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Gary Koenig
at Paris-Brest-Paris 2007
About the Boulder Brevet Series

In 1994, a Paris-Brest-Paris 1987 and 1991 finisher Gary Koenig inaugurated a brevet series to be sponsored by the nascient Rocky Mountain Cycling Club. They were sanctioned by International Randonneurs, the US organization entrusted to hold PBP-qualifying events and other brevets in the US by Audax Club Parisien (who organize PBP).


Qualifying for Paris-Brest-Paris - At the time, Americans were required to complete two years of qualifying series (200km, 300km, 400km, and 600km brevets) unless they’d completed a 1200km Randonnée such as PBP or Boston-Montreal-Boston.  So the 1994 and 1995 brevets provided a chance for RMCC riders and others to qualify for PBP’95, and also drew in many others who were up for a challenge. In 1998, the brevet series likewise served as qualifiers for PBP’99.


The PBP qualifiers were challenging enough but in the years in between, various interesting mountain and foothills brevets were put on, stretching from Manitou Springs to Wyoming.


Gary ran these brevets from 1994-1998. In the fall of 1998, Randonneurs USA (RUSA) was formed and succeeded IR as the US sanctioning body: the series continued in this new context.  Dating from the earliest brevets, this series has built into a resource and focus for endurance riders across our region and beyond. We can thank Gary for establishing brevets and randonneuring here for us.


- John Lee Ellis, Colorado Regional Brevet Administrator, Randonneurs USA