Cancellations, Rescheduling, and Make-Ups

Updated 9-Apr-2020

Background - With the COVID-19 outbreak, we and other regions have had to make decisions about canceling events.

This page describes the review, cancellation, and rescheduling policies for our randonneuring events. We will also add possible make-up and postponement opportunities as they develop.

Review and Cancellations - Randonneurs USA is currently reviewing conditions every month, to decide whether to sanction events in the next month. For example, the March review caused April events to be cancelled from the RUSA calendar. See the Schedule Page for status of our events.

The RMCC suspended all events starting March 17 for two weeks, with a review every two weeks to decide whether to continue the suspension for future RMCC events. RMCC has since cancelled all April events.

Rescheduling - We may be rescheduling some events that have been cancelled for later in the season. These include ACP-sanctioned events. Audax Club Parisien is allowing us to reschedule events or add new ones. We may reschedule some of the longer brevets and the Flèche, among others, to support riders' desires and goals.

R-12 / P-12 Hiatus - Randonneurs USA has paused the counting months for R-12 and P-12 awards, starting with March, 2020, and extending until when events are plentifully available again. If, for example, you started an R-12 series in January, and the "hiatus" extends from March through June (just hypothetical), or four months, that means you won't need credit for March through June, but your R-12 "year" of twelve counting months will now end in April, 2021.

Riders who needed to make up missed months from 12/2019 through 4/2019 will now have the two months starting after the hiatus (July and August in our example) to ride make-up rides.

Impacts to Riders - Aside from the impact of not riding challenging events with your pals, and whatever RUSA distance goals you may have, there are these:

· R-12 and P-12 - Months with no Populaires or Brevets means not earning your R-12 or P-12 award. See "hiatus" above.

· ACP Super Randonneur, R-5000, R-10000 - ACP brevets are required for these awards, and the Flèche is required for the R-5000 and R-10000.

· Qualifying for Grand Randonnées - The Colorado High Country 1200 and some other grand randonnées require qualifying brevets. Organizers may offer substitute ways to qualify, or waive qualification. Check with them.

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Thank you for your patience as we navigate this unique and uncertain situation.

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