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2021 Interest List
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Volunteer Interest List - Thank you!
Ellis, John Lee
Foley, Paul
Ledru, Pascal
Tam, Man-Fai

Volunteers! - Volunteers covering the course will typically have two-day stints. Additional volunteers are needed to manage equipment and supplies, and other tasks leading up to the event. Interested in helping out? Use the form above to add your name to the list!
Rider Interest List
If you're on the interest list, you'll be apprised by e-mail about Registration opening, and other updates in the meantime.

Rider RUSA # Locale
Anderson, Randy11199Peoria, IL
Argo, Chris11707Lake View, Alabama
Arnoco, Renato10978Fremont, CA
Atkins, Steve3359Tempe, AZ
Bonner, Ken894Victoria, BC
*Clayton, J. Andrew9030Powell, Ohio
DeMarco, Mimo12711Arlington, VA
DiCarlantonio, Francis14030Crofton, MD
DIehn, Dan3812Black River Falls, WI
Drscoll, Dan390Arlington, Texas
Durkin, Tom4849Portland, OR
*Ellis, John Lee153Lafayette, CO
Foley, Paul1471Golden, CO
Goebel, Gregory12470Cypress, CA
Gravesen, JensVirum, Denmark
Harding, Dustin12631Loveland, CO
Hartokolis, Nate11377Denver, CO
Hartwick, Thomas13425Tucson, AZ
Hilliger, Steve4447Lancaster, Massachusetts
Hilton, David11913Baltimore, MD
Jansson, Tomas10124Pearland, TX
Klem, John13641MENOMONIE, WI
Koegel, Jim1245Cincinnati, Ohio
Kreger, Matt11882Woodinville, wa
Ledru, Pascal9094Boulder, CO
Liu, Sam11089San Diego, California
Markovits, Yair13332West HIlls, CA
Maurer, Mike12446Bend, OR
Maurer, Mike12446Bend, OR
*Michels, Chris4386Houston, Texas
Newberry, Jeff4574Austin, Texas
NGUYEN, JOHN D. C.12193Seattle, Wa
Nguyen, John D12193Seattle, WA
Nguyen, John D12193Seattle, WA
Nguyen, Thai3097Bothell, WA
Nicholson, Jack7203Arnold, MD
Perman, Frederic13885Pierrefonds QC, Quebec
Peskett, Roger3726Tucson, AZ
Peterson, Eric2812Naperville, Illinois
Rupel, Ray3112Centennial, CO
Sapuntzakis, Andrew7533Seattle, WA
Smith, Greg8170Richland Center, WI
Smith, Kevin12995Seattle, WA
Stolz, Sarah11243Seattle, WA
Sturgill, Mike1847Phoenix, AZ
Tam, Man-FaiSan Ramon, CA
Todd, Joseph6552Decatur, GA
Vajda, Jim12137Oxford, OH
Walker, Kirsten8154Medfield, Ma

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