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Haute Randonnée Six-Pack *

Vail Pass Path - part of the Haute Randonnée

Day 6: Hoosier Pass - Loveland Pass - Louisville
Rider RUSA# Time
Behrin, Michael127417:58
Dickson, Barry98239:32
Edwards, Billy63797:58
Feldman, Tim Foon48197:58
Kaminski, Jason8:45
Kovalenko, Oksana1113312:30
Miller, Peg661713:15
Moss, Ken107387:58
Peskett, Roger372612:56
Zavastoski, Stephen60789:45
Day 5: Monarch Pass - Trout Creek Pass - Fairplay
Rider RUSA# Time
Behrin, Michael127419:38
Dickson, Barry98239:59
Edwards, Billy63797:59
Feldman, Tim48199:14
Howell, Jim118478:18
Kaminski, Jason8:03
Kovalenko, Oksana1113312:30
Miller, Peg661712:30
Moss, Kenneth107389:40
Peskett, Roger372611:00
Zavestoski, Stephen60789:14
Day 4: Black Canyon of the Gunnison - Blue Mesa
Rider RUSA# Time
Behrin, Michael127418:48
Dickson, Barry98238:21
Edwards, Billy63798:15
Feldman, Tim481910:29
Kaminski, Jason8:43
Kovalenko, Oksana1113310:30
Peskett, Roger372610:33
Zavestoski, Stephen60789:12
Day 3: Independence Pass - McClure Pass - Paonia
Rider RUSA# Time
Behrin, Michael1274110:23
Dickson, Barry98239:00
Edwards, Billy63798:45
Howell, Jim118479:24
Kaminski, Jason9:16
Kovalenko, Oksana1113312:02
Miller, Peg661714:00
Moss, Kenneth1073810:28
Peskett, Roger372612:02
Turek, Michael1017312:02
Zavestoski, Stephen607810:17
Day 2: Vail Pass - Tennessee Pass - Leadville
Rider RUSA# Time
Behrin, Michael127419:38
Dickson, Barry98239:27
Edwards, Billy63799:16
Feldman, Tim481910:30
Kaminski, Jason9:38
Kovalenko, Oksana1113311:40
Moss, Kenneth1073810:11
Peskett, Roger372612:57
Turek, Michael1017311:40
Zavestoski, Stephen607810:11
Day 1: Louisville - Trail Ridge - Kremmling
Rider RUSA# Time
BEHRIN, Michael1274110:49
DICKSON, Barry J982310:49
EDWARDS, Billy63799:25
FELDMAN, Tim Foon48199:25
HOWELL, Jim1184710:38
KAMINSKI, Jason9:25
MANGIN, L John167911:37
MILLER, Peg661713:26
MOSS, Kenneth Samuel1073810:56
PESKETT, Roger372610:47
SCHUB, Nat10:50
TUREK, Michael Gerald1017312:11
VAN METER, Erika224810:56
ZAVESTOSKI, Stephen60789:45

The Haute Randonnée Six-Pack - July 12-17, 2018 - comprises six roughly 200km days covering the epic 1200km route designed by Tim "Foon" Feldman in 2010. With the Six-Pack, you can experience the entire course in daylight!

Each segment is point-to-point, with overnight lodging between each segment. These are RUSA-sanctioned (not ACP-sanctioned) brevets.

Day 1July 12Trail Ridge216 kmLouisville to Kremmling via Trail Ridge Road through Rocky Mountain National Park cue sheet   map
Day 2July 13Vail Ten 207 kmKremmling to Leadville via Vail Pass and Tennessee Pass cue sheet   map
Day 3July 14Independence 234 kmLeadville to Paonia via Independence Pass and McClure Pass cue sheet   map
Day 4July 15Black and Blue208 kmPaonia to Gunnison via Black Canyon of the Gunnison and Blue Mesa cue sheet   map
Day 5July 16King Trout201 kmGunnison to Fairplay via Monarch Pass and Trout Creek Pass cue sheet   map
Day 6July 17Hoosier Love203 kmFairplay to Louisville via Hoosier Pass and Loveland Pass cue sheet   map


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Event Details

  • 24-rider cap. This is affected by Park Service rules (transiting Rocky Mountain National Park).
  • The starting time will be early each day, which will give you plenty of time to deal with the climbing and vagaries of cycling in the mountains.
  • The event offers no rider transport between overnight locations.
  • The event is essentially unsupported, except for bagdrop support at overnight locales. So bear that in mind as you train and assess your equipment and fitness level.
  • Cancellations and Refunds - 50% refund until June 10, thereafter no refund.


Catherine Shenk - Event Director
John Lee Ellis - RBA

Colorado Haute Randonnée Google Group - To ask questions, get announcements, and make plans with other riders!

"Clickable" riders link to their tracking page.
BEHRIN, Mike12741Salt Lake City, UT
DICKSON, Barry John9823Ashburn, VA
EDWARDS, Billy6379Boulder, CO
FELDMAN, Tim Foon4819Louisville, CO
KAMINSKI, JasonLongmont, CO
KOVALENKO, Oksana I11133Westminster, CO
MANGIN, L John1679Loveland, CO
MILLER, Peg6617Sylmar, CA
MOSS, Kenneth Samuel10738Bountiful, UT
PESKETT, Roger3726Tucson, AZ
SCHUB, NatLakewood, CO
STUM, Richard4638Mt Pleasant, UT
TUREK, Michael Gerald10173Longmont, CO
VAN METER, Erika2248Aspen, CO
ZAVESTOSKI, Stephen6078El Cerrito, CA

Transport from DIA
If you are flying in, you will probably arrive at Denver International Airport. Available transportation:
  • RTD-Denver (Regional Transportation District) Bus Service - RTD-Denver offers dependable, comfortable service, $9 fare (no charge for bikes), and stops at the Louisville-Superior Park-and-Ride near the event start/finish (it will stop on the north side of US-36; the Quality Inn host motel is north across the parking lot, beyond the cinema) as well as Boulder, etc. This is the "AB" route. RTD info - AB "Sky Ride" route. Note: returning to the airport, the bus will pick up on the south side of US-36. There is a covered pedestrian walkway, with elevator, crossing US-36.
  • There are also airport van shuttles, which will drop you at your motel, in the $25 range (plus possible charge for bikes), reservations not required. Inquire in the arrival area.
  • Cycling from DIA is legal, signposted, and there are broad shoulders to ride leaving the airport. It is about 40 miles cycling from DIA to Louisville/Superior.
Ride Start/Finish Accommodations
There are several motels within mile of the ride start (same side of US-36, some on the east side of McCaslin Blvd.).
  • Quality Inn - 303-604-0181 - West of McCaslin. This is our host (start and finish) motel. We use them for our 1200k's as well. We have arranged a group rate for the start and finish, of $129 for July 10, 11, and 17. You can book online with these links for July 10-11 and for July 17. Or phone the motel directly at 303-604-0181 and select Option 2. We are checking whether they have a place for your bike box and other luggage - for 1200k's, they've accommodated us.
  • La Quinta - 303-664-0100 - East of McCaslin.
  • Marriott Courtyard - 303-604-0007 - East of McCaslin.
  • Hampton Inn - 303-666-7700 - East of McCaslin.
There are also motels in Boulder (5-7 miles further up US-36), and one or more in the Interlocken/Broomfield area (3-5 miles before the Louisville/Superior exit). Around the Louisville motels are also numerous places to eat, hardware stores, and a cinema.

Bike Shops
There are several bike shops in the area, including:

Dropbag Guidelines
  • You are allowed one bag 15" x 9" x 20" or equivalent volume, and 30 lbs. max. We will check your drop bag at inspection for overall dimensions and weight.
  • If you require more stuff on the event than fits within that weight or volume, you could consider mailing a parcel to one or more overnight sites along the way.
  • Please label each bag with your name.
  • If you are staying at a lodging other than the control lodging, you'll need to plan how to get your bag from/to the control lodging. Other riders may be able to cooperate you.
The Colorado Haute Randonnée Six-Pack traverses remote wilderness regions with few route options, and through mountainous areas with few routing alternatives. Though unlikely, wildfires or landslides could unexpectedly close the route. The event will make every effort to develop safe route alternatives and hold the event, but they cannot and do not accept responsibility if portions of the route are closed or unsafe to cyclists and no alternatives can be found in time to re-route the event. In the event of cancellation, entry refunds cannot be guaranteed, nor can the Rocky Mountain Cycling Club or the RUSA Boulder region be responsible for any other expenses incurred by participants.

* We're now the "Haute Randonnée Six-Pack" - as the name "Haute Route" conflicted with another cycling event.