RMCC 2014 Randonneuring and Distance Riding Seminar


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6 April 2014

Rocky Mountain Cycling Club


Our seminar covered the 200km – 200 mile distance.  This encompasses the 200km and 300km brevets, and the RMCC Colorado Triple Crown “mountain double-centuries.”


Megan HottmanThe Cyclist Lawyer – Megan is a Cat 1 racer and former triathlete who represents cyclists in injury cases.  This year she brought some slides and reviewed a couple of recent cases, one in Arvada, and one in DTC.  We were fortunate to hear her advice.  Please have a look at her website – a good resource for us.  Thanks, Megan!

JLE – I gave an intro to randonneuring based on last year’s presentation – the rando basics, the tradition, what our local program looks like, and how you can connect with other randos and rando events throughout the country … and the world!

Mark Lowe – Mark is a 1200k veteran (Colorado Last Chance), Colorado Triple Crown finisher, and organizes the Colorado Triple Crown mountain double centuries.  Mark covered training for longer events, as well as equipment and nutrition choices.  See Mark’s valuable checklist.

Tammie Nakamura – Last Chance 1200k Finisher, tireless volunteer, and evolutionary biologist spoke this year on human adaptations for endurance, and medical issues for endurance athletes – have a look at Tammie’s thought-provoking presentation.

A FINAL NOTE – These were great presentations with lots of food for thought from Megan, Mark, and Tammie.  While we had a smaller turnout, with no REI publicity, those in the audience got a great seminar.