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2014 Results


Results Certification
For events sanctioned by Audax Club Parisien (all brevets except as noted below) our results postings are technically preliminary until certified by the ACP.
Consult the RUSA Result Processing Status for ACP certification and other processing status.
You can find your certification numbers at RUSA Results Search.

200km -- 4 October 2014 -- Roggen Roundabout
RUSA# Time   Rider
1538:37Ellis, John Lee
48197:32Feldman, Tim
14718:37Foley, Paul
96038:37Fraser, Malcolm
54178:37Grainger, Michelle
6:33Greenfield, Jerry *
6:13Guala, John
99628:25Haugen, Timothy *
56926:13Jones, Lloyd
35558:16Knoblauch, Tom
45857:33Koenig, Andrea
54188:37LeGoff, Steve
60266:13Lowe, Mark
16798:37Mangin, L. John
6:13Ploransky, Jonathan
6:13Rudolph, Steve
35518:16Snavely, Henry
989910:55Stiasny, Matt *
* First 200k Randonnée Finish!
Nicest Conditions Ever on Roggen Roundabout!

19 starters and 18 finishers - another above-average turnout! - enjoyed brilliant, warm weather with only moderate breezes - on a course that can be very "wind-prone" - on our second Roggen Roundabout. What's more, half of our Roggen Roundabout riders also rode the Rawhide Ramble two weeks before.

Riders clumped together in a high-camaraderie quotient, thanks perhaps to the nice conditions and gentle terrain. One clump of riders could greet the next at checkpoints. We had the typical warm welcome at the Roggen store, folks who see us only sporadically and wonder where we've been.

It was not all roses, of course: we had to walk across a muddy ditch and contend with our recalcitrant cleats after that; some of us had thorn punctures; and then there was the roadwork pause on Kersey Road (Rd. 49). But that was mere spice to the ride on such a nice day.

I would like to thank all of you for coming out on these end-of-season 200k's, including some new riders whom we were glad to get to know and ride with!

- John Lee Ellis

Malcolm Fraser, Michelle Grainger, Steve Le Goff, Tim Haugen, and Henry Snavely in Roggen.

Paul Foley, Tim Haugen, Michelle Grainger, and John Mangin on Rd. 16.

Muddy shoes (from crossing a ditch).

John Mangin, Malcolm Fraser, Michelle Grainger, Steve Le Goff, Paul Foley, and Tim Haugen at finish.

200km -- 20 September 2014 -- Rawhide Ramble
RUSA# Time   Rider
77606:59Baker, Chris
59679:08Cook, Brett
1537:48Ellis, John Lee
7:25Emig, James
14717:34Foley, Paul
96039:30Fraser, Malcolm
6:59Guala, John
56927:03Jones, Lloyd
45857:26Koenig, Andrea
56328:45LeBlanc, Todd
90948:35Ledru, Pascal
16797:21Mangin, L. John
547110:28Nakamura, Tammie
6:59Ploransky, Jonathan
6:59Rosenthal, Harris
31128:19Rupel, Ray ®
18427:34Smith, Vernon
35519:55Snavely, Henry
® Pre-Ride
Nicest Conditions Ever on Rawhide Ramble!

19 starters and 18 finishers - an above-average turnout - enjoyed brilliant, warm weather with only moderate breezes on our third Rawhide Ramble. Every edition has had good weather, but today was especially nice, a summery last day of summer.

More than one rider could look back on his/her spring Rawhide Ramble, and think of the brevets and other events that lay in between, hopefully some combination of good, challenging, scenic, and fun!

- John Lee Ellis

An above-average turnout.

Three High Country 1200 veterans with their CHC jerseys: John Mangin (2014), JLE (2011), Todd LeBlanc (2012) - Paul Foley (photographer) and Vernon Smith also CHC veterans on the ride.

200km -- 16 August 2014 -- Black Forest
RUSA# Time   Rider
58978:53Cramer, Cathy
14718:40Foley, Paul
96039:35Fraser, Malcomb
98789:25Stiasny, Eric *
7:44Tasan, Murat
* First 200k Randonnée!
Nicest Conditions Ever on BF 200k?

Ride leader Paul Foley (thank you, Paul!) reports: "The Black Forest 200 km brevet saw six starters and five finishers enjoy a nearly perfect day. We started out with a bluebird day of a cloudless sky, but the temperature slow rose until it tickled just over ninety degrees. With essentially no wind to speak of, the numerous short climbs were at times rather warm. As the clouds gathered in the afternoon there was a slight suggestion of possible rain, but only one rider reported a few rain drops, and the rest of us were dry. Given the history of previous Black Forest brevets, this was perhaps the best day ever for a visit to the Black Forest. We were entertained by town festivals in Elbert and the Black Forest, and also saw up close the destruction of the forest fire of last year."

Riders at the start in Castle Rock.

Pikes Peak early in the ride.

Black Forest burn area.

Pikes Peak later in the ride.

300km -- 2 August 2014 -- Golden Gate - Lefthand
RUSA# Time   Rider
776012:59Baker, Chris
589714:55Cramer, Cathy
909414:21Ledru, Pascal
Inaugural Golden Gate - Lefthand 300k!

4 starters and 3 finishers enjoyed wonderful weather on the inaugural Golden Gate - Lefthand Canyon route. Temps turned chilly, in the 40's in the canyon and reaching the Peak-to-Peak, but warmed nicely into the 80's later.

Lefthand Canyon's dirt segments were a bit rough on bike and rider, but a pleasant venue in its own way.

- John Lee Ellis

Sunrise near Rocky Flats.

Lefthand Canyon at James Canyon on the "mixed terrain" segment.

200km -- 26 July 2014 -- Coal Creek Conundrum
RUSA# Time   Rider
24348:02Flanigan, John
35557:16Knoblauch, Tom
Inaugural Coal Creek Conundrum!

Two riders graced the inaugural Coal Creek Conundrum, a new route constructed to avoid certain flood-impacted highways. But riders enjoyed the route, despite the couple dozen dirt segments descending Lefthand Canyon.

John Flanigan writes: "It has been along time since I rode up Coal Creek and I had forgotten how long it is and how beautiful it is. I had not been on Lefthand since the floods and was amazed at the devastation. Just extraordinary how powerful the water must have ben to have moved some much earth."

- John Lee Ellis

John Flanigan, Cathy Cramer (doing a shorter ride), and Tom Knoblauch

1200km -- 15 July 2014 -- Colorado High Country 1200k
RUSA# Time Rider Locale  
740986:40Albershardt, AndyGunnison, CO
609082:42Baxter, DavidAustin, TX
769181:42Benson, BarryEllicott City, MD
5090dnfBevan, RolandBen Lomond, CA
735782:59Burke, Brian (1)Cumming, GA
912381:24Campbell, Dave (2)Victoria, BC, Canada
3846dnfConderacci, GregTowson, MD
746885:54DelNero, Gary (1)Leawood, KS
809381:52Dixon, EmmaSunnyvale, CA
809481:52Dixon, JonathanSunnyvale, CA
877086:21Ehlman, ThomasRochester, MN
147169:55Foley, PaulGolden, CO
330185:25Goursolle, KittySan Ramon, CA
18585:27Grabiak, LarryFort Myers, FL
6686:15Halay, JimEden, UT
738287:16Hartson, DavidShadow Hills, CA
706986:40Heller, LukeAsheville, NC
67985:42Himschoot, Ron (2)Seattle, WA
83:40Hoeltzenbein, PeterCalgary, AB, Canada
206083:40Huber, KerinPasadena, CA
959264:55Hulett, Jeffrey (1)Golden, CO
3067dnfIngold, JohnFlagstaff, AZ
2145dnfLong, BethDenver, CO
6026dnfLowe, MarkArvada, CO
167982:48Mangin, L. JohnLoveland, CO
2620dnfMatney, AndréaGlen Echo, MD
69:02Marion, Marcel (2)St-Michel-des-Saints, QC, Canada
930788:07Maytorena, Hector (1)San Diego, CA
504982:48Meade, Barry (1)Hopkinsville, KY
158381:10Metcalfe, Mark (3)Duncanville, TX
2129dnfMyers, BrentDenver, CO
191884:36Nemoto, Toshiyuki (2)Loveland, OH
457483:40Newberry, JeffAustin, TX
82:58Oliphant, DavidMedicine Hat, AB, Canada
2813dnfOlsen, Bill (2)Califon, NJ
286086:21Olsen, MarkRochester, MN
529084:13Pearch, JohnOlympia, WA
66:10Perman, FredPierrefonds, QC, Canada
2843dnfRoerhig, MarkRedmond, WA
406885:18Roseman, TomRidgecrest, CA
2365dnfSchroeder, Henrik A.Lighthouse Point, FL
817082:48Smith, GregRichland Center, WI
184269:55Smith, Vernon (2)Colorado Springs, CO
8dnfSpringsteen, LoisSanta Cruz, CA
463884:07Stum, Richard (3)Mount Pleasant, UT
789882:48Warren, Corinne (1)Monument, CO
(1) First 1200k!
(2) Second CHC Finish!
(3) Third CHC Finish!
First Return to Original CHC Course!

46 starters and 35 finishers (76%). Five riders were from Canada. Nine riders were local (20%). Marcel Marion (Quebec,) and Vernon Smith (CO) are two-time finishers, and Mark Metcalfe (Texas) has finished all three CHCs.

All but three finishers rode the recommended stages and finished in the 80+ hour range. There was rough weather parts of the first two days (450 miles), nice weather the last two (300 miles). It's a tribute to these volunteers that things went so well, and to the hard work over many months of Pat Heller, volunteer coordinator.

On the Route:
Patricia Heller - volunteer coordinator, plus Walden Transit, Saratoga, Walden overnights
Laurie Stanton - Saratoga
Charlie Henderson - dropbag transfer, course monitoring
Rick Melick - Steamboat Springs (chief)
Andrea Albershardt - Steamboat Springs
Tammie Nakamura - Walden
John Lee Ellis - Walden

John Lee Ellis - organizer
Tom Foss - registration
Carol Gerber - finance
Charlie Henderson - lodging bookings

- John Lee Ellis

Andréa Matney at Snowy Range Summit - Greg Conderacci photo

400km/600km -- 21 June 2014 -- Platteville - Poudre Canyon
— 400km —
RUSA# Time   Rider
776014:48Baker, Chris
16:35Freeman, Jay
442520:09Heck, Ken
* First 400k Brevet!
® Pre-Ride

— 600km —
RUSA# 400k   Time   Rider
147115:4434:11Foley, Paul
775117:5035:11Griffith, Scott ®
959214:4823:20Hulett, Jeffrey *
930720:0934:25Maytorena, Hector
212937:00Myers, Brent ®
214537:00Long, Beth ®
184215:4434:11Smith, Vernon
355118:3435:54Snavely, Henry
856420:4838:18Stanton, Laurie ®
623419:4636:25Warm, Ted *
16:3035:02White, Andy *
16:3035:02White, Kami *
* First 600k Brevet!
® Pre-Ride
Poudre Canyon ... Plus Platteville!

17 starters and 15 finishers had actually good conditions, despite the threat of Plains storms, for their rides. We welcome visitor Hector Maytorena from San Diego, and congratulate newly minted, first-time Super Randonneurs Jeffrey Hulett, and Ted Warm!

Thanks also to Paul Foley for collecting the brevet cards at the finish!

- John Lee Ellis

Snowy front range climbing back west from Platteville.

Scott Griffith and Laurie Stanton look forward to the final 200k (Kersey Kick loop) of their 600k.

400km -- 7 June 2014 -- Platteville - Poudre Canyon
RUSA# Time   Rider
15317:03Ellis, John Lee ®
243417:50Flanigan, John
442522:51Heck, Ken ®
959214:42Hulett, Jeffrey *
299922:08Hutt, Amber
94722:08Hutt, Terry
909419:40Ledru, Pascal *
167916:46Mangin, John
922314:42Zitz, Walter *
® Pre-Ride
* First 400k Randonnée!

California visitors Amber and Terry Hutt by the totem pole in Masonville.
First Platteville - Poudre Canyon 400k!

9 starters and 8 finishers enjoyed an "atmospheric" day that sometimes threatened rain but remained mainly dry, on the jaunt out to Platteville before heading up Poudre Canyon and into northern Larimer County. Water was still high, and there are by now a number of rafters and kayakers on the Poudre. Temps were surprisingly mild and in a narrow range - 50's into the upper 60's - making for some good cycling!

- John Lee Ellis

An "atmospheric" day in Poudre Canyon - Terry Hutt photo

400km -- 31 May 2014 -- Fairplay - Canon City
RUSA# Time   Rider
740921:15Albershardt, Andy
775126:23Griffith, Scott
602615:13Lowe, Mark
19:43Nelson, David *
311219:43Rupel, Ray
184221:18Smith, Vernon
21:15Turek, Michael
623421:18Warm, Ted
789821:15Warren, Corinne *
* First 300k Randonnée!
Most Riders Ever!

10 starters and 9 finishers enjoyed reasonable weather on the most challenging 400k course in the series, perhaps enticed by more fresh pavement (!) on Tarryall Road this year, and a much shorter section of rough conditions.

Thanks to Vernon Smith, who designed and checked out the course (and led the brevet)!

Mark Lowe wrote: "The route was absolutely stunning! It was easily one of the most scenic courses I've ever ridden!! I should have stopped to take a few more pictures, but I was trying to dodge the rain drops (as I imagine you were too!) The storms finally caught up with me in Woodland Park on the way home. I waited about 30 minutes for the showers to pass, then smooth sailing home!

"My Garmin registered just over 17,000 feet (17,023) of climbing, which is fairly astonishing as this doesn't even account for corrected (i.e., known) elevation points along the course, so the actual elevation gain is likely more than that! It is indeed a challenging 400 km brevet, especially given the fact that there is over 6,000 feet of climbing between mile 172 and mile 217 (45 miles). The climbing and rollers just keep coming at you! I wouldn't change a thing! :)"

Ray Rupel wrote: "I wanted to thank you for organizing and starting last Saturday's 400K. That was one of the most enjoyable brevets that I have done. The scenery, the roads, and the companionship were great.

"Dave and I hung together the rest of the way. I was good and tired when we returned."

- John Lee Ellis

400km/600km -- 17 May 2014 -- Poudre Canyon
— 400km —
RUSA# Time   Rider
589719:48Cramer, Cathy ®
632913:52Edwards, Billy
116719:03Gooch, Terri *
959216:12Hulett, Jeffrey *
627620:27Shlachter, Jeremy
355120:27Snavely, Henry
310819:48Shenk, Catherine ®
922313:52Zitz, Walter *
* First 400k Brevet!
® Pre-Ride

— 600km —
RUSA# 400k   Time   Rider
632221:3437:41Dean, Robert ®
15318:3434:31Ellis, John Lee ®
243416:1233:15Flanigan, John
147116:1233:15Foley, Paul
355533:07Knoblauch, Tom
602613:5234:16Lowe, Mark
167917:2929:28Mangin, John
311217:3632:26Rupel, Ray
789819:0335:09Warren, Corrinne *
* First 600k Brevet!
® Pre-Ride
First Poudre Canyon 400k/600k Ever!

16 riders had pretty good conditions for the inaugural Poudre Canyon 400k/600k, with temps into the 70's on Saturday and low 80's on Sunday. Streets were wet for the first few hours, reflecting widespread rain overnight throughout the region. Morning fog and whispy haze lent an atmospheric haze to the Poudre Canyon climb.

Riders parried with a few showers Saturday afternoon heading to Severance. But really fairly dry and mild overall. This new route, in place of Lefthand, St. Vrain, and Big Thompson canyons (because of post-flood issues) gave riders new miles to Rustic, Livermore (heading to Wyoming), and Severance (NE of Windsor). Variety is something!

- John Lee Ellis

Terri Gooch and Corinne Warren heading towards Horsetooth.

Spring showers grace Wellington to Severance.

300km -- 11 May 2014 -- Black Forest
RUSA# Time   Rider
740914:29Alberschardt, Andy
676411:17Bachman, Greg
776011:17Baker, Chris
11:42Benoit, Diane
640214:55Carroll, Conor
15313:40Ellis, John Lee
243411:40Flanigan, John
147111:17Foley, Paul
116713:40Gooch, Terri *
775117:17Griffith, Scott
442518:14Heck, Ken
959211:17Hulett, Jeffrey
85317:17Kestner, Marcia
909413:15Ledru, Pascal
214516:30Long, Beth ®
602610:07Lowe, Mark
12:54Ludwig, Scott
167911:58Mangin, L. John
948113:15Moerk, Mike *
212916:30Myers, Brent ®
11:20Nelson, David
547114:28Nakamura, Tammie ®
867414:29Peacey, Kendrew
146812:54Rapp, Brian
311213:00Rupel, Ray
627614:24Shlachter, Jeremy
184211:17Smith, Vernon
355114:43Snavely, Henry
856418:14Stanton, Laurie
11:43Turek, Michael *
230710:07Walsh, Bryce
623414:13Warm, Ted
14:18Warren, Corinne
13:00White, Andy
13:00White, Kami
201515:26Wong, Felix
922310:07Zitz, Walter
® Pre-Ride
* First 300k Randonnée!
** First Colo. Randonnée!
Not Quite the Windiest Black Forest 300k Ever ... But Still ...

39 starters and 37 finishers enjoyed mainly dry weather, but mainly windy conditions, for which the payback started after the Black Forest checkpoint and Palmer Lake, rocketing down towards Sedalia.

We had new, wide, cement pavement to ride for 98% of the segment we're on Santa Fe (US-85) heading towards Sedalia, so that was a plus. Tammie Nakamura - who pre-rode the course (twice!) - did extra duty by coming to the ride start, providing hydration and treats at Larkspur, whose store advertised a 9am opening time, and collected cards on a showery evening at the finish.

This was a good turnout including some new faces at the 300k level. Thanks and congrats to everyone!

- John Lee Ellis

Tammie lays out a smorgasbord of hydration and calories at Larkspur!

Terri Gooch enjoys a cinnamon bun before tackling Spruce Mountain Road.

200km -- 26 April 2014 -- Rawhide Ramble
RUSA# Time   Rider
77607:23Baker, Chris
96057:39Barnes, Graham
7:23Benoit, Diane
15578:32Brining, Douglas **
97108:15Beyer, Corinna **
64028:52Carroll, Conor
63229:38Dean, Robert
1538:29Ellis, John Lee
24347:50Flanigan, John
11678:29Gooch, Terri
10608:35Grealish, Chris
90539:15Hilligoss, David *
6:59Horwood, Joshua
95927:23Hulett, Jeffrey
96528:20Hutchinson, James
8539:27Kestner, Marcia
36008:23Koenig, Gary
90947:29Ledru, Pascal
60266:34Lowe, Mark
16797:23Mangin, L. John
14688:20Rapp, Brian
96929:32Rick, David
6:38Schaefer, Tim
62768:11Shlachter, Jeremy
86947:56Sendor, Jon
7:55Sigmond, Bennett
31089:40Shenk, Catherine ®
18427:29Smith, Vernon
35519:53Snavely, Henry
51399:40Takahashi, Irene ®
8:15Turek, Michael *
23076:34Walsh, Bryce
20159:13Wong, Felix
54798:16Yant, Jane
92236:34Zitz, Walter
® Pre-Ride
* First 200k Randonnée!
** First Colo. Randonnée!
First Spring Rawhide Ramble!

36 starters enjoyed nice, nice temps, 50's to 70's, and afternoon winds not as hefty as forecast!

This was a good turnout for our third 200k of April (and the year). Many of you have ridden one or both of the previous 200k's ... so you should be much up to speed by now. In my case, it took almost an hour longer to complete this one than the Kersey Kick two weeks before. Guess that's the price of some actual climbing and actual headwinds.

The inaugural RR was on September 29th, 2013, as a substitute for the Stove Prairie 200k ... because the Buckhorn Road to Stove Prairie was closed. They've repaired one out of two impasses, so the road is still out. But we could add the final two Horsetooth climbs (much to the delight of riders, no doubt!) because Bellvue is now reachable again.

- John Lee Ellis

Terri Gooch leads the way on the fifth of seven Horsetooth climbs.

Bryce Walsh, Tim Schaefer, and Walter Zitz at Rawhide - Mark Lowe photo

200km -- 19 April 2014 -- Falcon-Limon-Elbert
RUSA# Time   Rider
632210:57Dean, Robert
14718:57Foley, Paul
38568:05Handy, Leslie
95928:05Hulett, Jeffrey *
85312:00Kestner, Marcia
90948:35Ledru, Pascal
214510:18Long, Beth
94819:01Moerk, Michael *
212910:18Myers, Brent
8:32Nelson, David
78988:57Warren, Corinne *
92237:03Zitz, Walter *
* First 200k Randonnée!
Biggest Turnout Yet!

13 starters and 12 finishers enjoyed the promise of tailwinds later on while fighting a stiff wind to Limon on the tree-sparse plains. They were not disappointed!

Our gracious ride leader Paul Foley reports: "No rain and comfortable temperatures made for a fun day. I had the pleasure of riding with Dave Nelson for most of the first half of the ride, and Corinne Warren during the second half. It was fun to meet some newer riders. Mike Moerk completed his first 200K I believe, and seemed pleased with his experience. I think Jeffrey Hulett was also a first time 200K rider, but he completed the Colorado Triple Crown last year. I know Jeffrey is used to distance events as I have spent time with him on many Triple By Passes in the past, and he has successfully swum across the English Channel. Brent and Beth rode their usual steady pace after completing a 400K in Texas last weekend."

Congrats to riders new and veteran, and many thanks to Paul!

- John Lee Ellis

200km -- 12 April 2014 -- Kersey Kick
RUSA# Time   Rider
77606:22Baker, Chris
96056:58Barnes, Graham
9:20Bush, Trevor *
64027:43Carroll, Conor **
59677:47Cook, Brett
632210:34Dean, Robert
1537:34Ellis, John Lee
14716:44Foley, Paul
11677:34Gooch, Terri
106010:16Grealish, Chris ®
96527:12Hutchinson, James *
56926:22Jones, Lloyd
8539:19Kestner, Marcia
90947:13Ledru, Pascal
60265:57Lowe, Mark
96576:38Ludwig, Scott
16797:12Mangin, L. John
7:20Nelson, David
(7980)7:12Purul, Lisa
87827:43Rick, David *
7:18Sigmond, Bennett
18426:44Smith, Vernon
35517:57Snavely, Henry
86547:58Stanton, Laurie
7:12Summerhill, Frances *
29367:26Tankovich, Bill
23075:57Walsh, Bryce
6:22Ward, Jimmy
62347:23Warm, Ted
6:50White, Andy
6:50White, Kami
54797:23Yant, Jane
92235:57Zitz, Walter
® Pre-Ride
* First 200k Randonnée!
** First Colo. Randonnée!
Most Comfortable Kersey Kick Ever?

34 starters enjoyed mild temps - 50's to around 70° - and lots of tailwinds, under high overcast. The fast times reflect these propitious conditions, and everyone seemed to have a smile on their face.

This is the first time in four years we've run the Kersey Kick 200k, as the Drake Doubleback was affected by flood damage in Big Thompson Canyon.

- John Lee Ellis

Lisa Purul and Fran Summerhill at the Kersey Checkpoint.

A big contrast the next day, with April snows!

Populaire Results

129km -- 12 October 2014 -- Apple Valley Amble
RUSA# Time   Rider
6:08de Picciotto, Sol *
98967:40Condon, Micah
1534:59Ellis, John Lee ®
14714:15Foley, Paul ®
96035:15Fraser, Malcolm
54174:59Grainger, Michelle ®
3:53Guala, John
98977:40Hamilton, Su-Lai *
56923:53Jones, Lloyd
90945:04Ledru, Pascal
54184:59LeGoff, Steve ®
60263:53Lowe, Mark
3:53Ploransky, Jonathan
6:08Tamariz, Arlene *
78985:04Warren, Corinne
5:05Weaver, Kim *
* First Randonnée!
® Pre-Ride
First Apple Valley Visit Since Flood!

16 starters and 6 finishers spared with showers but enjoyed visiting Apple Valley. Last year, not only Apple Valley but the entire town of Lyons was off-limits and impassible because of the flood. This year, it was a pleasant jaunt, and we could view the new nicely-done reconstructed segments of US-36, too.

Welcome to our several new riders on this event, and thanks to everyone for a great randonneuring season!

- John Lee Ellis

Peak fall colors on Cherryvale Rd. near the ride start.

122km -- 6 April 2014 -- Horsetooth Hop
RUSA# Time   Rider
96055:26Barnes, Graham
24014:58deRosset, William
1535:10Ellis, John Lee
6:35Elmendorf, Richard
[3551]5:22Emme, Siegfried
14715:10Foley, Paul
5:10Foley, Will
5:22Fraser, Malcolm *
11675:10Gooch, Terri
44255:21Heck, Ken
90535:35Hilligoss, David
4:25Jensen, Keith
90945:21Ledru, Pascal
67367:08Martin, Robin
4:58Mitchell, Tyler
54716:00Nakamura, Tammie
55256:22Niedermier, Mark
86944:49Sendor, Jon
5:24Sigmond, Bennett
35516:25Snavely, Henry
85645:27Stanton, Laurie
29365:43Tankovich, Bill
86015:10Thomas, George
* First Randonnée!
First Horsetooth Populaire in a While!

25 starters and 23 finishers enjoyed authentic spring weather - some sun, some mild conditions, some sleet, wind, and blustery rain. The seven stiff climbs over Horsetooth will be good prep for revisiting on the Rawhide Ramble 200k.

Thanks again to our friend Tammie Nakamura for leading this one and looking after the riders so well!

- John Lee Ellis

A fresh coat of snow on Longs Peak at dawn.

Will deRosset, George Thomas, Terri Gooch, Paul Foley and his son Will at the finish.

103km -- 16 March 2014 -- Carter Lake
RUSA# Time   Rider
77603:56Baker, Chris
3:51Beeman, Donald *
15574:50Brining, Doug **
1535:45Ellis, John Lee
[3551]4:43Emme, Siegfried
4:00Evans, Marshall *
38563:51Handy, Leslie
44254:55Heck, Ken
90534:44Hilligoss, David
77803:59Hillis, Jeffrey
56923:51Jones, Lloyd
56875:45Klever, John
90944:40Ledru, Pascal
54715:24Nakamura, Tammie
85715:50Newton, Brandon *
55255:55Niedermier, Mark
14684:05Rapp, Brian
4:45Sigmond, Bennett
85644:47Stanton, Laurie
29364:43Tankovich, Bill
4:00Turek, Michael *
23073:51Walsh, Bryce
3:53Ward, Jimmy
4:30Weaver, Kim
54794:45Yant, Jane
* First Randonnée!
** First Colo. Randonnée!
Earliest Carter Lake Populaire Yet!

25 riders enjoyed a sunny, invigorating March day with gentle breezes. This mid-March populaire shows you never know what kind of nice days you'll get as winter tapers off in Colorado. It was nice to see some new faces on this season opener, and a few friends we hadn't seen for a while.

Many thanks to our friend Tammie Nakamura, once again taking up the mantle of the effervescent ride leader and randonneuse!

- John Lee Ellis

Our ride leader, Tammie Nakamura!

Jane Yant and Laurie Stanton at Carter Lake.