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Last Chance 2010 Report, Photos, and Stories
Updated 8-Oct-2010

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"Sunset over the Front Range" - JLE photo, © 2010


Bob Dean's Report

Although I was unable continue past the race track, just east of Byers, on Friday evening, it was nonetheless a great experience.

I was able to stay even with Hans on the first day, and then played leap-frog with Vincent and Theo for awhile on Friday.

Starting in the rain three days in a row was a notable feature of this year's event. By Friday morning, I was so accustomed to riding in the rain, I did not think much of it.

There was a great tailwind out of Atwood on Friday, which made the approach to Anton, CO much more enjoyable.

A police officer stopped to talk with me in Oberlin, KS on Thursday evening, which I appreciated.

And on Friday, at the Kansas, Colorado border, a woman stopped to offer me a ride to Wray, CO. I guess conditions were somewhat adverse.

I have no distinct memory of riding from St. Francis to Atwood on Wednesday night.

However I remember clearly, eating pizza and drinking V-8 at Atwood on Thursday, and getting a few hours sleep, in addition.

I suppose if RMCC continues to run this event, I will keep trying. Its bound to have nice weather, at least once.

- Bob Dean

Bob rode the Last Chance in 2012, featuring a first day of driving rain in the 40's. - jle