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Reschedule Date                                                                                      
Official Date         6 Jan 3 Feb 10 Mar 16 Mar 30 Mar 7 Apr 13 Apr 20 Apr 27 Apr 3 May 11 May 18 May 18 May 18 May 25 May 1 Jun 1 Jun 8 Jun 15 Jun 15 Jun 15 Jun 23 Jun 23 Jun 13 Jul 20 Jul 3 Aug 10 Aug 17 Aug 7 Sep 7 Sep 7 Sep 14 Sep 21 Sep 28 Sep 5 Oct 12 Oct 19 Oct 2 Nov 7 Dec
Distance         200km 200km 112km 200km 110km 122km 200km 200km 125km 360km 300km 300km 400km 600km 157km 400km 600km 200km 400km 600km 1000km 1000km 1200km 360km 600km 330km 1000km 200km 300km 400km 600km 200km 200km 202km 200km 100km 120km 200km 200km
Number of Riders Home City RUSA No. Total Rides Total Km 14 4 22 15 14 6 7 13 0 0 10 0 0 5 3 4 1 2 1 2 2 0 0 0 3 0 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 2 1 1 0 0 0
Allen, Colin Longmont, CO 15866 6 312 6:36   3:32               x     x   x                 x                            
Bush, Debbie B Fort Collins, CO 13567 1 0                     x                                                        
Chu, A Arvada, CO 17070 1 110         5:04                                                                    
Conley, Christopher Highlands Ranch, CO 12918 1 110         4:52                                                                    
Cooper, Trent Denver, CO 14496 2 312 8:10   3:45                                                                        
Crimmins, Stephen Fort Collins, CO 16952 1 200       7:39                                                                      
deRosset, William M Fort Collins, CO 2401 6 0               x     x         x       x                           x   x      
Foley, Paul A Golden, CO 1471 2 310 7:51       4:47                                                                    
Fulmer, Madeline I Denver, CO 16220 1 122           5:03                                                                  
Goguely, Emile R Longmont, CO 15306 1 112     3:37                                                                        
Gustafson, Kyle R Lakewood, CO 11922 5 200       7:58       x     x         x       x                                      
Halaska, Michael 1 0                                     x                                        
Harding, Dustin B Loveland, CO 12631 5 510       8:24 5:16   9:42 x     x                                                        
Hawes, Kyle Arvada, CO 17045 1 200       7:16                                                                      
Howell, Jim Niwot, CO 11847 2 400 6:29     6:45                                                                      
Hulett, Jeffrey R Golden, CO 9592 3 312     4:22 7:58                                         x                            
Jones, Lloyd Westminster, CO 5692 4 712 7:34   3:59 7:10     7:10                                                                
Kaminski, Jason Longmont, CO 13500 1 112     3:59                                                                        
Khan, Rashid Fort Collins, CO 11754 4 422 8:10   4:22   5:16     x                                                              
Klaes, Kevin Alexandria, VA 16410 2 322           3:59 6:41                                                                
Knox, Garry Palo Alto, CA 12361 1 112     4:54                                                                        
Lagerlof, Erik J Centennial, CO 14427 4 510 9:58     11:09 5:21     x                                                              
Ledru, Pascal Denver, CO 9094 4 622   7:47 4:22   5:16   8:02                                                                
Long, Beth Denver, CO 2145 1 112     5:02                                                                        
Lowe, Mark Arvada, CO 6026 2 400 7:10     7:10                                                                      
Mangin, L John Loveland, CO 1679 5 622 8:10   4:22   5:16   9:42 x                                                              
Metzler, Jason Bartlett Fort Collins, CO 8421 2 232         5:16 6:23                                                                  
Moore, Jennifer Fort Collins, CO 11755 5 544 8:10   4:22   5:16 5:11   x                                                              
Moreels, Pierre Los Gatos, CA 1975 1 0                                         x                                    
Morris, Avry Westminster, CO 16964 1 200       8:24                                                                      
Morris, Avry 51664 4 0                     x     x     x       x                                    
Murray, Christopher M Loveland, CO 17019 1 110         5:16                                                                    
Myers, Brent D Denver, CO 2129 1 112     5:02                                                                        
Qayyum, Kashif Boulder, CO 8214 2 112     4:22         x                                                              
Rada, Mark Z Kokomo, IN 13243 1 112     4:54                                                                        
Ramos, Mateo P Longmont, CO 11863 8 112     3:20         x     x     x   x                       x       x     x        
Reddy, Silpa Fort Collins, CO 14568 1 0                                                           x                  
Rosenthal, Harris Denver, CO 11956 1 112     3:59                                                                        
Rudolph, Stephen L. Westminster, CO 11941 1 112     3:59                                                                        
Rundle, Marc A Denver, CO 16990 1 112     3:59                                                                        
Sigmond, Bennett M Broomfield, CO 11228 4 634 10:28   5:11 9:57   6:04                                                                  
Skidmore, Stefani L Denver, CO 16991 1 112     4:22                                                                        
Smith, Vernon M Monument, CO 1842 1 200       8:24                                                                      
Tom, Dan Salida, CO 16810 2 400   7:47   8:08                                                                      
Turek, Michael Gerald Longmont, CO 10173 2 310   7:47     5:16                                                                    
Turner, Jason Loveland, CO 11024 5 634 7:34   3:45 7:03   5:00   x                                                              
Warren, Corinne D Monument, CO 7898 9 710 8:10     7:20 5:39   8:02       x     x x                   x                 x          
Weigel, David Wheat Ridge, CO 14088 6 710 7:51 7:47     4:47   8:02             x x                                                

2024 Randonnée Summaries
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Results Certification
For events sanctioned by Audax Club Parisien (all brevets except as noted below) our results postings are technically preliminary until certified by the ACP.
Consult the RUSA Result Processing Status for ACP certification and other processing status.
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122k -- 14 April 2024 (Rescheduled from 7 April) -- Horsetooth Hop - Populaire
RUSA# Time   Rider
162205:03Fulmer, Madeline
164103:59Klaes, Kevin
84216:23Metzler, Jason
117555:11Moore, Jennifer
112286:04Sigmond, Bennett
110245:00Turner, Jason
Smallest Horsetooth Hop Ever!

6 starters and 6 finishers rode the 125km Horsetooth Hop - Populaire. It was an extremely nice day to ride, with temps from the 50's and topping out at 82°. Small turnout no doubt in part because of the Kiowa-Falcon-Limon 200k the day before. (The Horsetooth Hop had been rescheduled from a week earlier because of damaging winds.)

Thanks to Dustin Harding for leading!


200k -- 13 April 2024 -- Kiowa-Falcon-Limon
RUSA# Time   Rider
126319:42Harding, Dustin
56927:10Jones, Lloyd
164106:41Klaes, Kevin (1)
90948:02Ledru, Pascal
16799:42Mangin, John
78988:02Warren, Corinne
140888:02Weigel, David
(1) First brevet - welcome!
First Kiowa-Limon-Falcon 200k!

8 starters and 7 finishers rode the Kiowa-Limon-Falcon 200k. This was the inaugural running of this route in this way. Previously, Vernon has organized Falcon-Limon-Kiowa 200k's over the same collection of roards.

Corinne reports: "Unseasonably warm April temperatures and swirling but refreshing winds made for a mostly pleasant day out on the high eastern plains."

Thanks to Corinne Warren for leading!


On the way between Falcon and Kiowa
110k -- 30 March 2024 -- Lefthand Bertha Roubaix - Populaire
RUSA# Time   Rider
170705:04Chu, Alan
129184:52Conley, Chris (1)
14714:47Foley, Paul
126315:16Harding, Dustin
117545:16Khan, Rashid
144275:21Lagerlöf, Eric
90945:16Ledru, Pascal
16795:16Mangin, John
84215:16Metzler, Jason
117555:16Moore, Jennifer
170195:16Murray, Christopher (1)
101735:16Turek, Michael
78985:39Warren, Corinne
140884:47Weigel, David
(1) First brevet - welcome!
First Ever Lefthand Bertha Roubaix!

16 starters and 16 finishers rode the inaugural Lefthand Bertha Roubaix 110k Populaire. This is in first event in our inaugural Gravel Rouleur Series, and it starts the series off with a bang, with 55% of the distance unpaved.

Thanks to Noah Schabacker for leading!


Photos by Mike Turek



200k -- 16 March 2024 (rescheduled to March 23) -- Black Forest and Back
RUSA# Time   Rider
169527:39Crimmins, Stephen (1)
119227:58Gustafson, Kyle (1)
126318:24Harding, Dustin
170457:16Hawes, Kyle (1)
118476:45Howell, Jim
95927:58Hulett, Jeffrey
56927:10Jones, Lloyd
1442711:9Lagerlöf, Erik
60267:10Lowe, Mark
169648:24Morris, Avry (1)
112289:57Sigmond, Bennett
18428:24Smith, Vernon
168108:08Tom, Daniel
110247:03Turner, Jason
78987:20Warren, Corinne
(1) First brevet - welcome!
First Ever Black Forest and Back Brevet!

15 starters and 15 finishers rode the inaugural Black Forest and Back 200k brevet (based on the longstanding perm route). Rescheduled to March 23 because of snow on March 16.

Corinne reports: "Rather nice weather for late March graced the inaugural Black Forest and Back. The ride was not only successful, with 15 starters and 15 finishers, four of whom were first time riders, but it was a lot of fun. Starting out with 50+ miles of headwinds encouraged riders to band together on the long, low grade uphill that comprised the first half. Only a brief stretch on Hodgen provided a bit of respite until the turnaround point in Black Forest. The hard work to get halfway was rewarded with a brisk tailwind on the long, slight downhill to the finish, and riders flew on the return to Bennett, ending on a high note. The second half of riders had a bit of dust to contend with as well, but as one person said 'For an out and back, that was a pretty nice route!'A big thanks to Kyle Gustafson, who volunteered to drive Daniel Tom back after the ride, which allowed him to participate, even though he had transportation only one way."

Thanks to Corinne Warren for leading!


Kyle Hawes photo

JLE photo
112k -- 10 March 2024 -- Carter Lake - Campion - Populaire
RUSA# Time   Rider
158663:32Allen, Colin
144963:45Cooper, Trent
153063:37Goguely, Emile
126314:54Harding, Dustin
95924:22Hulett, Jeffrey
56923:59Jones, Lloyd
135003:59Kaminski, Jason
117544:22Khan, Rashid
90944:22Ledru, Pascal
21455:02Long, Beth
16794:22Mangin, John
117554:22Moore, Jennifer
21295:02Myers, Brent
82144:22Qayyum, Kashif (2)
132434:54Rada, Mark (1)
118633:20Ramos, Mateo
119563:59Rosenthal, Harris
119413:59Rudolph, Stephen
169903:59Rundle, Marc (1)
112285:11Sigmond, Bennett
169914:22Skidmore, Stefani (1)
110243:45Turner, Jason
(1) First brevet - welcome!
(2) First brevet with us - welcome!
Largest Carter Lake Turnout Ever??

22 starters and 22 finishers rode the Carter Lake - Campion - Populaire 112k. After a surprisingly frosty start, things warmed up nicely, with a tailwind to Carter Lake, and temps topping out in the 50's. We welcome a number of first-timers, and at least one rider joining us again after a few years away.

We hope that for those who came out to start their rando season with this populaire, that you will back for the next populaire and the 200k brevets coming up.

Thanks to Dustin Harding for leading!

200k -- 3 4 February 2024 -- Boone Boondoggle
RUSA# Time   Rider
90947:47Ledru, Pascal
168107:47Tom, Dan (1)
101737:47Turek, Michael
140887:47Weigel, David
(1) First brevet - welcome!
Snow-Free Boone Boondoggle!

4 starters and 4 finishers rode the first-ever Boone Boondoggle 200k brevet, based on the Boone Boondoggle Permanent route. This ride is a loop starting in Boone, CO, east of Pueblo. This brevet was postponed one day because of snowfall in our area Friday into Saturday. (No snow down south where the ride was.) Mike reports:

"Many folks concerned about the roads early Sunday morning decided to skip this brevet. We 4 put our faith in CDOT and frankly they made the highways safe for travel.

"We were greeted by dry roads, mostly sunshine and chilly cross/ tailwinds to La Junta…headwinds (but not fierce) on the 25 mile rough chipseal section to Sugar city. 'Climbing makes you stronger, headwinds make you meaner, rough chip-seal sucks your will to live…like a Dementor.'

"Anyway, we were rewarded with rear quarter cross winds on the way back in along with majestic views of Sangre de Cristo and Spanish Peaks.

"We rode fast due to good rotation of pulls all day…Daniel pulled his weight. I hope he’ll make it up to ride with us more.

Thanks to Mike Turek for leading and carpool!


Photos by Mike Turek.



200k -- 6 January 2024 -- Bo-Lar Boogie 200k
RUSA# Time   Rider
158666:36Allen, Colin
144968:10Cooper, Trent
14717:51Foley, Paul
118476:29Howell, Jim
56927:34Jones, Lloyd
117548:10Khan, Rashid
144279:58Lagerlöf, Erik
60267:10Lowe, Mark
16798:10Mangin, L John
117558:10Moore, Jennifer
1122810:28Sigmond, Bennett
110247:34Turner, Jason
78988:10Warren, Corinne
140887:51Weigel, David
First Bo-Lar Boogie Ever!

14 starters and 14 finishers rode the Bo-Lar Boogie 200k. Corinne reports: "Both sunshine and chilly temperatures - but no parking lot ice! - marked the kickoff to the 2024 brevet season with a new route, Bo-Lar Boogie. Jim in his velomobile got a slow start but more than made up for it as he and Colin leapfrogged one another the length of the route, with Colin catching him on the hills and Jim flying past on the descents. All the riders enjoyed the course with better roads out east than on Windsor Wanderer, less traffic, and new miles for those who had not ridden the route as a perm. The coda to the ride was a couple miles slightly uphill into the coldest wind of the day; this made everyone very glad to finish and get into their heated cars. Considering that all 14 starters completed the ride, we are off to a successful and exciting season with lots of new routes and hopefully, some new riders as well."

Thanks to Corinne Warren for leading, and to Jim Howell for developing this route!



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