Colorado Brevets

What the Brevet Series Offers You

The Colorado Brevet Series provides a full range of randonneuring events, from 100km "get-acquainted" populaires in the spring to the 1200km Colorado Last Chance in September. Your randonneuring goals may evolve and expand from one year to the next. Here are some ways our series is designed to support those goals.

  • ACP 200km, 300km, 400km, and 600km brevets (two sets) to
  • The Colorado Front Range Flèche and ACP 1000km brevets towards the ACP Randonneur 5000 Award.
  • Brevets each month from May through September aid riders in achieving the RUSA R-12 Award.
  • Mid- and late summer 200k's and 300k's, giving new riders more chances through the season to try out randonneuring, and for others who are making a season of 200km-300km events.
  • Spring Populaires as an introduction to randonneuring, and a tune-up for the brevets.
  • The Colorado Last Chance 1200km Randonnée in September, a local and distinctly different 1200k experience, for some riders the season's highlight event.