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200km -- 8 December 2018 -- Kersey Kick
RUSA# Time   Rider
87708:17EHLMAN II, Thomas N
1538:17ELLIS, John Lee
46007:27FICHIALOS, Benjamin
960310:10FRASER, Malcolm R
54178:17GRAINGER, Michelle
77517:59GRIFFITH, Scott
126317:59HARDING, Dustin B
113777:44HARTOKOLIS, N
111338:17KOVALENKO, Oksana I
54188:17LEGOFF, Steve
106107:44NELSON, David
118637:27RAMOS, Mateo P
31088:17SHENK, Catherine
35518:32SNAVELY, Henry J
101738:17TUREK, Michael Gerald
Second December Brevet Ever ... in the same Month!

14 starters and 14 finishers rode the Kersey Kick. We scheduled this and the next day's Lyons-Berthoud Populaire during the week-long RUSA hiatus for Permanent riding, to accommodate as many riders as we could, especially R-12 aspirants. We got a great crowd!

We welcomed visitors Benjamin Fichialos from Utah and Tom Ehlman from Wisconsin. Some of us had had the pleasure of Tom's support on the Coulee Challenge 1200 back in August, as one of the main organizers of that event.

Thanks to Mike Turek for stepping up and leading this last-minute 200k!


Tom Ehlman, Catherine Shenk, Michelle Grainger
with rando fare in Hudson

200km -- 1 December 2018 -- Roggen Roundabout
RUSA# Time   Rider
110549:25BENOIT, Diane M
9:40BUSH, Debbie
1539:25ELLIS, John Lee
14719:48FOLEY, Paul A
1263112:00HARDING, Dustin B
118479:40HOWELL, Jim
1113312:03KOVALENKO, Oksana I
90949:14LEDRU, Pascal
16799:31MANGIN, L John
31089:25SHENK, Catherine
112289:14SIGMOND, Bennett
18429:48SMITH, Vernon M
856411:35STANTON, Laurel
569112:03SZMURLO, Len
78989:14WARREN, Corinne D
A (Windy) First-Ever December Brevet!

14 starters and 14 finishers rode the Roggen Roundabout brevet. The 8:00 am start meant that the sun had just melted off enough of some thin glaze from roadways to make this a safe and secure ride. But we still contended with slush on the shoulder of I-76.

It was also a windy ride, with a stiff NNE breeze, one which only began to pay returns at the turnaround in Platteville. As always, we enjoyed the friendly faces at the Roggen store and at the Platteville Shell.

Big thanks to Paul Foley for leading this brevet!


A Sit-Down Snack in Platteville - Paul Foley photo
Debbie Bush, Corinne Warren, Vernon Smith, JLE, Pascal Ledru, Jim Howell, John Mangin, Catherine Shenk, Diane Benoit

200km -- 3 November 2018 -- Platteville Poke-Along
RUSA# Time   Rider
110548:42Benoit, Diane
54178:37Grainger, Michelle
10609:00Grealish, Chris
113778:36Hartokolis, Nate
118478:38Howell, Jim
128848:36Leoni, Chris *
112288:37Sigmund, Bennett
569110:12Szmurlo, Len
101738:40Turek, Mike
* First brevet!

High spirits at Sandy's
A Windy First-Ever November Brevet!

This was our first-ever November brevet, and despite some fierce weather, went great! Temps were 40° to low 50's, with light showers heading to Platteville, and hefty NW winds heading to Masonville. This was Len Szmurlo's first randonnée since a trail crash earlier this year involving a mountain goat.

Thanks to Mike Turek for suggesting using this route and leading the brevet!

Mike reports: Rain! Loved it! We stayed together thru Platteville, then Len dropped back to ride his own pace ... we shared pulls as a group in the 15-20 mph headwinds. Finally made it thru masonville at 1:30. So happy to have tailwind, but I was smoked...still happy to roll along at 25 with little effort. Chris Leoni’s first brevet huge success for him. He loved the camaraderie..."I’ll be back for sure though winter." Nate and I. used our fenders for sure in the first couple hours! Nice to have them, though we’re still pretty dirty. We all felt like true Randonneurs battling wind, rain and cold. Good thing Michelle pulled me in.

- jle

Photos courtesy of Mike Turek

Leaving Platteville


Nate in Lyons
in fashionable RMCC wool jersey


Michelle and Jim in Lyons
200km -- 20 October 2018 -- Colorado Front Range Dart
RUSA# Rider
Team Les Avant Derniers (205 km)
9096Ledru, Pascal (captain)
5417Grainger, Michelle
5418Le Goff, Steve
1471Foley, Paul
3108Shenk, Catherine
Team Rando Rats (225 km)
1679Mangin, John (captain)
11377Hartokolis, Nate
11847Howell, Jim
7898Warren, Corinne
Team Wild Cats (201 km)
12631Harding, Dustin (captain)
153Ellis, John Lee
11133Kovalenko, Oksana
Rundle, Marc
1842Smith, Vernon
Best Dart Weather Ever?

Thanks to Corinne Warren for coordinating and to team captains Pascal Ledru, John Mangin, and Dustin Harding for route design and leading!

More details to follow ...


Après Dart Dinner - Dart director Corinne Warren front and center.

Après Dart Dinner

200km -- 6 October 2018 -- Vail - Glenwood Springs - Vail (VGV)
RUSA# Time   Rider
14718:46Foley, Paul
113778:49Hartokolis, Nate
16798:49Mangin, John
8:49Rundle, Marc
31128:49Rupel, Ray
112289:14Sigmond, Bennett
78988:49Warren, Corinne
A Surprisingly Dry and Colorful VGV!

Corinne reports: Seven starters and six finishers braved inclement weather for the inaugural Vail-Glenwood-Vail (VGV) 200k, and were rewarded with a wonderful route and a nearly dry day. It was chilly but never really cold, as temperatures after the start hovered around 50F. While the aspens up at higher altitudes had pretty much turned, the cottonwoods and shrubbery that line the Colorado river proved to be at their peak. The trip through Glenwood Canyon was a gorgeous highlight at a perfect time of year. Upon reaching Glenwood Springs, riders stopped only briefly for a quick bite, as no one wanted to take chances with the promise of rain in the forecast. The trip back through the canyon was even faster than the first go, riding audax style and assisted by a light tailwind. A brief sprinkling in Eagle was the only precipitation of the day, and the last leg of the route proved the day to be inspiring, as promised. Congratulations to Marc Rundle, for completing his first brevet and his longest ride ever.

Thanks to Corinne Warren for suggesting using this route and leading the brevet!


Hanging Lake

John Mangin and Marc Rundle


Fall leaves on Glenwood Canyon Trail

400km -- 15 September 2018 -- Poudre Canyon (Platteville)
RUSA# Time   Rider
15317:42Ellis, John Lee ®
147118:09Foley, Paul
1184716:53Howell, Jim
909418:09Ledru, Pascal
1125721:23Miyazaki, Makoto
184218:09Smith, Vernon
977723:36Wolf, Richard
® Pre-Ride
First Ever Pre-Autumnal 400k!

9 starters and 7 finishers rode the Poudre Canyon 400k! Riders enjoyed a nice sunny day, with temps grazing 90°. We welcomed Richard Wolf from Seattle, and there was a fair amount of camaraderie in the course of the day.

Thanks to Paul Foley for leading this one!


Dawn around Platteville

Mountain festival sign at base of Stove Prairie Rd.

Sunset with Longs and Meeker south of Milliken

600km -- 8 September 2018 -- Poudre Canyon (Rustic)
RUSA# Time   Rider
1263135:17Harding, Dustin
1137734:40Hartokolis, Nate
1184730:54Howell, Jim
571437:45Kline, Greg
571537:45Kline, Stacy
1113335:17Kovalenko, Oksana
1021634:20Nelson, David

Poudre Canyon
the tunnel beyond Mishawaka
Dustin Harding photo
First Ever Pre-Autumnal 600k!

7 starters and 7 finishers rode the inaugural pre-autumnal 600k! This and the 400k the next week were suggested for folks who might need one or the other to finish their Super Randonneur series for the year, or get in a longer brevet to up their PBP pre-registration status for 2019. But in fact, a number of riders seemed to turn out just to ride a long brevet in nice weather!

We were especially pleased to be joined by veteran randos Greg and Stacy Kline, from Newport Beach, CA. They've posted a gallery of great photos from this brevet, from which some below are taken.

Thanks to Kieran Johnson for suggesting these late-season 400k and 600k, and leading this one!


Photos courtesy of Stacy Kline - more photos here!

Glade Road on the way to Masonville

Stacy and Greg at Vern's in LaPorte

Nate, Dustin, and Oksana in Rustic

A relaxed moment at Sandy's

A sunny day in Poudre Canyon

200km -- 8 September 2018 -- Stove Prairie
RUSA# Time   Rider
124349:30Anderson, Joe
1280410:50Dreessen, Neal
1538:31Ellis, John Lee
60266:23Lowe, Mark
16798:31Mangin, John
11:01Masterson, Tom *
7:07Michel, Mark
119566:59Rosenthal, Harris
119416:59Rudolph, Steve
31128:20Rupel, Ray
355110:13Snavely, Henry
101738:31Turek, Michael
86608:31Ward, Don
* First brevet!

John Mangin climbs "Heartbreak Hill" over Horsetooth.
A Special Pre-Autumnal Stove Prairie!

14 starters and 13 finishers rode the pre-autumnal Stove Prairie 200k on a splendid day. As we headed up Poudre Canyon, we got to see a number of the Poudre Canyon 600k riders descending.

It was a Coulee Challenge 1200k reunion of sorts for some of the RMCC contingent, including Don Ward, Mike Turek, JLE, and John Mangin, who rode the event in August.

We got a special treat at Vern's, as Lois Springsteen, RUSA #8, happened by while supporting her husband Bill Bryant on a ride. Lois and Bill were visiting from Santa Cruz.


A good turnout at the ride start near Mead
including RMCC prez Mark Michel (L).

Lois Springsteen, RUSA #8, at Vern's

Coulee Challenge finishers Don Ward, Mike Turek, and John Mangin

200km -- 18 August 2018 -- James Canyon Jaunt - RUSA 20th Anniversary 200k
RUSA# Time   Rider
124349:36Anderson, Joe
24019:32deRosset, William *
14719:32Foley, Paul
960310:54Fraser, Malcolm
54179:32Grainger, Michelle
10608:11Grealish, Chris
77519:32Griffith, Scott
126318:11Harding, Dustin
54189:32LeGoff, Steve
7:24Michel, Mark
118636:59Ramos, Mateo
119567:58Rosenthal, Harris
31089:32Shenk, Catherine *
112288:15Sigmond, Bennett
18429:32Smith, Vernon
35519:11Snavely, Henry
* Rode RUSA 10th Anniversary 200k

Catherine Shenk, Vernon Smith,
Scott Griffith, Paul Foley,
Steve Le Goff, Michelle Grainger

Catherine Shenk, JLE, Will deRosset,
Tom Knoblauch, 10th Anniversary 200k
Driest RUSA Decade Anniversary 200k Yet!

17 starters and 17 finishers rode the mainly dry RUSA 20th Anniversary 200k! There were a few gusty showers towards Masonville, but a favorable contrast to the rain-soaked Black Forest 200k we rode for the 10th Anniversary in 2008.

RUSA was founded on August 17, 1998, at the end of the Boston Montreal Boston 1200k. Finishers of this 200k earned a commemorative RUSA 20th Anniversary medal.

Thanks to Catherine Shenk for stepping in at the last minute to print up materials and lead this ride, as scheduled leader Mike Turek was delayed getting back from the Coulee Challenge.


At the start in Louisville - a nice turnout!  - C. Shenk photo

RUSA 20th Anniversary Medal

RUSA 10th Anniversary Medal

Scott, Paul, Vernon, Steve, Will deRosset, Catherine, JLE
A pause at the Cidery in Erie to celebrate!

300km -- 4 August 2018 -- Peak-to-Peak
RUSA# Time   Rider
147114:07Foley, Paul
775114:26Griffith, Scott
1263114:07Harding, Dustin
1186314:07Ramos, Mateo
311214:18Rupel, Ray
486314:07Teich, Scott
Most Congenial Peak-to-Peak 300k Ever?

7 starters and 6 finishers rode a breezy Peak-to-Peak 300k, riders staying reasonably together the entire ride.

We welcomed visitor Scott Teich from Watertown, Mass. Scott joined us in the middle of a round trip bike ride from Eastern Mass to Jackson Hole!


Mateo Ramos, Scott Teich, Paul Foley, and Dustin Harding
at the finish

Scott at the start

6 x 200k's -- 12-17 July 2018 -- Haute Randonnée Six-Pack
— Day 1 — 216 km —
Louisville - Trail Ridge - Kremmling
Rider RUSA# Time
BEHRIN, Michael1274110:49
DICKSON, Barry J982310:49
EDWARDS, Billy63799:25
FELDMAN, Tim Foon48199:25
HOWELL, Jim1184710:38
KAMINSKI, Jason9:25
MANGIN, L John167911:37
MILLER, Peg661713:26
MOSS, Kenneth Samuel1073810:56
PESKETT, Roger372610:47
SCHUB, Nat10:50
TUREK, Michael Gerald1017312:11
VAN METER, Erika224810:56
ZAVESTOSKI, Stephen607810:45
— Day 2 — 207 km —
Vail Pass - Tennessee Pass - Leadville
Rider RUSA# Time
Behrin, Michael127419:38
Dickson, Barry98239:27
Edwards, Billy63799:16
Feldman, Tim481910:30
Kaminski, Jason9:38
Kovalenko, Oksana1113311:40
Moss, Kenneth1073810:11
Peskett, Roger372612:57
Turek, Michael1017311:40
Zavestoski, Stephen607810:11
— Day 3 — 234 km —
Independence Pass - McClure Pass - Paonia
Rider RUSA# Time
Behrin, Michael1274110:23
Dickson, Barry98239:00
Edwards, Billy63798:45
Howell, Jim118479:24
Kaminski, Jason9:16
Kovalenko, Oksana1113312:02
Miller, Peg661714:00
Moss, Kenneth1073810:28
Peskett, Roger372612:02
Turek, Michael1017312:02
Zavestoski, Stephen607810:17
— Day 4 — 208 km —
Black Canyon of the Gunnison - Blue Mesa
Rider RUSA# Time
Behrin, Michael127418:48
Dickson, Barry98238:21
Edwards, Billy63798:15
Feldman, Tim481910:29
Kaminski, Jason8:43
Kovalenko, Oksana1113310:30
Peskett, Roger372610:33
Zavestoski, Stephen60789:12
— Day 5 — 201 km —
Monarch Pass - Trout Creek Pass - Fairplay
Rider RUSA# Time
Behrin, Michael127419:38
Dickson, Barry98239:59
Edwards, Billy63797:59
Feldman, Tim48199:14
Howell, Jim118478:18
Kaminski, Jason8:03
Kovalenko, Oksana1113312:30
Miller, Peg661712:30
Moss, Kenneth107389:40
Peskett, Roger372611:00
Zavestoski, Stephen60789:14
— Day 6 — 203 km —
Hoosier Pass - Loveland Pass - Louisville
Rider RUSA# Time
Behrin, Michael127417:58
Dickson, Barry98239:32
Edwards, Billy63797:58
Feldman, Tim Foon48197:58
Kaminski, Jason8:45
Kovalenko, Oksana1113312:30
Miller, Peg661713:15
Moss, Ken107387:58
Peskett, Roger372612:56
Zavastoski, Stephen60789:45
  First Haute Randonnée Six-Pack Ever!

15 riders experienced the inaugural Haute Randonnée Six-Pack. This Six-Pack was six point-to-point 200 km or longer brevets, roughly tracing the course of Foon Feldman's 1200km event route.

Organizer Catherine Shenk refined and verified all the routes, including a pre-ride on motorcycle, researched lodging, and led the gaggle of 15 randonneurs.

You can find more details on the Haute Randonnée Six-Pack main page.

Huge thanks to Catherine for proposing, organizing and leading, and to Jim Howell for trading off bagdrop duties and supporting the riders!


Photos courtesy of Steve Zavestoski. More here.

Catherine Shenk supporting riders on Trail Ridge (past Rock Cut)
Trail Ridge safety advisory
Steve at Tennessee Pass
Great panorama - probably descending from Fremont Pass to Leadville.

200km -- 7 July 2018 -- Indy 200
RUSA# Time   Rider
948112:20MOERK, Michael
1017312:23TUREK, Michael
866012:23WARD, Donald F
789812:20WARREN, Corinne D
First Indy 200 Brevet Ever!

4 starters and 4 finishers rode the inaugural Indy 200. This new course is an out-and-back from Buena Vista over Independence Pass to Aspen.

Riders were concerned about smoke from the Lake Christine wildfire near El Jebel and Basalt, but the winds were blowing the other way. They also got to have lunch in Aspen with our friend and fellow rider Erika Van Meter, who at that point had been evacuated from the fire.

Thanks to Mike Moerk for submitting the route and leading the brevet!


Mike Turek, Don Ward, Corinne Warren, and Mike Moerk


Corinne Warren and Erika van Meter - lunch in Aspen

Don Ward and Mike Moerk on Independence Pass

400km/600km/1000km -- 23 June 2018 -- St. Vrain Canyon (+ Brevet Week)
— 1000k (2/2)—
RUSA# Time   Rider
15363:54ELLIS, John Lee
167964:51MANGIN, L John ®
— 600k (4/4)—
RUSA# Time   Rider
35637:00BILLINGSLEY, Ken
637925:44EDWARDS, Billy
106035:45GREALISH, Chris P
214535:11LONG, Beth
212935:11MYERS, Brent D
627635:22SHLACHTER, Jeremy
866036:57WARD, Donald F
— 400k (8/7)—
RUSA# Time   Rider
481918:00FELDMAN, Tim Foon
147120:59FOLEY, Paul A
1263117:59HARDING, Dustin B
1137717:59HARTOKOLIS, N
1113318:00KOVALENKO, Oksana I
184220:48SMITH, Vernon M
1017320:48TUREK, Michael
® pre-ride
St. Vrain Canyon (+ Brevet Week)

14 starters and 13 finishers rode the St. Vrain Canyon 400k, 600k, and 1000k brevets. (The 600k also formed the end of Brevet Week.) The first day was summery and dry. The second was brooding and cooler, with a swath of hail in the afternoon south of Kersey. The third day (for 1000k riders) was brilliantly sunny and clear!

Thanks to Foon Feldman for leading these brevets, and wrapping up Brevet Week!


Sunset on Day 1 - Kieran Jones photo
Hail between Kersey and Hudson on Day 2 - Don Ward photo
Above Devil's Gulch outside Estes Park on Day 3 - jle photo

Chris Grealish, Oksana Kovalenko, Foon Feldman above Peaceful Valley

Jeremy Shlachter, Nate Hartokolis approaching Johnstown

Nate Hartokolis, Foon Feldman, Oksana Kovalenko, Dustin Harding, Chris Grealish at Johnstown
300km, 200km, 400km -- 17, 18, 20 June 2018 -- Brevet Week - Rawhide Ramble, James Canyon Jaunt, Lefthand Canyon
RUSA# Time   Rider
— 300k (4/4)—
Rawhide Ramble
1243413:14ANDERSON, Joe
147113:14FOLEY, Paul A
1137713:14HARTOKOLIS, N
1166317:15WHITE, Kelly R
— 200k (2/2)—
James Canyon Jaunt
63797:52EDWARDS, Billy
14718:30FOLEY, Paul A
— 400k (3/3)—
Lefthand Canyon
214518:05LONG, Beth ®
212918:05MYERS, Brent D ®
1061018:41NELSON, David
® pre-ride
Brevet Week!

9 starters and 9 finishers rode the first three Brevet Week events. See above for the 600k on 6/23.

This was a kind of "prototype" Brevet Week, proposed and led by Foon Feldman. The idea of a Brevet Week is to offer (and have riders hopefully finish) all four Super Randonneur distances in one week. This would get such riders qualified for Paris-Brest-Paris (or the Gold Rush Randonnée, Last Chance, etc.) in one go.

- jle

Foon Feldman on the Coulee Challenge 1200 - Deb Ford photo

400km/600km -- 9 June 2018 -- Lefthand Canyon
— 400k (9/8)—
RUSA# Time   Rider
740919:50ALBERSHARDT, Andy
106017:27GREALISH, Chris P
909417:06LEDRU, Pascal
602614:33LOWE, Mark
167919:49MANGIN, L John
1131316:52PETER, Joshua R
866025:48WARD, Donald F
789819:49WARREN, Corinne D
— 600k (6/5)—
RUSA# Time   Rider
15334:29ELLIS, John Lee ®
775137:47GRIFFITH, Scott
1184731:38HOWELL, Jim
1058132:40JOHNSON, Kieran J
310834:29SHENK, Catherine ®
® pre-ride
Lefthand Canyon

15 starters and 13 finishers rode the classic Lefthand Canyon 400k and 600k brevets.

- jle

Foon Feldman on the postponed Poudre Canyon
600k on 5/27 encounters Catherine Shenk
pre-riding the Lefthand Canyon 600k

300km -- 2 June 2018 -- Most Spectacular Cripple Creek Weather Ever!
RUSA# Time   Rider
1207315:48FEY, Jonathan
1263115:50HARDING, Dustin B
1061017:10NELSON, David
627616:00SHLACHTER, Jeremy
Cripple Creek

5 starters and 4 finishers rode the Cripple Creek 300k. This is an iconic ride out of Colorado Springs, and many thanks to Vernon Smith for designing it and leading it once again! The times are a bit longer than a typical 300k, but it's not just to stop and enjoy the scenery. There's a huge volume of climbing involved.

Many thanks, also, to the riders for taking on this challenge!

Some pics from my Cripple Creek ride on a similar glorious day ...
Pikes Peak from US-24 at dawn

Burro parade in Cripple Creek

Pikes Peak from hilly Hwy. 67 heading back to Woodland Park

300km/400km/600km -- 19 26 May 2018 -- Poudre Canyon
— 600k (11/10)—
RUSA# Time   Rider
740934:50ALBERSHARDT, Andy
481934:19FELDMAN, Tim Foon
541734:19GRAINGER, Michelle
1263137:45HARDING, Dustin ®
1113337:45KOVALENKO, Oksana
909434:19LEDRU, Pascal
541834:19LEGOFF, Steve
602628:30LOWE, Mark ®
167930:49MANGIN, L John
1017334:19TUREK, Michael Gerald
789828:30WARREN, Corinne D
— 400k (10/9)—
RUSA# Time   Rider
15319:01ELLIS, John Lee ®
960326:08FRASER, Malcolm R
775120:34GRIFFITH, Scott
1184719:22HOWELL, Jim
1113316:23KOVALENKO, Oksana ®
1186319:22RAMOS, Mateo P
311216:23RUPEL, Ray T ®
310819:01SHENK, Catherine ®
1102419:40TURNER, Jason
— 300k (6/6)—
RUSA# Time   Rider
106013:40GREALISH, Chris P ®
214514:30LONG, Beth
212914:30MYERS, Brent D
1122813:46SIGMOND, Bennett
355115:55SNAVELY, Henry J
866013:50WARD, Donald F

National Weather Service
Snowy Forecast for Rustic for May 19

Biggest Weather Switch Ever for Poudre Canyon Brevets!

27 starters and 25 finishers rode the Poudre Canyon 300k, 400k, and 600k brevets. Wintry, snowy weather was forecast for the original date, May 19, so we postponed these brevets a week, by which time the high grazed 90° under bright sun. This was a great turnout and fine finishing rate!

Poudre Canyon was scenic as usual, and the plains and foothills were unusually green from lots of recent rain (and snow). So now 25 riders have their early-bird 400k or 600k, or 300k, in the bag.


Heading up Rd. 23 at Dawn - Brett Cook photo

Climbing Poudre Canyon - Brett Cook photo

The "Party Group" starting on the Kersey Kick loop!
Mike Turek, Michelle Grainger, Tim Foon Feldman, Steve Le Goff, Pascal Ledru

300km -- 12 May 2018 -- Black Forest
RUSA# Time   Rider
740914:34ALBERSHARDT, Andy
15315:06ELLIS, John Lee ®
481912:54FELDMAN, Tim Foon
147112:54FOLEY, Paul A
960315:59FRASER, Malcolm R
1263111:52HARDING, Dustin B
1184712:29HOWELL, Jim
11:53Jacobshagen, Eric
1058112:54JOHNSON, Kieran J
11:52Kaminski, Jason
1113315:27KOVALENKO, Oksana ®
909412:54LEDRU, Pascal
602610:17LOWE, Mark
167912:54MANGIN, L John
1061013:26NELSON, David
1131311:54PETER, Joshua R
1195611:52ROSENTHAL, Harris
311213:10RUPEL, Ray T
310815:06SHENK, Catherine ®
184212:54SMITH, Vernon M
673811:54STOCKMAN, Andy
1017312:54TUREK, Michael
1102415:27TURNER, Jason ®
230711:52WALSH, Bryce
789812:45WARREN, Corinne D
® pre-ride
Luckiest Black Forest in Years!

28 starters and 25 finishers rode the Black Forest 300k brevet. The route was midway between soggy weather up north, and bright sun with wind in Pueblo. So not brilliant weather, but pretty much ok.

Paul reports, "Although it was foggy and wet through the Ken Caryl and Deer Creek Canyon sections to begin the day, the Palmer Divide and Black Forest areas were dry and even gave us some sunshine. We had favorable winds through the route to Elbert, mild head winds back to the Black Forest, and a nasty headwind back to Larkspur and especially headed north to the finish.

"Unfortunately, we also had heavy traffic along CO105 back to Sedalia in addition to the head wind. Fortunately, I was part of an Audax group of seven (Vernon, Kieren, Mike T, Pascal, Foon, and John M) that worked together well to weather the storm, traffic, cramps, trains, and general fatigue, from the Black Forest to the finish in Littleton.

"No course records for finishing time, but perhaps course records for camaraderie and fun (given the lack of snow and cold from previous editions)."

A big thanks to Paul Foley for leading the BF 300k! (Photos below courtesy of Paul!)


Great turnout - resplendant in lights and reflective gear!

Flying up Spruce Mountain Road!

Flying down Perry Park Road!

The "Party Group" at the finish!
Cheery Vernon Smith, Mike Turek, Kieran Johnson, L. John Mangin, Paul Foley, Foon Feldman

360km+ -- 4 May 2018 -- Colorado Front Range Flèche
Team: Quartier Lanternes Rouges
Distance: 374km
RUSA# Rider
1471Foley, Paul
5417Grainger, Michelle
5418Le Goff, Steve
9094Ledru, Pascal
10173Turek, Michael (captain)
Nicest Flèche Weather in Years!

One team of 5 riders started and finished this year's flèche. Corinne Warren's team was to start on Thursday, but those plans had to be scrubbed because of wintry weather.

A reprise of last year's ride by team Quartier Lanternes Rouges, this year boasted less wind, more nice temps, and better eating opportunities.

Congrats to Mike and his team on another successful flèche!


Steve Le Goff, Michelle Grainger, Paul Foley, Mike Turek, Mike's wife Grace, Pascal Ledru
Thanks to Sukmi Ledru for a splendid post-flèche repast!

200km -- 21 22 April 2018 -- Stove Prairie
RUSA# Time   Rider
24018:04DEROSSET, William M
48197:33FELDMAN, Tim Foon
14717:33FOLEY, Paul A
8:33Furey, Laura
10608:49GREALISH, Chris P
126318:49HARDING, Dustin B
118478:05HOWELL, Jim
111338:49KOVALENKO, Oksana I
90947:33LEDRU, Pascal
60266:18LOWE, Mark
16797:33MANGIN, L John
106108:05NELSON, David
6:52Olsen, Kale
113137:16PETER, Joshua R
118636:52RAMOS, Mateo P
119567:16ROSENTHAL, Harris
112288:42SIGMOND, Bennett
67387:16STOCKMAN, Andy
110248:47TURNER, Jason
126088:53VALIANI, Mario
23077:11WALSH, Bryce
86608:49WARD, Donald F
Stove Prairie

23 starters and 22 finishers rode the Stove Prairie. Just as a week before, for the On-A-Lark 200k, snow forced us to delay for a day, especially as the route tops out, like On-A-Lark, above 7,000 ft. Sunday greeted riders with splendid weather, after some ground fog burned off.

A big thanks to Paul Foley for leading the iconic Stove Prairie brevet!


200km -- 14 15 April 2018 -- On-A-Lark
RUSA# Time   Rider
8:50Besser, Mike
74689:49DELNERO, Gary M
124389:15DELNERO, Peter
14719:18FOLEY, Paul A
10609:10GREALISH, Chris P
126319:10HARDING, Dustin B
118478:30HOWELL, Jim
111339:10KOVALENKO, Oksana I
21459:30LONG, Beth
7:46Michel, Mark
21299:30MYERS, Brent D
119567:53ROSENTHAL, Harris
18429:18SMITH, Vernon M
355110:28SNAVELY, Henry J
110248:38TURNER, Jason
126089:10VALIANI, Mario
86609:10WARD, Donald F

19 starters and 17 finishers rode the On-A-Lark. A cold, snowy Saturday forced rescheduling for the next day, which turned out to be sunny and pleasant!

Colorado High Country veteran Gary Delnero from Kansas and his son Peter joined us.

Thanks to Vernon Smith for leading his On-A-Lark brevet!


200km -- 24 March 2018 -- Kersey Kick
RUSA# Time   Rider
74098:48ALBERSHARDT, Andy
124348:21ANDERSON, Joe
110547:43BENOIT, Diane M
7:04Bevan, Richard C
7:10Blythe, Ian *
59678:00COOK, Brett A
48197:43FELDMAN, Tim Foon
96039:40FRASER, Malcolm R
10608:00GREALISH, Chris P
126318:00HARDING, Dustin B *
113776:49HARTOKOLIS, N
105816:50JOHNSON, Kieran J
8:12King, Sarah *
111337:42KOVALENKO, Oksana I
90949:23LEDRU, Pascal ®
16798:03MANGIN, L John
106108:03NELSON, David
7:35Nourse, Geoffrey *
118636:38RAMOS, Mateo P
8:15Rodgers, Rich
119567:35ROSENTHAL, Harris
119416:49RUDOLPH, Steve L
31128:03RUPEL, Ray T
8:15Schmiedeskamp, Micah *
62768:48SHLACHTER, Jeremy
112287:43SIGMOND, Bennett
18429:52SMITH, Vernon M
35519:40SNAVELY, Henry J
101738:03TUREK, Michael Gerald
23076:38WALSH, Bryce
86608:33WARD, Donald F
52988:33WARD, Kenneth
121899:55WEAVER, Brent W
7:35Will, Mike *
* first brevet!
® pre-ride
Kersey Kick

35 starters and 34 finishers rode the Kersey Kick. A great turnout for our traditional start to the 200k brevet season, now moved to a bright, sunny day in March! It was windier out on the Plains, but some of that was tailwinds, after riders were sufficiently worn out.

Thanks to Ben Sigmond again for leading!


Ben Sigmond starting riders off

Mike Turek with his 2017 Flèche
cert and new RMCC jersey

Good turnout!

200km -- 10 17 February 2018 -- Rawhide Ramble
RUSA# Time   Rider
74099:05ALBERSHARDT, Andy
110548:54BENOIT, Diane M
27169:45EDWARDS, Joe
1539:45ELLIS, John Lee
118479:12HOWELL, Jim ®
105817:35JOHNSON, Kieran J
111339:05KOVALENKO, Oksana I
909410:25LEDRU, Pascal
9:08Rico, Stephen
355111:33SNAVELY, Henry J
1017310:25TUREK, Michael Gerald
110248:25TURNER, Jason
866010:13WARD, Donald F
® pre-ride

Pascal Ledru with Jason Turner at the start
Earliest, Windiest Rawhide Ramble Ever!

16 starters and 13 finishers rode the Rawhide Ramble. It was a brilliantly sunny day with highes in the 50's, but winds lurked in the forecast, and in fact came up later, making some extra work for riders. We were pleased to have veteran randonneur Joe Edwards drive out from Iowa to add Colorado to his RUSA states, and complete his third R-12!

The brevet had more adventure than at least one rider was counting on. Mike Turek lost his shifting, and figured he'd need some for Horsetooth. So he returned to the start with Pascal, switched bikes, and started off again. Nothing like making the most of a 200k!

This brevet was rescheduled from February 10, as snow was forecast (and did materialize).

Thanks to Pascal Ledru for leading this, his first-ever brevet to lead!


Joe Edwards climbing Centennial Ave. on Horsetooth

Rawhide entrance

Finishing up ...

200km -- 13 January 2018 -- Windsor Wanderer
RUSA# Time   Rider
77607:39BAKER, Christopher L
110548:46BENOIT, Diane M
28447:48DODGE, Tim
14719:08FOLEY, Paul A
54179:08GRAINGER, Michelle
105817:45JOHNSON, Kieran J
111338:46KOVALENKO, Oksana I
90949:08LEDRU, Pascal
16799:08MANGIN, L John
119417:58RUDOLPH, Steve L
31129:08RUPEL, Ray T
31089:08SHENK, Catherine
101739:08TUREK, Michael Gerald
110248:46TURNER, Jason
123938:40WANN, Peter
78988:10WARREN, Corinne D
7:39Weaver, Kim
First and Chilliest January 200k Ever!

19 starters and 17 finishers rode the Windsor Wanderer. What a great turnout for our first-ever January brevet! With temps in low 20's to start, riders descended into freezing fog, coating eyewear and making visibility tough. But after an hour or so, conditions improved, leading to a great if brisk brevet.

This was a special 200k for Catherine Shenk, her 120th straight month (ten years) of riding a 200km or longer RUSA randonnée earning her the prestigious RUSA Ultra R-12 award. Congratulations, Catherine!

And thanks to Paul Foley for leading!

- John Lee Ellis

Freezing fog - Caleb Carl photo

John Mangin, Paul Foley, Mike Turek, Catherine Shenk, Michelle Grainger, Pascal Ledru, Ray Rupel at the finish

Catherine Shenk awarded her RUSA Ultra R-12 medal. - Paul Foley photo

Populaire Results

Carter Lake - Campion 108k - Mar 18 Horsetooth Hop 122k - Apr 8 Apple Cider Sally 108k - Aug 18 Lyons - Berthoud 104k - Dec 9

101km -- 9 December 2018 -- Lyons-Berthoud Bump-Along
RUSA# Time   Rider
58974:55Cramer, Cathy
1534:23Ellis, John Lee
48194:23Feldman, Tim Foon
14714:23Foley, Paul
54174:23Grainger, Michelle
54184:23Le Goff, Steve
21455:00Long, Beth
16794:23Mangin, L. John
21295:00Myers, Brent
115234:23TeBockhorst, Earl
31084:23Shenk, Catherine
80224:23Warm, Emily
First Ever December Populaire!

12 starters and 12 rode the Lyons-Berthoud Bump-Along 100k. It was a brisk but sunny day, finishing in the 30's. We scheduled this and the previous day's Kersey Kick 200k during the week-long RUSA hiatus for Permanent riding, to accommodate as many riders as we could, especially P-12 aspirants.

Three of the riders had also ridden the Kersey Kick the day before.

Many thanks to Michelle Grainger for leading this last-minute populaire!


Foon Feldman, Steve Le Goff, Paul Foley, Michelle Grainger, Emily Warm, Catherine Shenk, and John Mangin at the finish!

108km -- 18 August 2018 -- Apple Cider Sally - RUSA 20th Anniversary Populaire
RUSA# Time   Rider
127805:25HELMUTH, Michael *
101735:28TUREK, Michael ®
86605:28WARD, Donald F ®
* First randonnée!
® Pre-Ride
Apple Cider Sally - Populaire

4 starters and 3 finishers rode the inaugural Apple Cider Sally, in celebration of RUSA's 20th Anniversary, and in conjunction with the James Canyon Jaunt 200k. The name reflects the fact that riders visited Apple Valley outside Lyons, and then there was a stop for cider in Erie.

Many thanks to Mike Turek for leading this populaire ... after suggesting we add a populaire, and coming up with a route!


Michael Helmuth with 20th Anniversary medal

Mike Turek inspiring the assembled ridership

Pascal Ledru and Mike after getting back from Coulee at 3am

122km -- 8 April 2018 -- Horsetooth Hop - Populaire
RUSA# Time   Rider
14715:00FOLEY, Paul A
126315:02HARDING, Dustin
44255:57HECK, Ken C
111335:02KOVALENKO, Oksana I
16795:00MANGIN, L John
118634:22RAMOS, Mateo P
119564:40ROSENTHAL, Harris
119414:40RUDOLPH, Steve L
86605:00WARD, Donald F
Horsetooth Hop - Populaire

11 starters and 9 finishers rode the Horsetooth Hop. It was another windy experience!

Many thanks to Paul Foley for leading this populaire! (Photos below courtesy of Paul.)


A nice turnout at the start!

A breezy day!

Corinne taking a break with friends

Don Ward and John Mangin

KC Heck pleased at the finish.

108km -- 18 March 2018 -- Carter Lake - Campion - Populaire
RUSA# Time   Rider
1535:30ELLIS, John Lee ®
14714:38FOLEY, Paul A
96035:43FRASER, Malcolm R
44255:27HECK, Ken C
105814:30JOHNSON, Kieran J
90944:35LEDRU, Pascal
16794:38MANGIN, L John
118634:03RAMOS, Mateo P
4:38Rodgers, Rich
112285:01SIGMOND, Bennett
23074:03WALSH, Bryce
® pre-ride
Carter Lake - Campion - Populaire

11 starters and 11 finishers rode the Carter Lake - Campion Populaire. The weather forecast had precipation moving in, but it held off for the riders.

Thanks to Ben Sigmond for leading this one, his first randonnée to lead!


A placid, thawed Carter Lake.