Dean, Robert
1534:45Ellis, John Lee
5:30Elmendorf, Richard *
4:43Gerber, Carol *
11674:45Gooch, Terri
44254:44Heck, Ken
4:25Hillis, Jeff
4:31Jensen, Keith
56925:42Jones, Lloyd
85985:29Miller, Bryan Jon
54715:48Nakamura, Tammie
55255:48Niedermier, Mark
[7873]4:45Nourse, Patrick
4:13Pogorelz, Robert
14684:20Rapp, Brian
3:44Rudolph, Steve
84245:30Sarten, Mike
85644:47Stanton, Laurie
85654:25Stanton, Mark
86014:45Thomas, George
4:50Ursich, Eric
* First Randonnée!
Just Plain Nicest Carter Lake - Paradise Valley Populaire Yet?

25 starters and 24 finishers enjoyed a sunny, breezy, invigorating April day with some stiff headwinds thrown in just where you need them - climbing the Carter Lake switchbacks! A good turnout, and a fine air of camaraderie and fun.

Many thanks to our friend Tammie Nakamura, with her focused and inspirational ride-start remarks, and for quickly delivering the control cards for this posting!

- John Lee Ellis

Tammie Nakamura exhorting the ridership on a nice, sunny start!

Riders taking a break at the Carter Lake Marina store after whitecaps on Carter Lake and some interesting crosswinds.

103km -- 17 March 2013 -- Lyons - Berthoud
RUSA# Time   Rider
59675:00Cook, Brett
63225:08Dean, Robert
1534:36Ellis, John Lee
14713:25Foley, Paul
4:15Freeman, Jay
11674:36Gooch, Terri **
54174:36Grainger, Michelle
44255:00Heck, Ken
3:25Howell, Craig
32304:08Hoff, Peter
54184:36Le Goff, Steve
56923:25Jones, Lloyd
84984:37Lien, John K
85985:01Miller, Bryan Jon
4:32McClenahan, Chris *
76844:32McClenahan, Michelle
82225:00Mize, Vanessa *
54715:15Nakamura, Tammie
55255:12Niedermier, Mark
4:47Rosenthal, Harris
5:00Sandoval, Kelly *
84244:35Sarten, Mike *
76574:10Seiler, Joe
85644:35Stanton, Laurie *
85653:25Stanton, Mark
* First Randonnée!
** First Colo. Randonnée!
Blusteriest Lyons-Berthoud Yet?

27 starters and 25 finishers enjoyed a bracing ride with winds, and occasional cloud and sprinkles, funneled out of the mountains.

Many thanks to Last Chance veteran Tammie Nakamura, who did her usual excellent job leading this event!

- John Lee Ellis

Tammie Nakamura bracing against the breeze at the start. A good turnout despite the windy forecast!

Michelle Grainger and Steve Le Goff finish with Terri Gooch on her first Colorado randonnée.